The province’s farmers and herdsmen transformation rate of over 80%

reporter recently learned from the provincial housing and urban construction department was informed that this year, the province’s arrangement of farmers and herdsmen ramshackle 65000 households, as of the end of July, started 53061, construction area of 3 million 570 thousand square meters, operating rate of 82%; the completion of 20434, completion rate of 31%. Completed investment 2 billion 370 million yuan. it is understood that this year, our province in the rebuilding of farmers and herdsmen, pay more attention to maintain the traditional culture, geographical features, respect the wishes of the masses, to abandon the "large demolition" and "Chimura side", focus on the padded short board, infrastructure rebuilding work, promote the agricultural and pastoral areas of human settlements to improve. in the construction of rural environmental sanitation cleaning, actively explore the construction of long-term mechanism. In the township the establishment of the working mechanism, enrich the staff in the village council established cleaning. In some areas from the local finance unified solution to cleaning staff wages and working funds, established a working mechanism, Zhou Jie, Nissin monthly inspection, quarterly review, annual award ", the implementation of the" integration of urban and rural sanitation management mode of household cleaning, village collection, transport area ", the agricultural and pastoral areas of environmental sanitation management gradually institutionalized track, standardization and normalization. the next step, the province will further strengthen the supervision of farmers and herdsmen renovation work, urging all localities to speed up the progress of the transformation of farmers and herdsmen, Continue Reading →

Xining set up 55 cheap frozen mutton sales point

implemented in the first round to stabilize the price of mutton moves, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce decided in the period from January 4th to February 1st, the implementation of the second round to stabilize the price of mutton, based on the original fresh mutton parity sales, set up 55 parity frozen mutton sales, to ensure the new retail price of fresh mutton is not more than 18 yuan per catty, frozen mutton retail price per kilogram of not more than 15 yuan, while the wholesale price and the retail price differentials of the province, Xining levels of financial subsidies to. from December 20, 2010 to January 3, 2011, Qinghai budup investment company and Qinghai Yutai animal product company Zaiyang 60000, of which more than 40 thousand sheep supply parity point of sale of mutton, total supply 67.8%. Spring Festival is approaching, in order to ensure the living needs of residents in Xining, from January 4th to 29 days, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce will carry out the second round of stabilizing the price of mutton activities. By Qinghai budup investment company, Qinghai Yutai animal products company and Qinghai lvcaoyuan Food Co., Ltd. to the provincial capital supply 1160 tons (about 58 thousand sheep) parity fresh mutton, the average daily market 40 tons (about 2000 sheep), frozen mutton supply 429.2 tons (about 21 thousand and 460 sheep), a daily average of 14.8 tons on the market (about 740 sheep). In addition, the Xining City Department of Commerce will Continue Reading →

Wang Guosheng stressed that with Guoluo discussion cadres to strengthen the leadership of the cohesi

7 7, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng came to Dawu town in Maqin County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, visit condolences to Guoluo Prefecture cadres and masses of all ethnic groups, and held talks with Guoluo County cadres. He stressed that to study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, adhere to the ecological protection priority coordination to promote economic and social development, continue to strengthen the leadership of the cohesion and combat effectiveness, the Golog building a more harmonious and more beautiful. listened to the work report of Golog, wangguosheng in recent years fully affirmed the achievements in economic and social development, on behalf of the provincial Party committee to pay tribute to the cadres and masses of the state. He said, set foot on the Guoluo plateau, see significant changes in Guoluo Prefecture occurred, see the cadres and the masses in high spirits, very happy, very excited, but also very popular education. pointed out that the cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups are closely united around the party, is the highest level of Party organizations at all levels. The party committees at all levels should study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi series of important speech, at present to study the General Secretary Xi "71" important speech as an important political task, leading cadres should take the lead in learning, deeply understand and fully implement, with Marx’s Chinese of the latest achievements in mind, to guide practice and promote Continue Reading →

Study and implement the spirit of the mayor’s speech to complete the annual objectives and tasks

