I talk about sex Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization failure experience

failure: blind battle

therefore concluded that no matter what kind of situation, as long as the proper methods, persevere, will receive the results, even very small, it is evidence that you have worked hard! Remember to "eat hot tofu" mentality is very important.

act with undue haste In fact, love to take Shanghai

in the first week and spends most of the promotion of love of Shanghai know, to second weeks the search keywords, website ranking is still wholly intact although aware of progress, Shanghai dragon is not a short duration of time can be optimized, but the work intensity of the first full week did not get a little work, which make me feel a little discouraged. So find a group of friends to ask why in the group, the person told me to do Shanghai dragon do not act with undue haste, and told me some through other channels, such as the opening of a blog and doing updates, or to love Shanghai Post Bar post. I try to approach the group of friends to do, to the weekend, finally received a little effect.

Causes of

third and 4th weeks basically is a continuous phase, every day I will do some small updates on the company website, such as upload a few pictures, or message version update, from time to time to find some industry information to their website, there is a group of friends mentioned increase outside the chain, I every day in addition to the site to do the update, the chain also began to increase in a variety of platforms, such as blog with links, Post Bar posts with links, and even renren贵族宝贝 QQ signature, QQ space, these places are all linked with. This lasted for about a week, love Shanghai included increased gradually, the chain is in.

three reasons: the blind self-confidence, dizzy with success

link answer is very sensitive, so very few links can be added successfully, and how to link successfully added, that is another topic deeply. So if you are a novice, we must first understand clearly the relevant platform for the promotion of the "personality" of the blind battle often only pengyibizihui.

failure two: single channel,

I contact Shanghai dragon is not a long time, just beginning to learn to do, even some of the most basic terms do not understand, is through online access to relevant information and consultation to join the QQ group in Shanghai Longfeng more friends to understand the senior. The following is my promotion time this month summed up the failure of the place, I hope for those who later than me contact Shanghai Longfeng friends will help, as far as possible to avoid making the same mistakes, little take some detour.

The first week of the

The failure of

work is mainly in the love of Shanghai know question and answer, but the question is, why your question, change the account answer is always submitted for review, began looking for reasons, that is IP, you can change IP to answer or audit, so after repeated scrutiny after the test that the original because the answer with the company web site, the site was later removed and submitted to the success.

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