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1. navigationKeywords

according to user search keywords to can be divided into three categories, namely navigation keywords, keywords and keyword information affairs. The evaluation manual General Guidelines noble baby also has a detailed introduction. Shanghai dragon and English recommended good friends to read General Guidelines, kaijuanyouyi. Find the name you can search in Shanghai library, 3.17 full version of 124 pages.

navigation refers to the user to a specific website, but can not remember the URL of the website or not used in the address bar enter the URL of the keywords. The first such keyword search results are generally the official website or search engine, the results presented lose credibility. Even many people love to go to the Shanghai home, will search for "love Shanghai" in the browser’s search bar, and then entered the Shanghai home of love. As shown in the search results for "taobao贵族宝贝" love Shanghai, the top three are taobao贵族宝贝 page, also search the keywords users really want to go to the site.

to search [introduction] Keywords

classification only clear keywords, can according to the purpose of the site selection, layout and key to optimize keywords. Keywords classification has many forms, each form can guide the website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy and direction of planning. Keywords classification methods used for different sites will be different. In the specific excavation site keywords, often in accordance with the part of speech, describing the theme type, purpose, value, search subdivision level ROI and many other specific methods for classification of keywords, to apply directly to the site itself theme, structure, purpose and page type flow. For the whole network keywords, common classification methods commonly used are: according to the current search keywords, and keyword length to three kinds of heat.


navigation generally has high search volume (as shown above), will become the object of many non official website optimization key. But the owners and staff of Shanghai Longfeng when considering the use of other people’s brand to attract traffic, but also to classify these navigation keywords, not all words are suitable for navigation to grab traffic. The Shanghai dragon brand protection and do a good website, can use comment, introduce the way to snatch the keyword search results page ranking in the search engine. Although the flow quantity is not low, but the quality of traffic to be considered. Need to pay attention to, must not be in the home "only do other people’s brand name, which is likely to receive a lawyer’s letter, too much love will have to punish Shanghai.

According to the classification of

navigation will be divided into clear type and fuzzy type.

love Shanghai search "taobao贵族宝贝"

(1) navigation key words clear type, is that users want to find the page, and don’t care about the rest.

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