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copy because the Internet has become more and more heavy, original content is less and less, resulting in a lot of people have no heart to write original articles. The acquisition of the article is not affected by the love Shanghai love, of course, within the pages of Google will be very fast included new sites, and then screening delete.

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although this is a very simple strategy, but many webmaster is easy to make mistakes, desperately home Jianwai chain, or keyword weight. All the above measures suggest webmaster can try to do the new station layout and chain. The sweeping robot 贵族宝贝iurobot贵族宝贝/sitemap_baidu.xml feeds, please indicate the source.

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station to let the spider love on your site, so the original is a must. Even if the original content is not very much, but also try to use pseudo original (pseudo original to fast to the original point) to fill the contents. Don’t early in the website directly by collecting the content to fill the website.

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recommended practice

has a very obvious feature is, is generally the first page and inside pages included, after a long period of time included slightly. Many people think that this is a search engine to index the web content, has not released the results. However, in my opinion, this argument is not comprehensive. The following is the author of some reasons which may exist.

chain for web pages, especially to build a site map for the web site. As the WP blog via plugins 贵族宝贝iurobot贵族宝贝/sitemap_baidu.xml construction site map. The suggestions for the construction of the chain site map, it is necessary because the site map contains all of the URL website. This makes it easier to let the spider crawl to the site directly within the page content.

, the basic content is the acquisition of

three, the construction of the chain

distribution reasonable, don’t put the anchor text keywords do concentration.


I found many site keywords in the website do anchor text links, basically just do the home page. Because the owners generally believe that the first page of the weight is high, so do the anchor text, basically do the anchor text page.


this is a bit more serious, but also very very many webmaster has to do. That is for the construction site outside the chain, but only the basic link URL website home page. So the spider into the site entrance mostly is also home.


recommended practice

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