Logical thinking ability of the importance of the website of Shanghai dragon as well as the profit

third example: someone do a keyword ranking, the first half was not ranked. Just give up. Shanghai Dragon said is nonsense, or serious doubt yourself learn those things are false knowledge. If the change of logical thinking, good people, may go against the influence of the factors in each point to control and eliminate what one by one, in which part of the problem? If there is no problem, then this is artificial word? Or is that our competitors are in all aspects of the competition is more powerful the degree of

second example: someone in their website do a good ranking, but still do not make money, so he thinks do not earn money, and then give up. If you give a good logical thinking people encounter this kind of situation, he would go to analysis: since the ranking, and flow, then to flow through what keywords? These keywords are not directional? If all directional, then my page conversion is not what the problem is? If this is no problem, then this product is the wrong choice, because this product for sale on the Internet?…. It will be a very logical step to find the reasons.

is too high?

want to make money online, not only will you build a web site, or will be able to achieve Shanghai dragon. Really determine your success or failure, the most important of your logical thinking ability. If the lack of this, then you do it is difficult. Here’s a few simple examples, you will understand the logical thinking ability for you to learn how to make money online in importance.

through several examples above we can see that when you do something, have a certain ability of logical thinking, careful analysis and to find the problem it is easy to make things gradually improve and perfect, otherwise it will often draw wrong conclusions and opinions, finally can’t really understand what to do in order to earn money. In this paper, by the 贵族宝贝panyijin贵族宝贝/ station feeds, for reprint, please indicate the source.

the first example: someone in the process of learning how to do the site, ask everyone how to build a website? The results can not get any answers. In fact, there are problems than to ask some friends, is a very good habit, but the problem is, you have to understand, can’t put forward to answer you, but don’t know how to say this problem. You may ask: I do a website, should first prepare the necessary things? So people will tell you, want to have a domain name and space. Then when you purchase the domain name and space, then you’ll ask: what do I need? Such a step by step down, you can gradually organized. For example, if you ask: Taobao online shop to make money? Obviously, you didn’t ask.

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