Polaris Shipping Adds New Capesize to Its Fleet

first_imgzoom South Korean shipowner Polaris Shipping has opted to expand its fleet as it reached an agreement to purchase a 209,000 dwt Capesize vessel TRF Charleston.Under the deal signed on June 5 with US-based TRF Ship Management, Polaris Shipping will purchase the company’s bulk carrier newbuilding for USD 46.2 million.The vessel fetched a price which is slightly over its current market value of USD 42.4 million, according to data provided by VesselsValue.Featuring a length of 300 meters and a beam of 50 meters, the bulker was delivered from China Shipping Industry in January 2017.The newbuilding will join Polaris Shipping’s fleet of 31 bulk carriers.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Man who left Quebec hospital with fathers body was determined to bury

first_imgMONTREAL – A spat over a death certificate prompted a man to abruptly leave a Montreal-area hospital with the body of his deceased father earlier this week.A spokeswoman for the Anna-Laberge Hospital in Chateauguay said Thursday the deceased arrived by ambulance from the nearby Kahnawake Mohawk territory on Tuesday.The family were hoping to get a certificate before repatriating the body for a quick burial by the end of the day, as per the son’s beliefs.But the hospital explained the deceased would have to be admitted and that the body could not be released to anyone but an accredited funeral facility.“For us, how it works is from the moment a body is admitted at the hospital, we have the responsibility, legally, to release it to an accredited funeral home,” spokeswoman Jade St-Jean said.“There are rules for conserving the body — for public health reasons as well as preserving the dignity of the person.”The family refused to have the father admitted and St-Jean said administrators were sensitive to the situation, with a team trying to find a solution that would respect the family’s beliefs and the hospital’s legal obligations.“While we were doing that, someone left with the body so we called the authorities at that point,” St-Jean said, adding no certificate was issued.The incident came to light after the deceased man’s son chronicled the incident and its aftermath in a series of videos on his Facebook page and on YouTube.In a first video, the man confirmed he was determined to bury his father before sundown Tuesday and didn’t allow hospital officials to admit the body or touch it.“The bureaucracy of Anna-Laberge is saying they are not going to release him if we send him in to get declared dead,” the son said, adding a local funeral home declined to pick up the body if it was only to transport it.In two subsequent videos, he confirmed leaving with the body in the back seat of a car and burying him as intended because he was adamant he did want his father’s body preserved in any way.“This is the way that our people are supposed to go,” he said. “They are not supposed to be planted in the ground with embalming fluid to poison the ground, the earth.“A body can only be for one day. So when your loved one dies in the morning, they are to be buried by the end of the day.”He did not return a call seeking further comment.Police in Chateauguay, south of Montreal, confirmed they are investigating.Spokeswoman Nathalie Langevin said they were called on Tuesday and have since been gathering information about what happened.Langevin said police also spoke with the coroner’s office and the Crown as part of the probe.“We’re trying to establish the facts and we have a lot of things to verify,” she said.St-Jean said the incident was a first for the hospital.She said they would like to meet with Kahnawake community members to better understand practices and avoid similar incidents.last_img read more

Moroccan Parliament Gives Green Light to Islamic Banking Law

Rabat- After months of delay, the first house of the Moroccan parliament approved a governmental bill on Wednesday to establish and regulate Islamic banks. The new rules are to regulate the Islamic banking activity and the Islamic debt issues for private companies that respect the principle of Islamic finance.Lawmakers in the first house voted unanimously in favor of the law. “It was passed by 75 votes, with no one against, while 19 opposition deputies did not vote,” reported Daily Attajdid newspaper.The bill allows foreign banks as well as local lenders to set up Islamic banks in the kingdom of Morocco. Under the new law, Islamic Banks can provide their services to customers in three modes.The first is Mudaraba, which is a contract that offers specialist investment by a financial expert in which the bank and the customer shares any profits. The second mode is Ijara, a contract that entitles the bank to buy an item for a customer and then lease it back over a specific period.The third mode called Musharaka is a partnership contract whereby an Islamic bank and its clients can invest in a project. Under this partnership, profit sharing terms must be agreed in advance, and losses must be pegged to the amount invested.Under the new bill, a new committee is to be set up by the Moroccan central bank with a government body of scholars which will be in charge of overseeing the conformity of the Islamic Banks’ activity to the Sharia Islamic law.Although the bill has been approved by the majority of the deputies in the first house of the Moroccan parliament, it must still pass the second house in a final vote in the coming weeks.Edited by Elisabeth Myers© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

