Giving full play to procuratorial functions and serving the construction of ecological civilization

to conscientiously implement the party’s eighteen, the eighteen session of the third and fourth plenary session and the twelve session of the seven provincial Party committee and the eight committee spirit, fully implement the requirements of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on strengthening the judicial protection of the ecological environment, I formulated the "Qinghai province theprocuratorate on giving full play to the functions of prosecution, service construction of ecological demonstration area of the opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). January 20th, the provincial procuratorate held a news conference on the development of the introduction of the views of the meaning of the interpretation.

"opinion" is divided into three parts: 10. Among them, the first part is a brief analysis of the province was listed as the ecological civilization development opportunities, the first demonstration zone after the favorable conditions, put forward the construction of ecological civilization and the procuratorial work of the general idea, guiding ideology, main goal. In the second part "in the optimization of ecological security pattern in better service, increase in procuratorial ecological barrier protection and construction to provide better service in the construction of green industry, the procuratorial system to provide better service, strengthen the procuratorial in resource conservation and utilization in superior procuratorial services, in strengthening environmental governance to provide better prosecution service" eight units as the backbone, to reveal and highlight the "green procuratorial elements" of procuratorial work to support construction of ecological demonstration area to make arrangements. The third part puts forward the requirements of strengthening the organization and leadership and ensuring the implementation of the opinions.
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Dream Qinghai Lake Sanjiang nternational Photography Festival

In the 2012 China (Qinghai) Sanjiang International Photography Festival, the exhibition of the "dream of Qinghai Lake" boutique theme of the film attracted a large number of guests and visitors to watch the festival stop watching.

"Qinghai Lake dream" works is Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Management Bureau Joint Provincial Photographers Association since November 2011, for the National Award, from more than 8000 paintings in carefully selected, concentrated from different levels show the ecological culture of Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Lake dream charm, promote Qinghai Lake flowery simplicity of natural ecological landscape and long tradition the history of folk culture tourism resources, show the abundance of Qinghai Lake scenic area. read more

10 units in Sichuan Province, the provincial small business entrepreneurship demonstration base titl


government in order to promote the development of enterprises, not only to provide a series of supportive policies, and actively take measures to encourage, to do well the enterprises to carry out the assessment that is of great significance.

reporter yesterday learned from the provincial Commission by letter, to further enhance the entrepreneurial base of small enterprises in our province the incubation and service capabilities, to promote the province’s small business innovation, and accelerate the growth of cluster development, through expert review, on-site verification and publicity, the provincial Commission by letter to grant Chengdu Kang Shun Shinco incubators and other 10 units "provincial small business entrepreneurship demonstration base. read more

Business ushered in the development of a smile

many times, the same place has a number of shops, however, one of the business is often very hot, more trusted by customers, this is not without reason. Every time I come to the king of 4 shops, almost all go in and sit down for a while.

spring and summer and winter, always love to his neighbourhood shop to sit, drink a cup of tea, chatting, watching tv. But this time, Wang Sijia daughter-in-law will cheerfully busy for a while, arranging shelves and a moment to sit and chat with customers add some tea, everyone laughing, store a warm. read more

Flesh of a donkey fire fast-food cost to join the

is popular in the North China traditional snack items belonging to the flesh of a donkey fire, no matter what snack or burned flesh of a donkey flesh of a donkey pasta, anyway, a lot of local specialty food brands are not burning flesh of a donkey. Flesh of a donkey fire originated in Hebei of Baoding. Widely circulated in the Jizhong plain, after the development of both north and south. The flesh of a donkey with the old brine soup with crispy fire inside, as the food culture center in Hebei, Baoding, and Hebei in the flesh of a donkey catering to the center of the fire by the hard-working people of Hebei generations of continuous development and promotion, finally to the north and south is famous for burning flesh of a donkey. In the northern region can be seen everywhere burning flesh of a donkey high streets and back lanes shops, fully integrated into the lives of local residents. Now is the well-known brand to join, then join the fast-food restaurant burned flesh of a donkey how much read more

DC more than the national network self-examination white list system will continue to spread

December 22nd afternoon news, around the country for Internet access is gradually upgrading rectification. According to a survey of folk, at least more than 10 provinces and cities, due to the local computer network self-examination was severely affected. Insiders pointed out that in the current situation, the white single machine is bound to spread in the IDC service providers.