Recently, the Xining Municipal Radio Management Office organized all cadres and workers, to convey the important speech of the mayor of Wang Yubo in the city government office work conference recently, the Xining Municipal Radio Management Office organized all cadres and workers, to convey the mayor Wang Yubo learned in the city hall office of the important speech. Combined with the mayor of Wang put forward the political firm, work to be efficient, style to be honest, the requirements of the management department to fully understand the study, combined with the actual work experience. At the same time, the control of the first half of the completion of the objectives and tasks, and strive to do the second half of the work, to complete the annual objectives and tasks. Xining Radio Management Office of the municipal government office as a management unit, work style, ability to work, the implementation of the direct impact on the overall image of the office of the municipal government. All cadres and workers to three points remember that Mayor Wang proposed, implement the work plan implementation of the municipal government, a comprehensive grasp of radio management; concept rooted in fine service, to further standardize the work procedures, improve work efficiency; improve the style of work, modest and prudent, honest and self disciplined, with higher requirements and more enthusiasm, to join in the work position, to complete the job, better service for the city’s economic and social development. in order to implement the spirit of the Continue Reading →

Taobao sellers riot shop investors can not be ignored seven points

recently, Taobao two charges rose 5 times to 15 times, because of dissatisfaction with a substantial increase in the threshold of the Taobao mall plan, Taobao mall yesterday, thousands of small sellers together, focus on the malicious attacks on some big sellers of Taobao mall, the shops discontinued operations. Taobao subsequently issued a tough statement that will not give up because of threats and intimidation. Alibaba CEO Ma said: "micro-blog will persist in wilfully and arbitrarily because we believe in ourselves, we decided to do the best thing to do." So in the choice of online investment, investors should pay attention to what? 1, Taobao storm warning: market positioning must be clear

Xining municipal quality supervision departments to carry out inspection for provincial capital ride

61 International Children’s Day is coming, the playground in Xining, the number of recreational facilities safety factor is how high, has become a matter of concern to parents. In May 28th, the Xining municipal quality and technical supervision and Management Bureau of Xining city law enforcement officers on the amusement rides carried out safety checks before Children’s Day comes to large recreation facilities on a security lock. day, law enforcement officers to check the large recreation facilities, people’s Park, park, playground magic, especially for the "high moon" "pendulum" and "crazy mouse" fast, high, strong irritant amusement equipment key check. Through the inspection found that the equipment practitioners and operators have practitioners qualification certificates and related materials, equipment through the safety inspection and inspection, and affixed with a certificate of inspection. In order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, but also on the part of the amusement equipment to run the test run, the equipment in good condition. in order to ensure that the majority of tourists especially children’s safety, quality supervision departments to remind the tourists to ride in amusement equipment selection, should be read carefully take notes (provisions) and warning labels and asked to take precautions, according to the provisions. in addition, law enforcement officers focus on checks of the children like plastic toys and plush cloth toys. Inspection, law enforcement officers on the strong degree of welding metal toys, welding lead content; whether the glass toy safety signs, whether through the "3C" certification, is likely to Continue Reading →

The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau leadership inspection remediation Xigang surrounding p

June 30th, municipal environmental protection bureau director of the history of super leading line of environmental pollution remediation in north area of Xigang surrounding waste sorting and processing enterprises to conduct a comprehensive inspection. In the inspection found the Yueyang iron foundry and the building materials factory pollution, issued monitoring records, asked the two polluting units immediately stop production and to give economic sanctions. the checks played a deterrent effect strong, reflects the determination and confidence in the government to crack down on illegal processing and dumps waste behavior.  

The 2015 annual open recruitment director positions below the end of interview

reporter learned from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that in July 20th, Qinghai Province, the 2015 annual open recruitment director positions below the civil service interview work completed. the provincial Civil Service Bureau staff, the interview work started in June 26th, a total of four batches, each batch for a period of four days, a day 7 exam. More than 3400 candidates to participate in the interview, set up a total of the examination room, the deployment of the examiner 900 passengers, staff of 720 people, eventually recruiting civil servants of the 1125 positions of the 112.

Report of the people of all ethnic groups to find happiness

Ordinary people on the party’s eighteen high degree of concern, from the city can be seen everywhere cadres and masses spontaneously listen to watch the opening ceremony of the scene touching scene can be seen. November 8th morning, the reporter learned that the city’s four district three county Party committee and government and towns (Office), community, village Party members, cadres and the masses in synchronous collective watch and listen to the eighteen opening ceremony of the party and Comrade Hu Jintao ‘s report…… We all want to find out from the party’s eighteen report to the password for a happier life.