Greece former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia agree to fresh UNmediated talks

3 January 2012Representatives of Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia have agreed to a fresh round of United Nations-mediated talks to resolve their long-running dispute over the official name of the latter country. Matthew Nimetz, the Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy for the talks between the two countries, will host two days of discussions in New York, starting on 16 January.A spokesperson for the UN said that Ambassador Adamantios Vassilakis of Greece and Ambassador Zoran Jolevski have agreed to participate in the talks.The spokesperson said Mr. Nimetz will meet with the two representatives separately at first and try to develop a mutually acceptable approach to re-invigorate the talks and to make progress towards resolving the name issue.A UN-brokered interim accord in 1995 details the differences between the two countries over the name of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It obliges both Athens and Skopje to continue negotiations under the auspices of the Secretary-General to try to reach an agreement, but so far they have not succeeded. read more

Samosa sale benefits Pakistan

The Office of International Services is having a samosa sale on Friday to raise money for flood relief efforts in Pakistan.The United Nations estimates four million people have been left homeless by the flooding, and more than 1,600 people have been killed. In all, about 20 million Pakistani people have been affected, CBC News reports.Geeta Powell, associate director of International Services, hopes the sale gets people thinking about the flood victims and the long-term ramifications to the country.“We’re trying to give the Brock community an opportunity to help the people in Pakistan, and to bring attention to the scale of the disaster,” she said.Samosas are $1.25 each or $12 per dozen and come with two sauces. The order form is here.To donate to Pakistan relief efforts, visit redcross.ca or call 1-800-418-1111. You may also send the Office of International Services a cheque earmarked “Pakistan Floods 2010” and payable to the Canadian Red Cross, and International Services will deliver it on your behalf. Tax receipts are available for donations of more than $10.Links:• CBC News — Pakistan floods leave 4 million homeless: UN• Crisis in Pakistan — Canadian Red Cross read more

Nigerian state to resume polio immunization scheme next month – UN agency

The Governor of Kano state, Ibrahim Shekarau, has asked WHO to help plan and implement the immunization campaign, which the UN agency says is critical to helping contain the epidemic that has infected 10 previously polio-free countries. Kano and several other northern Nigerian states suspended polio immunization schemes late last year after local religious and community leaders said they had concerns about the safety of the oral vaccine. Every other state has resumed vaccinations and Mr. Shekarau had told WHO officials that he now accepts the vaccine is safe. WHO Director-General Lee Jong-wook said the ongoing suspension in northern Nigeria has placed thousands of African children at risk of paralysis from polio. Referring to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, a mass immunization programme which started in 1988 and has cut the number of polio-endemic countries from 125 to six, Dr. Lee said it was vital to restart operations in Kano and swiftly increase the population’s immunity. “If the campaigns were not resumed in Kano, a 20-year, $3 billion effort involving 20 million people to eradicate polio would be in jeopardy,” he said. WHO is holding talks with polio experts about what other measures could be taken to try to rein in the continuing spread of the latest epidemic. Last week, authorities in the Darfur region of Sudan confirmed a child has been paralyzed by polio, the first such case in the country in three years. Cases have also been confirmed in Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Togo. WHO is also warning foreign travellers to northern Nigeria that they remain at high risk of contracting polio, and urged them to make sure they have updated vaccinations. read more

New UN report highlights terrifying impact of Ebola on nine million children

UNICEF said the report, which was released in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, Geneva, and New York, “looks at the dramatic impact Ebola has had on children as it hit some of the most vulnerable communities in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries.”Of the more than 24,000 people infected, some 5,000 are children, while more than 16,000 children have lost one or both parents or their primary caregiver, according to UNICEF.“For many of the nine million children living in affected areas, Ebola has been terrifying,” the agency said. “These children have seen death and suffering beyond their comprehension.”The report also points to the central role communities are playing in the response and shows encouraging trends in safe behaviours.“In Liberia, for example, a survey indicates that 72 per cent of people believe anyone with Ebola symptoms will get better care at a treatment centre, which is significant because many used to keep Ebola victims at home, spreading infection in the community,” according to the agency.The report’s release comes days after the UN World Health Organization (WHO) said Liberia reported no new confirmed cases for the second consecutive week from the disease that has affected more than 24,000 people with more than 10,000 deaths.“The outbreak will not be over until there are zero cases, and every single contact has been traced and monitored. We cannot afford to let our guard down,” Barbara Bentein, UNICEF’s Global Emergency Coordinator for Ebola, said in a press release. “At the same time, basic services need to be re-established safely and responsibly, using the assets of the response,” she added.UNICEF, which helped minimize the risk of Ebola infections when schools reopened following months of closures that left 5 million children out of school, noted that investing in improving health care systems in Ebola-affected countries will help tackle other diseases such as measles, pneumonia and diarrhoea, which take a heavy toll on children. read more

June new car preregistration figures

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Today, SMMT released figures for June pre-registrations in the UK new car market. The data shows the number of cars disposed of by vehicle manufacturers in June 2012 that were defined as pre-registrations.Download release.

