Liu Shanghai dragon website optimization errors.

three, K will have to wait at least a month or even longer

A lot of The

, a frequent title change

website optimization, website optimization will be caught in a misunderstanding, it is based on the training result, the combination of theory and practice, is the basic quality of website optimization should be necessary, but learned site optimization personnel in the training institutions, often the knowledge is dead, that the teacher said is correct, in strict accordance with the optimization method of the teacher to operate, can optimize the road on a wind, but after joining the know, optimization of the road how twists and hardships, so a lot of optimization optimization knowledge of previously started a skeptical attitude. Here, I talk about some errors encountered in Optimization optimization on the road.


website optimization that the title of the frequent changes is not conducive to the website optimization, the light is right down, heavy K station, this point because there are a lot of cases to support, so the website optimization in deep thought, a year ago, the title change my ten websites on their hands when no, right down, no K station, there is a website I changed the title three times in a week, because the higher the weight of the site, every search engine has just been updated, I will change the title. Later, I carefully observed is k or drop right site and I change the title of the site revealed:

website, the content under the premise of maintaining the inconvenience, change section and color, basically will not affect the site ranking in search engine.

The frequent changes in the The Two, frequent

site is k after the rain, I have been convinced to come back, but not for a long time, I was so.

is k or drop the right site there is a large-scale change, such as the original title is A, after the title is B, this kind of website change the title, the original content does not change, I guess, is the cause of the K should be a search engine that is the existence of cheating in the site, because of the same content. Different content overnight, will inevitably be suspected of deceiving search engines; and my website title was A, changed into B+A, the visible, extended website content reasonable, is not caused by K station and right down.

is in the optimization of some practical experience before entering into the A5, Chinaz, etc. some outdated technology forum, then see other optimization written, illustrated, very convincing, so in a very long time, the author also has to think so and that some optimization novice, then a by chance, I have to site in a week for several revision, revision process has been worried about being K is down right, but the fact that the site has not been K, not to be right down, then, I will hold on before the optimization of a skeptical attitude, and verified one by one, for some, some wrong, here are some common optimization problems are explained.

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