No longer confused how to eliminate the uncertainty of Shanghai Dragon

competitor is yourself, by comparing with the competitors can see themselves in what position in the industry, further analysis can be found where need to be improved. Therefore, usually when doing data records, for example, included, ranking, the main rival data record. Here the opponent.

, 4 competitors compared to

Shanghai dragon has a very tangled problem, the uncertainty is very strong. A lot of people are feeling the stones, sometimes very hard, but the results are not, and even suffered a reaction. Some of the veteran for several years in Shanghai dragon, do get lost and don’t know how to do the optimization.

, 3 stage data analysis

2, good operation record

a lot of data, a day, a week can not see what, but a few weeks or months of longitudinal comparison, there will be a clear trend is up and down or flat at a glance. Through the gradual trend analysis, combined with the operation records, program execution and so on, can analyze the front do have the effect, need correction scheme. The amount collected, the most simple ranking changes, the chain, user behavior, flow indicators can pull a line out trend chart.

this erratic and confused, lost state, Shanghai dragon is detrimental to people’s mental health. Therefore, must try to eliminate this uncertainty, let Shanghai Longfeng every step of rule-based, steady. So, how to reduce the uncertainty of Shanghai dragon? Here are some suggestions, personal reference:

many people are too lazy to do this thing. Shanghai Longfeng effect is always with a lag, today your keyword ranking improved, probably results in front of a week or even a month or more of a key operation operation comprehensive effect. So, must make a detailed record of the operation key down, when effective, back to see what done before the operation, assess what is hard, what is useless. For example, Links, revision, the revision of robots, sitemap and submitted to the continuous operation of the content, the more sensitive the operation should be recorded in detail.

1, formulate implementation scheme for

implementation of the program as a tourist map, it lets you know what to do, what time to complete, to achieve what effect. With the guidance of this scheme is not easy to walk in the wrong direction, but also easy to monitor progress. Some people are always to drill a small detail inside to get out, ignoring the overall situation, resulting in the overall Shanghai Longfeng effect is poor, because there is no plan to guide results. A complete implementation of the program should carry out contents, methods of implementation and execution, completion time, the expected effect of the several basic elements.



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