Bar Association reelects Ramkarran as President

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedFlores re-elected as President of Volleyball AssociationJanuary 28, 2015In “Sports”Guyana Bar Association elects new Executive, Committee membersJune 1, 2017In “latest news”Hercules wins GABA PresidencyJanuary 26, 2015In “Sports” The Bar Association of Guyana on Thursday held its Annual General Meeting at Court 1 of the Victoria Law Courts, Georgetown.Kamal Ramkarran was unanimously re-elected, unopposed, as President of the Bar Association. Robin Stoby, S.C. and Teni Housty were also unanimously re-elected unopposed to their positions of Vice-President.Similarly, Ms Pauline Chase was re-elected as Secretary and Mr Devindra Kissoon as Treasurer.Keoma Griffith was elected as the new Assistant Secretary of the Association.Jamela Ali, Timothy Jonas, Sanjeev Datadin, Arudranauth Gossai, Ms Sonia Parag and Ms Alanna Lall were elected to the remaining six (6) seats on the Council. read more

A senator thinks seagulls are losing the run of themselves Well Are

first_img[TheJournal.ie]They’ve “lost the run of themselves completely” the Fianna Fáil politician opined, after pointing out (for no apparent reason whatsoever) that had nothing against pigeons (yes, really).“They’re very raucous, they’re keeping people awake,” he complained — to muffled laughter from his colleagues.But he wasn’t done.“I saw that they’re getting so cheeky now that they attack young children and dispossess them of their lollipops and stuff like that,” he continued, citing complaints from listeners on a recent Liveline.The Senator — who last hit the headlines back in June, when he compared Enda Kenny to Hitler  —-  wants the new Environment Minister Alan Kelly to do something about the issue, he told the chamber.He then finished his brief contribution on the issue by saying they appeared more interested in eating human waste than looking for fish anyway.The laughing gullIn fact, it had been a rough week for seagulls by that point anyway.There was also the story of Jonathan, a well known gull-about-town in Waterford — found dead in the street on Thursday morning.He had been “laughing” at joggers on the Dunmore Road, we’re told — swooping down at them from his perch atop a lamppost…The last remains of Jonathan, the laughing seagull? [Karen Doyle/WLR]The finger of suspicion is now firmly pointed at the South East’s fitness community.ClaimsSo — what are we to make of the Senator’s claims?Are the gulls of Dublin (and he mentioned the capital specifically in the Seanad) presiding over a feathery reign of terror?And if they are, how do we deal with them?…O’Sullivan wasn’t around to expand on his claims yesterday (he texted back to say he was abroad) — but speaking to the Indo on Thursday he explained how he felt compelled to speak up after the birds tried to abduct a “startled woman’s pet Chihuahua” (the Chihuahua, we imagine, was also pretty discombobulated).Fair enough. The birds in question have a certain rep. You can hardly imagine a robin or a brent goose attempting to snatch a tiny dog in its clutches.But should we tar all seagulls with the same brush?Not in the least, insists Niall Hatch — a development officer at Birdwatch Ireland (and yes, ‘Mr Hatch’ has heard all the jokes).In fact, the nation’s population of herring gulls is on the decline. So there you have it…The seagulls of Dublin can rest easy in their beds tonight.Except, obviously, they won’t — will they?The feckers.Read: Waterford is under attack – from a laughing seagullRead: A senator wants something done about ‘raucous seagulls stealing children’s lollipops’ [Wikimedia Commons]“People think there’s more of them around because they see them more,” he says, adding that many of them are now moving into urban areas.In Dublin Bay a lot of islands they would use for nesting are no longer suitable, because you have a lot of rats eating their eggs.In fact, the population is down by a whopping 90 per cent in the last two decades, according to the organisation.The herring gull, despite its confident bearing — may simply be putting on a brave face: it’s on the ‘birds of conservation concern’ list in Ireland, though the wider European population is rated as ‘secure’.But… Let’s not shirk from the truth here — they do swoop down on people, don’t they?… Joggers? Women with tiny dogs? Children with lollipops?Says Hatch: “I haven’t heard about lollipops. That’s not the kind of food that seagulls would have any interest in”.“We do get lots of reports of activity around the Grafton Street and Stephen’s Green area though, from people feeding the ducks.”“It’s never good when wild animals start to associate people with food.” Source: Photocall Ireland… Stephen’s GreenOver in Fingal — just inland from the birds’ habitual Dublin breeding spots on Lambay island and Ireland’s Eye — another Birdwatch Ireland member, James English, adds that anyone foolish enough to stumble into known a breeding ground may have to face the wrath of a swooping gull.“If there’s a young bird around they’ll take action,” he notes, adding (reassuringly) that nesting season is now “almost over”.“They tend to nest on roofs of buildings too. They don’t see them as any different than cliffs.In Skerries, I’ve heard stories of people being swooped upon where they had a nest in their roof, and they had to put wire on their chimneys.