Only two days on-line website why can walk into the love Shanghai home (next)

is a website to make long-term development, so we can not ignore the title set, the title of the website is very simple, a total number of characters was 20, why is it a simple title to win love Shanghai so much attention, fundamentally speaking: simplicity, uniqueness, singularity of the title of can affect the search engine view on the site, I take in this method set the title of the site is the subject – – adverb words of welcome, and other friends to set the title is different to reduce the amount of keywords increases the user needs, words and words of welcome, the author thinks that a title is the appearance of the website, if there is no welcome not seem facade generous enough.

and the key in the choice of site, I only choose four words, three words are associated with the site is very high, while the fourth words related to degree relatively low, which is the only one not to enter the home page keywords reason, from which we can see in the choice of keywords must be with the title of the site selection, even if the title is copied to the keywords is a feasible approach, in short time to choose keywords related degree first, simplicity of the second practices, what other index method, mining method is a reference factor, ultimately depends on the related degree.

is a website in two days time will be key.


so quickly that there is a Links help, after the line on the website of the first day of the industry to find the two Links, the two Links love Shanghai weights have reached more than 2, but do not say, I just said: after the exchange effect the two Links one hour website was included. On the day of the site keywords will have good rankings, but today basically all keywords are entering the home, from which we can analyze at least three points. One is the object of exchange Links must have high correlation, this is the love of Shanghai Scindapsus required by the algorithm; the two is the quality of Links must be high, not the weight of the chain is not in the scope of exchange Links exchange; three is the number of not too much, a new network station two Links enough to exchange a development, this is the right way again after a month.

an article mainly tells the story of a website two days all that is ranked to the first page of the situation, also explains the hardware part of the site for the webmaster, laid a foundation for the development of the website, also just now I found this website ranking has improved, the main keywords ranking from 12 to tenth, a mere two days on-line website where so much power? This paper will explain the external part of the website, hope can be explained by the external part of you understand the whole website rankings meaning, my QQ is 860764882, and I also hope that more stationmaster exchanges, exchange only to be able to progress together.

Reasons for the development of the website

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