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2016 will soon end, whether or not the so-called winter capital, in fact, since this year, the Internet business and investment are very careful.


how to find a suitable small market, then the network marketing SEM? Products already have their own friends certainly very aware of their market, but how to break into the market is another question the later mention. No friends how to do? Don’t worry, network marketing advantage is that does not need too much professional knowledge and experience is very profound. What they are interested in from the start, because doing things you love can often get. For example, many friends love collecting stamps, so must know what philatelists are most concerned about, what is most needed; there is market demand, may create a similar Taobao like stamp trading platform to share for everyone to use. In the convenience of everyone at the same time, to provide their own return.

star capital Yang Song: the upgrading of traditional industries spawned the so-called new tuyere

Innovation workshop Wang Yonggang: usher in the golden age of artificial intelligence

Since the

China’s Internet industry is very typical, in the past 15 years, history has undergone roughly five cycles, every three years there will be a bubble, will experience a cold winter.

so, so many good idea has the market demand? Market survey data, the emphasis is on evidence. We need to use accurate data to confirm our ideas.

this period has sorted out the investor’s judgment of the trend and how to break the Bureau in the cold winter, and share it with you here.

second vents, probably in deep technology. Model innovation has come to an obvious bottleneck. The future of the wind must be the direction of deep mining technology. Yang Ge mentioned his love to see all kinds of very deep technology, and hope to be able to invest in it, such as artificial intelligence robot, which is a direction, such as biotechnology, health technology, which is a direction, then also including new energy, new materials, quantum, quantum computer, like this the space space, and the food and agriculture as a new.

investors talk about trends:

? Under the argument that the capital of

capital is also looking forward to the next outlet, entrepreneurs how to blaze a trail in the air in

finally share with you a number, in 2007, $3 is the amount of billions of dollars to complete the transaction on the Internet, the number of 1 ppm is: $300000! Friends, $300 thousand / year!! just million 1. How many people can reach half of the annual salary of 1 ppm?! this is the network. Moreover, we want more than half of the 1 ppm. In this paper, by the station feeds.

period is the theme of entrepreneurs how to blaze a trail in the next outlet, then the first thing we need to know where the next outlet, see the investment how people say.

belongs to the category of marketing network marketing, so in network marketing we need to find their own market. Today I said the market is a small range of marketing objectives. Rather than to say "health" industry, "health" is a relatively small range, while the relative health, "Northeast Medical" was even less. While the Northeast medical network is to choose the most suitable for their own northeast medical scope, the best least energy by positioning small and fine, it is to make the most profit. You may think this position is too stingy, but because of the southwest to the northeast with all the way to see a doctor, of course, there is the possibility, but too little. After all, there is a person and material force, if you want to compete for the "medical" interest in such a big market, you need to ask how much capital, human can in such a big market, the competition is so fierce and show? Of course, some people can do, but from the back we start to say the low cost, low risk investment.

in the capital winter argument, enterprise service but in a new posture, at the end of the contrarian. A large part of the reason is that the traditional industries of the Internet transformation of the time ripe, and this has become the largest short-term tuyere

abstract, in the cold winter of capital, is capital really so cold in imagination?. This winter is more special, from the first half of the investment data, the amount of investment declined is not large, only 10%. However, cold is real, because the project to get money is about 1/3 less than the same period last year.

, the third wave of artificial intelligence, is different from the first two: calculation >

is cold in winter, is the capital so cold as it is imagined?. This winter is more special, from the first half of the investment data, the amount of investment declined is not large, only 10%. However, cold is real, because the project to get money is about 1/3 less than the same period last year. Such a situation, so that the pressure of capital and entrepreneurs are great. The capital market is eager to find good projects, but for entrepreneurs, money can go to here, this is the most critical issue.

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