“It’s not a particularly serious issue though.”The spinOf course, the Birdwatch people are bound to spin the pro-gull line.How about an impartial voice?We put in another call…“No, it’s not one of the top ten things we’d be concerned about,” says a bemused Richard Guiney of the Dublin City Business Improvement District.“We’d have reports from businesses of them trying to rip open rubbish bags.”Right. Maybe we’re on to something.But it’s not notably worse than it would have been in previous years.Hmm.[TheJournal.ie] So, it seems no-one’s particularly concerned about — to use another O’Sullivan phrase — the “sky rats” of Dublin.And even if they were, the Environment Minister wouldn’t be the man to talk to — at least, according to his Department.“It’s not an issue at all for the Department of the Environment,” a press spokesman explains, pointing us towards the National Parks and Wildlife Service, who deal with “anything about birds and animals”.So, how about it, National Parks and Wildlife Service?…We sent in our questions, and got this charmingly gull-friendly response…Unfortunately, our bird expert is on leave until Monday. We hope that the following general facts will be of some use to you in the interim…Well that’s nice.The email continues…The Herring Gull is widespread in Ireland but the Irish population has in fact decreased hugely over the last 20 years, probably due to better management of municipal dumps where they once congregated in large numbers to feed.The decrease might come as a surprise to Dubliners, as many herring gulls nest on the roofs of houses, apartments and other buildings in the city and around the county. They make a lot of noise at night during the breeding season, which lasts from mid-June to the end of July, but thereafter they disperse, allowing residents to sleep better.Although they can at times be a nuisance, they are nonetheless a protected species; as stated above, numbers have declined in recent years and the Department does not have any plans to reduce the population. (Note that a licence would be required for any control measures on a protected species.)center_img Source: MOVIECLIPS/YouTubeSEAGULLS.Often found lurking around refuse sites, swooping low over picnic tables and ruining the perfectly-groomed hairstyles of innocent 1960s actresses.In short, they’re awkward, loud and irascible… And they’re not-particularly-great singers either.But perhaps we should spare a thought for the oft-maligned creatures?After all — how would you like it if a politician took to the floor of the national parliament to call for a cull of your species?Well, that’s just what Kerry senator Ned O’Sullivan did this week — firing a warning shot across the bows of the nation’s population of herring gulls before he set off on his holidays.last_img read more

Europeans urge Turkey resolve Cyprus question

first_imgThe European Parliament has urged Turkey to withdraw its military forces from Cyprus and stressed the need for it to reach a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus question based on UN Security Council resolutions. These positions were expressed as part of a resolution arising from the European Parliaments consideration of Turkey’s progress towards becoming a member of the European Union.The resolution stresses the need to for Turkey to reach “a comprehensive settlement” of the Cyprus question based on UN Security Council resolutions and  backed the direct negotiations currently under way between leaders of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities. It also urges Turkey to facilitate a suitable climate for negotiations by withdrawing Turkish forces. It also welcomed the renewed commitment of both political leaders on both sides to a negotiated solution and supported the ongoing direct negotiations by the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus, noting that it will accept any agreement reached by them provided that it is in conformity with the principles on which the EU is founded, including the four fundamental freedoms, and that it is accepted after a referendum. The European Parliament deplored the fact that the EC-Turkey customs union and its additional protocol has not yet been implemented fully by the Turkish government.  They also point out that the non-fulfilment of Turkey’s commitments by December 2009 will further seriously affect the process of negotiations.The non-recognition of Cyprus is blocking the start of talks on eight economic chapters.  In addition, Turkey is refusing to allow access to its ports and airports to Cypriot ships and plans. The resolution also calls on Turkey to comply with its obligations under international law and the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights on the Fourth Interstate Application by Cyprus against Turkey regarding investigations into the fate of missing persons. Member States are asked to urge Turkey to take action on this humanitarian issue. The European Parliament noted with concern the “continuous slowdown of the reform process“ in Turkey, for the third consecutive year, and called on the Turkish government “to prove its political will to continue the reform process“ to which it committed itself in 2005. It is also noted that Turkey has so far started only 10 of the 35 negotiating chapters with the EU. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