Welcome to Qinghai science and Technology Museum

  carefully designed, more than 4 years of construction and exhibition, Museum of science and technology of Qinghai province is located in the Lake District, yesterday morning officially opened its doors. Provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei, governor Luo Huining, Secretary of the China Association for science and technology, China Science and Technology Museum curator and students from the province’s representatives on behalf of the opening of the joint opening of the Museum of science and technology for the three. Provincial CPPCC Chairman PEMA, provincial committee, provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ren Qing Jia, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, Mu Dongsheng, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the provincial Party committee, Gio de Maja, Secretary of Provincial CPC Committee United Front Work Department Dorje Geltan, the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Xiaoqing, Provincial Standing Committee, chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, Su Ning, vice governor Gao Yunlong attended the opening the ceremony. It is open to improve the scientific and cultural qualities of the people of all ethnic groups in our province, enhance the sense of innovation, demonstrate the achievements of modern science and technology in our province, and enhance the construction of science and technology ability of our province, is of great significance.

Purification of sewage to improve the climate of the lake wetland will become Xining city lung

August 29th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission learned that, after the EIA expert assessment, Chengdong district "Ning Lake Wetland project was officially approved, this piece of wetland in Xining will become the future of the" lung of the city ", to purify water, improve the climate effect. It is reported that , "Ning Lake Wetland" project is located in the Huangshui River East District of Eastern Xining Ning rhyme ieguchi area north of the lake and surface flow constructed wetland combination technology of this project with low operation cost of constructed wetland, dibiao transformation of the Xining city sewage treatment plant of water purification, effective cutting the pollutants, wastewater reuse for downstream lake landscape water treatment ning. The construction of the wetland landscape, increase biodiversity, prevent soil erosion, improve the climate and water conservation, and ultimately to improve the Huangshui River Basin water environment quality plays an exemplary role. In addition, according to the plan, Ning Lake project, Xining city has also decided to take the existing park, park and Huang Le wool Huangshuihe treatment combination, combining natural and artificial embankment greening environment natural river landscape, together with Ning lake, formed a large area of ecological wetland landscape in Xining City, not only to shape the image of the city, and provides a leisure place for people. (author: Zhou Jianping)

Xining million units to carry out collective wage negotiations to ensure the income of workers

The reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, since the Xining city to carry out collective wage negotiations, currently the city has built enterprise collective wage contract signed 3892 copies, covering up to 12230 units, covering 215734 workers, a coverage rate reached more than 95%. Through the implementation of collective bargaining, the wage income of workers to achieve sustained and steady growth, effect of collective wage negotiation in the enterprise and the staff is constantly expanding, the more stable between enterprises and workers labor relations, wage income protection. The reporter learned that, according to the Xining municipal economic foundation is weak, lagging behind the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and non-public enterprises, the district and county business service industry is relatively developed, trade unions have yet to achieve the actual situation of full coverage, Xining city adopted a regional, industry, enterprise salary collective negotiation strategy of three levels, three form a step by step. Advance in various industrial parks and towns (street) regional level to carry out collective wage negotiations, signed a regional collective wage contract; then in the economic organizations of different kinds, enterprises in the same industry more concentrated distribution of various industrial parks, villages and towns (street) to carry out the line of wage collective consultation industry area, the industry signed a collective wage contract. Among them, Nanchuan Industrial Park, Gan River Industrial Park, biological park carried out the collective salary negotiation system blanket, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and chemical industry; East District Office, Huangzhong Continue Reading →

Xining west police to maintain order in the school

the new semester, the Public Security Bureau of Xining City West District branch strengthen the relevant security measures, start the ultra conventional police service, strengthen the campus surrounding the maintenance of order, actively safeguard the campus and surrounding security. City Public Security Bureau asked the police station in-depth campus visits, urging schools to further implement the internal security measures, help establish and improve the system of guard duty, patrol guard, found that the ability to handle emergencies improve school. At the same time, the campus fire safety, internal security work to guide the inspection, investigation and rectification of various types of security risks, to prevent the occurrence of campus fire and other safety incidents. In order to increase the campus and surrounding remediation at the same time, they also carry out "sending law school", the school served as vice president of legal requirements for the police to enter the campus, in the new semester to carry out activities for the new term the lesson ". On the prevention of Internet addiction, traffic safety, juvenile delinquency and other hot issues of safety education. In accordance with the law to strengthen the management of Internet cafes and other places, and severely punish illegal acts of acceptance of middle school students, involving schools and kindergartens for all kinds of alarm, the alarm unit for the first time disposal of the police, must not be allowed to drag the buck. To make the students as a violation of the target, the implementation of affray, Continue Reading →

What are the types of entrepreneurial investors are keen on these years

over the years, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of investors are fully mobilized, keen to put into action. In the process of opening their entrepreneurial model, the birth of a number of different types of entrepreneurship, these types of entrepreneurship is fully explained what kind of investors. Now, let’s look at what types of entrepreneurship these years.

