Optimization of key TITLE is a website

a high ranking information network, Taiyuan Shanghai dragon rival

ZAC, a blog

Taiyuan Shanghai dragon competitors now understand? Here is the need to add the three URL is the absolute path of the article, and is not a directory. Now we all understand! According to the analysis of the search engine, we know that the weight is higher than the directory page, and a few of these websites is the use of search engines to the directory page weight weights higher than this principle to enhance the site’s ranking,

is to achieve this effect by what technology on the site, Taiyuan Shanghai dragon analysis should be a directory only on a page, but the page is the default page, such as "index" or "default" suffix. But I tested these suffixes are unable to find the page. A further analysis, well today is here!

finally, the ownership of Copyright: Taiyuan 贵族宝贝ty Shanghai: Shanghai dragon dragon.Org/, welcome to reprint, but please reprint the reserved link, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

recently in the "Shanghai daily" blog posted a dragon found in ZAC’s article all wood to ".Html" at the end, a blog should focus on Shanghai Longfeng wood is friendly to the search engine, after several days of observation analysis found that these sites have a characteristic, is the site of the weight of sub page the search engine is very high, the Taiyuan Shanghai dragon has recently been considered this method not to search engine promotion website weight (see the shoes can pass ~ ~). Of course, this is now a small, Taiyuan Shanghai dragon here can not jump to conclusions, the specific circumstances you do:

ZAC’s blog two, an area of high ranking information network

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