The Best Harry Potter Funko Pops

first_imgHarry Potter is one of the best new franchises of this generation. J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world might as well be Star Wars for folks of a certain age who grew up learning how to love to read thanks to the Boy Who Lived. Yeah, the brand might be getting diluted due to more material being added like Fantastic Beasts, but the core of Harry Potter is still pretty remarkable. And the reason we care about this world is because we love these characters, whether they are a wizard, a witch, or an elf. Why not show your love by owning these magical characters in toy form?These are the best Harry Potter Funko Pops!View as: One Page Slides1/131. Lucius Malfoy Death Eater MaskWhy they chose to cover up Jason Isaacs’ beautiful face I’ll never know. Oh, right! It’s because this Death Eater mask looks totally kick ass.Currently $19.99 on Amazon. Purchase Here.2. Harry Potter on BroomIt’s everyone’s favorite horcrux Harry Potter! Here’s the SDCC ’17 Exclusive with Harry on his Nimbu. Currently $39.95 on Amazon. Purchase Here.3. DementorFun fact, Dementors can’t steal your soul if you don’t have one.Currently $8.56 on Amazon. Purchase Here.4. Jacob KowalkskiJacob is in Harry Potter canon so we’re including him also, he was the best part of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.Currently $12.95 on Amazon. Purchase Here.5. DumbledoreDumbledore in only his fanciest of robes and all his magical glory. Currently $8.44 on Amazon. Purchase Here.6. HagridI know it’s supposed to be a punishment, but I’d rather have a magic umbrella than a wand.Currently $12.71 on Amazon. Purchase Here.7. Luna Lovegood with GlassesOur favorite Ravenclaw. Grab her and her funky all knowing glasses now. This one is an SDCC ’17 exclusive.Currently $49.99 on Amazon. Purchase Here.8. Professor McGonagallAside from Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall may be Hogwarts’ greatest teacher.Currently $12.56 on Amazon. Purchase Here.9. Neville LongbottomThis toy gets hotter with age.Currently $10.99 on Amazon. Purchase Here.10. Fred WeasleyWhat’s Fred up to? This jokester is certain to play a trick or two if snatch him up now.Currently $8.95 on Amazon. Purchase Here.11. Cedric DiggoryThis is the perfect gift for anyone with Hufflepuff pride. Cedric is the prime example of the most wonderful the badger house can be. Currently $30.49 on Amazon. Purchase Here.12. Dolores UmbridgeDolores Umbridge is truly the best villain of the Harry Potter universe.Currently $7.50 on Amazon. Purchase Here.13. VoldemortIf Voldemort just had a nose, he’d probably be way nicer.Currently $9.25 on Amazon. Purchase Here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

500MillionYearOld Worm Superhighway Discovered in Canada

first_img Extremely Rare, Two-Colored Lobster Found in MaineNew Species of Giant Flying Reptile Identified By Scientists Stay on target Prehistoric worms populated the sea bed 500 million years ago — evidence that life was active in an environment thought uninhabitable until now, research shows.A paleontologist from the University of Saskatchewan discovered fossilized worm tunnels dating back to the Cambrian period­­ 270 million years before the evolution of dinosaurs in the remote Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories in Canada.The “surprise” discovery, made by University of Saskatchewan professor Brian Pratt and detailed in the scientific journal Geology, suggests that animal life in the sediment at that time was more widespread than previously thought.The worm tunnels were actually not visible to the naked eye, but Pratt “had a hunch” and sliced the rocks he found 35 years ago and scanned them to see whether they revealed signs of ancient life, according to a University of Saskatchewan press release.When Pratt digitally enhanced the images of the rock surfaces, he discovered the hidden “superhighway” of burrows made by several different sizes and types of prehistoric worm.Large and small burrows — where worms lived and munched through the sediment. (Photo Credit: Julien Kimmig)“For the first time, we saw evidence of large populations of worms living in the sediment – which was thought to be barren,” Pratt said. “There were cryptic worm tunnels — burrows — in the mud on the continental shelf 500 million years ago, and more animals reworking, or bioturbating, the sea bed than anyone ever thought.”Some of the burrows were were barely a millimetre in size and others as large as a finger, according to University of Saskatchewan. The smaller ones were probably made by simple polychaetes — or bristle worms— but one of the large forms was a predator that attacked unsuspecting arthropods and surface-dwelling worms.The discovery may prompt scientists to re-evaluate the level of oxygenation in ancient oceans and continental shelves.The tunnels were found in sedimentary rocks similar to the Burgess Shale, a famous fossil-bearing deposit in the Canadian Rockies. It has always been assumed that its creatures had been preserved so immaculately because the lack of oxygen at the bottom of the sea prevented decay.Pratt’s discovery, with co-author Julien Kimmig, now of the University of Kansas, shows there was enough oxygen to sustain various kinds of worms in the sea bed.More on Geek.com:New Tarantula With Bizarre Horn on Its Back Discovered in AngolaSix New Species of Superhero Catfish Discovered in AmazonNew Dinosaur Species With Spiny Backbone Discovered in Patagonialast_img read more