The province started to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March fol

to carry forward the great spirit of the long march and the national spirit, and a strong incentive of cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups in the province building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai beautiful spirit and confidence, the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department organized a Red Army Memorial folk art team repertoire of outstanding performances activities, to mobilize the masses to participate in the commemoration, realize the self education. The evening of August 30th, the activities of the people in the Central Plaza in Xining big stage officially launched. to start the ceremony, Xining city district folk art team for more than a thousand spectators offered a combination of singing, dance, music, poetry and painting, as one of the intangible cultural heritage and creative exhibition — "Heritage Tour", demonstrating the Qinghai intangible cultural heritage and cultural charm, soulful expression of love, love the Communist Party the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture and sincere emotion. it is reported that the performance of a total of 13 special arrangements, a total of four districts and counties in Xining, Haidong Prefecture, the folk art team of nearly 500 actors to participate in the performance of the group of 32. The various forms of Qinghai rich characteristics, the performance content closely around the 80 anniversary of the victory of Long March Memorial, highlighting the theme of "carrying forward the spirit of the Long March, the well-off society", through song and Continue Reading →

The fifth Qinghai international Thangka art and cultural heritage fair ready

The afternoon of August 3rd, sponsored by the people’s Government of Qinghai Province, "provincial cultural construction, promote the national culture, cultural industry development" as the theme of the fifth session of the Qinghai international Thangka art and cultural heritage preparatory Expo press conference held in Xining, all the preparatory work ready.

Three county leaders will bask in performance

As the main responsibility of Party committees and Party committee is mainly responsible for the full implementation of the "first responsible person, to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection in late September on city party secretary Su Leihong, party secretary, municipal Secretary for education Guan Xinmin, Party Secretary of the Municipal Tourism Bureau Lei Guiying perform a pair of responsibility for topic review.The of the party and government leaders to perform a pair of "white Council, is a new measure to crack the clean government problem in Xining City, to let the party and government leaders in the sun the sun right. Then, the three county level party and government leaders will focus on promoting the construction of a clean and honest government, local Party discipline, seriously implement the relevant provisions, the provisions of the central eight provinces and the selection and appointment of cadres, correct behavior that harm their interests, strengthen the power restriction and supervision, leadership and support the discipline of law enforcement agencies to investigate violations of the law and discipline and supervise subordinates departments (units) to fulfill the main responsibility, strengthen their team construction, pay attention to the construction of the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres and other aspects of the work of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection report. party and government leaders of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee for the work, is an effective form to strengthen the supervision of cadres under the new situation, will further Continue Reading →

The first national tour of the Middle East and the Qinghai Tibet Tourism Alliance

September 3rd as early as 8 points, the first national tour of the elderly in Qinghai Tibet Tourism Alliance arrived in Xining, marking the first half of this year, the establishment of the National Federation of the elderly in the Qinghai Tibet Tourism Alliance officially launched. Take a train to Xining, a total of 671 people, with an average age of 60 years old, then they will be rushed to the province of Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery and other attractions, feel the autumn plateau style. 86 year old Li Fujun is the age of this trip to Qinghai for the largest, a train station, the old man quickly found their tour guide, waiting for the bus in the process, he still exit start exercise. As soon as he arrived in Xining, the old man was full of praise for the air in Xining." it is understood that the activities of the tourist train by the elderly tourists in Tibet Tourism Alliance Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau, Xining City Tourism Bureau launched, CO hosted by Hunan Xiyanghong travel agency, Lanzhou Iron Brigade, Xining traffic travel agency. The staff of Xining City Tourism Bureau, in recent years, the Tibetan tourism line as domestic tourism golden line, received the attention of domestic and foreign tourists, the elderly Tibetan Tourism Alliance is Tibet Tourism Association the first domestic franchise in the elderly tourism market, but also the development of domestic tourism projects in the extension of the elderly. National Tourism Association of the elderly in Continue Reading →