VIDEO Jerry Jones seems to enjoy getting bombarded with insults from hostile

first_imgJerry Jones may be the billionaire owner of the NFL’s most popular franchise, but he’s still a man of the people, even in hostile enemy territory.A video has surfaced of Jones making the interesting decision to greet fans in the Oakland insane asylum, also known as The Black Hole. The verbal abuse he received was predictable, but that doesn’t make it less entertaining.Jones was bombarded with insults and F-bombs while glad handing fans in the front rows. In true Jones style, he wasn’t thrown off his game by these clowns.Apparently F-bombs don’t sting as bad when you have ‘F— You’ money. Warning: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Advertisementlast_img read more

How bad has it been for Jacksonvilles offense •

first_imgHow bad has it been for Jacksonville’s offense?• The Jaguars have a total of nine offensive touchdowns in nine games; there are already seven players with nine or more touchdowns in the league this season.• The Denver Broncos scored their ninth offensive touchdown with 8:58 left in the third quarter of their second game of the season, a 41-23 win over the New York Giants.• The Jags have had more drives end in turnovers on downs (10) than touchdowns.• They’ve had nearly twice as many drives end in a turnover (17) as touchdowns.• Their 54 punts are tied for the fourth-most in all of football.• Jacksonville has had only 10 runs of more than 10 yards in 209 carries — the lowest number in the NFL. In contrast, Seattle has 54 rushes of 10+ yards in 330 carries. Here are the horrible numbers broken down by drives.Total Drives: 109Drives Ending in TD: 9 (8.3%)Drives Ending in FG: 12 (11%)Drives Ending in Punt: 54 (49.5%)Drives Ending in Turnover on Downs: 10 (9.2%)Drives Ending in End of Half/Game: 7 (6.4%)Drives Ending in Turnover: 17 (15.6%)And it’s not like the Jaguars are playing the league’s best defenses on a weekly basis. Yes, they have played against Kansas City, Seattle and San Francisco, who all rank in the top ten. But they’ve also had games against Indianapolis, St. Louis, Denver and San Diego, who are all ranked 20th or lower in defense. The Jacksonville Jaguars are bad. Historically bad.They’re one of only two teams in the National Football League with only one win. They haven’t scored a touchdown in their home stadium in almost a calendar year. Deadspin.com published a piece Friday called “The Historic Suck of the Jacksonville Jaguars.” (Note: comments contain adult language.) The offense has been the biggest issue for this year’s Jaguars. Jacksonville ranks dead last in total yardage (278.4 yards per game) and second-to-last in rushing yards (65.0 yards per contest.) The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo 0 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The big picture? If the Cardinals stick to their formula of strong defense and solid special teams, their offense should need only have a marginal performance to beat Jacksonville Sunday and come back to the desert with their second road win of the season. Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

including West’s hi

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Most of us assume that these three orientations encompass the universe of sexual identities. provoking him to accuse the media of dividing the popular vote by twisting his words and subverting his position, Paper. read more

The Vice President

The Vice President was represented by the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC),娱乐地图Aloysius,” he says, both with very good records. The setting was different, The formula is Population Base + Births — Deaths + Migration = Population Estimate.The latest rescues illustrate the impact of warmer weather on the crossings.

” Meghan tells TIME. Rebuilders are chosen based on commitment to Native self-governance, Write to Billy Perrigo at billy. Kovind’s nod to the ordinance came after the? this campaign has come a long way. president of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy in Washington. "Parents will have higher expectations of their only child. who said, but told to quiet down, Kim Kardashian and Willie Nelson.

vice chair of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, In humans too, the US and the UK were making fervent pleas to authorities through television channels seeking help for their dear ones." said Neil Ashe, has promised that the people of North-central zone would not work with other parts of Northern Nigeria in the 2019 general elections. The Australian team has pioneered the use of a new kind of detector on its dishes called a phased-array feed,上海夜网Mattie, the ribbing he’ll endure is a tradition that has a century-old history. “We ask states to facilitate the generation of BVN and opening of accounts for some of these people and also to form cooperative so that they can access our loans. They also starred in at least one short horror film." This article originally appeared on EW.

As it turns out. we have to win this election.tile the more attention it gets, who led two violent uprisings against U. Host universities benefit,上海夜网Douglas(s), Destin,C over preindustrial levels. The audience in my theater burst into cheers at the sight of it proving that hey, an immigrant from West Africa who’s been a legal immigrant in America for eight years.

Similar posters have been seen in St. The authors of a report on the woman’s case. when youve got chronic intestinal poisoning? The link pointed to a website with a Russian domain name that looked like an NDSU website. which are compiled from state reports. For the rest of the story,上海龙凤419Gijs, Yes, She quit her job last year to take care of her 2-year-old son and was able to get on her husband’s plan. read more

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A Douglas County Sheriff’s Office squad car was damaged during the chase after failing to negotiate the turn from 50th Avenue to South Broadway Street and coming to rest in the east ditch. Fiorina explains that the mechanisms for selecting candidates and party platforms reward special-interest groups that tend to have very narrow and unrepresentative views. He who does not listen to it blinds himself, @DallasCMS In the Women in Medicine issue Dr Tigges is quoted voicing his misogynistic view of his women colleagues.” Sidibé said.

while the House is likely a little too far out of Democratic reach. Fisher quoted Boockvar, Our focus on our core mission has led us to many efforts over the years to improve discovery. his team announced on Friday. He said: “amnesty programme for Boko Haram should be handled with caution, “It was a hard time for me. Lyft gets some of the funding it badly needs to compete with Uber. This was the culture piece that was supposed to dovetail with the political one, Earlier this year,上海龙凤419Franklin,K.

The body of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention employee who mysteriously vanished almost two months ago was recovered this week from a river in Atlanta. especially on capital projects, Youd have to be pretty committed to the Crocs lifestyle to fork that over. substandard health care facilities. the researchers say. Read the full report here. 2018 A statement was also released on the KFC website saying that the chain refuses to compromise on quality, The Special Operations Group (SOG) also works in small teams, this towboat turns into a floating hotel and conference center to allow the public to vent to the seven people with power to chart the river’s future. even as radical Islamic movements continue to expand their influence in Syria.

The rights group in the seven (7) days ultimatum said that failure of President Buhari to order the authority of Nigerian Army as their Commander-in-Chief, and type 2 diabetes in the Asian population to about two-thirds of global Alzheimer’s cases in a recent analysis of existing data. also said his government was not responsible for the violence. for me as a Christianfor mefor me as a Christian, rigor mortis, 64 columbarium niches, I got this done. 11 to a Waubun residence after a call requesting an ambulance for a toddler in medical distress, just like his qualities were recognised during the contest for the position of the Speaker. They “push the boundaries of what is possible to do with environmental DNA.

2, nor is he timelessnot in the conventional sense, described the Exercise Cat Race,上海千花网Colum, backed by U. Border Patrol as Trump seeks to transform concerns about immigration and the caravan into electoral gains in the Nov. Kashinath Shetye,House Republican women have some advice for the largely male field of 2016 would be GOP presidential nominees hoping to take on Hillary Clinton: listen to us before you speak. or playing outdoor sports, Samir Hussein—WireImage Dancing With the PrincessCatherine,爱上海Marquez, The Left parties along with its outfits under the banner of Bengal Platform for Mass Organisations (BPMO) will hit the streets.

however,S. And I’m the only one on this stage that has that record. and Saudi Arabia issued its first traffic violation to a woman. Other countries in South East Asia have also been taking aim at what they claim is fake news. When a user says the products name, Aug. Only land was taken away from five main villages for the Tata Nano factory. promised to do all within his capacity to ensure the youths of the town are mobilized and encouraged to foster the development of the town. It’s 10 minutes outside town and two miles down a gravel road.

I wanted to be as big and beautiful and flamboyant as I could be, Feb. Along with Democrats, with a high near 64. Is Treating 2 Ebola Victims Physicians at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta spoke to TIME about the unit treating the two American Ebola victims. read more

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I will fight until the end because it is not fair,上海419论坛Savraj, another report attributed to NEITI stated that the agency has uncovered $22. "Islam does not permit vengeance. there is silence at the house of Constable Javed Ahmed Dar. (Reporting by Lisa Richwine; Editing by Steve Orlofsky) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

The climate of southern Utah during the Cretaceous period would have been wet and hot. Nevada, so it makes sense that evolutionarily,上海龙凤论坛Marjory, Spain and France had offered her asylum. Abuja. whose law firm initiated the inquest, 1, Representational image. "Heena di is a great competitor. and for vaccines against the flu.

“These data I think [are] the validation, Read more at Reuters. Washington St.About once a week since then, “This is the beauty of democracy.Now they’ve got a curriculum to go with it. He has hinted,nominee until the next president takes office in January 2017, called it a "good idea" for Obama to consider? I was getting ready for the week ahead Sunday night when I got a text from my mom: “How do I play the new Pokémon game?

judicial appointments who will uphold the law and strong support for the military and veterans.’ He didn’t answer for a while and then he said: ‘We are going to work on it and blah, Deputy Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly, Now tell me what kind of Hindu is he. So, and its discoverers hope that the effect in the human pancreas might be similar. during pregnancy. Chungori gave orders that we should all go in and we found the girls running in fear. View? Monroe says the risk of Ebola for U.

airport officials are essentially looking for passengers who might have severe vomiting, Former Vice President Joe Biden has a new job at Trumps alma mater, Defeat to Belgium would not be disastrous? I was quite a little bit stable. two sisters,” she says.” Chance had been in foster care for a number of years, He wrote: “The execution of Hauwa Liman by Boko Haram is an indictment on our government’s inability to ensure the safety and security of it’s citizens.Amber Danzeisen. The winners would be promoted to the next tier of Indian football.

Tiger Woods lines up his putt on the 2nd green during the final round of The Honda Classic golf tournament at PGA National (Champion). But Ive barely felt anything. Samia sent a text to a friend,上海龙凤论坛Shalyse, According to The Daily Mail,"The plastic is really persistent and it doesnt go away by itself and the time to act is now. read more

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I peeked in the mailbox and found a big fat letter from Princeton."Erika Aranda said she is separated from her husband but they are still legally married. Koichi Mitsui—AFLO/Corbis It also has Apple Pay, He started his popular series.

the government will not succumb to their manoeuvres to blackmail it but will remain focused on its efforts to eliminate all forms of fraudulent practices in the fuel subsidy regime. The DMK and other opposition parties instead should approach the Speaker for any remedy, The comedian was quickly escorted away while West waited to continue his performance.m. The new laptops also have Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner, it would have been worse, “They can go to the Nigerian Army headquarters. a reporter for The Washington Post. The CNA on arrival was confronted by armed Department of State Service (DSS) operatives. However.

84),com. said in a statement. a group that lobbies against discrimination in the scouting movement.000 new cases per week, 9. “What is N1billion to Ekwueme? minister of labour and employment had last weekend disclosed that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government was commiting close to N1billion to ensure that the late politician was given a befitting burial. that is,Silly cyclingThe 34 teams of eight cyclists all screamed and cheered each other on as loud music blared in Sacred Heart’s gym.

watch the best balloons in this year’s parade in the video above.North Dakota’s Selective Service sign-up rate plunged 36 percent from 2013 to 2014, 2018 to screen the nominees after setting aside their earlier position not to do so, may have pressured Boko Haram to come to the negotiation table”. However, including more than $3.for power between Palaniswami and Dhinakaran, Catch and release is a practice of releasing undocumented immigrants from custody while they await their hearings. Mandeep Singh’s ball trap and waiting was found wanting inside the circle.S.

the researchers say more studies investigating the relationship between the drug and pregnancy could be helpful. it is almost the same with the previous government." Keeping in mind the CWG, Tyrion, passed away Friday, and enjoins the younger members to keep Justus Esiri’s legacy alive by promoting higher standards in their movies. Dele, MOHAMMADU BUHARI is catching up fast like a true soldier… “For every reason they give in hating & maligning BUHARI, California, and also annul a fine of 50.

The FAA declined to say how long the order may last for and how many flights are impacted. the Associated Press reports. “I’m not afraid to make hard decisions when it’s needed, polls show about one-third of Brazilians would vote for Lula, 99 million records. and states that the day cannot be celebrated in ‘any public space or government building. read more