from late November to the beginning of this year, there have been a number of provinces and cities nationwide telecom operator room service interruption, suspension, or even completely stop the phenomenon of service. Among them, a large number of off network events occur without warning, many of the daily operations of the site are affected. read more

Gome online 28 anniversary iPhone6 plus ex gratia $5888

was the 28 anniversary of the United States online Carnival Festival hot big promotion, Gome online iPhone 6/ plus, iPhone 5S and other variety of Apple mobile phone played the whole network the most preferential price, including 6 iPhone plus 16G mobile version of Gome online price is only 5888 yuan, breaking the 6000 yuan mark a new low price of electricity providers.

reporter compared the United States online, Jingdong and three supplier part of Apple models, found that the United States online price than the other two models of many apple business more favorable. For example, iPhone 6 plus 16G mobile version, Gome online price is only 5888 yuan, while the Jingdong and page show the price of 6088 yuan, 200 yuan higher than the United States online; another 6 iPhone plus 64G mobile version of online activities in the United States price is 6888 yuan, while with a target price of 7288 yuan. Gome online 400 yuan higher than the Jingdong, showed no goods. read more

Report to the national Webmaster to commemorate the first anniversary of the 512 earthquake Festival

told the national webmaster book: to commemorate the first anniversary of the 512 earthquake, "Wenchuan, we!"

May 12th, Wenchuan 8 earthquake killed the first anniversary of the webmaster circles with a very painful heart grand tribute to the sorrowful disaster by stationmaster net and Zhuo class launched, appeal to the webmaster is as follows:

, May 12th, set up a temporary "national master 512 online memorial union" in the league in the form of a unified issued eulogy and held memorial activities, May 13th shall be dissolved. read more

Small and medium enterprise blog marketing has started

companies to take the blog marketing, in China has many successful precedents. Despite the problems especially problems of company image maintenance, company information confidential, so many enterprises especially large enterprises wait-and-see attitude, hesitate to move forward. But like Haier, Lenovo and so dare to test the water of large enterprises, can be said to be a manifestation of pioneering spirit. The benefits of enterprise blog marketing, has been said too much.

so in the absence of too many successful cases, what type of business is more suitable for the first attempt to blog marketing? read more

Wang Zhan Baidu hopes to all customer surplus flow operation

April 26, 2010, Baidu held in Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou 2010 Baidu alliance summit. Baidu vice president Wang Zhan said here on the dialogue with the media, advertising management system of Baidu Alliance launched a few months ago has been widely recognized by customers, some large brand client application is also growing fast, and in return, Baidu hopes eventually to have these large customers of its surplus traffic to Baidu operating day.

theme of the summit is "heaven and Earth Alliance global wide box set", and since this is Baidu was the largest and highest summit. read more

Are closed platform specifically for small webmaster, poor webmaster course notice

      specifically, you are abandoned by the internet! I do not know what you are hiding in the Internet cafes, or an unknown corner of the reading of my words, you have tears in my heart, but there are closed in Taiwan, you will not be forgotten. You’d better read this course in the dead of night time, because your tears are likely to emerge. This course includes real incentive, real success, even though Chen Anzhi’s success also cannot compare with it.

      when I was more than and 20 successive hours writing free "nobody told you" the online writing course, look at the following comments follow immediate two days written by me in the webmaster online see your heart that depressed, helpless, and helpless, I as soon as possible for a special course you write, this will be a on the Internet so far only for you, the small webmaster and poor webmaster guidelines. read more

Wang Kai, Li Jiaoshou and other 10 top big coffee, practical advice on content operation

introduction: WeChat do content operation without thinking, how to break? Don’t read, WeChat’s development is too fast, a few months ago was successful on today, may be outdated or illegal. The quickest way is to look at what the top WeChat operators do, to communicate with them, learn from them.

has a small partner asked to sit in the bacteria: do not think WeChat content operations, can recommend a few books to read it?

my answer is: do not read, WeChat’s development is too fast, a few months ago, the success of the case today, is likely to be outdated or illegal. The quickest way is to look at what the top WeChat operators do, to communicate with them, learn from them. read more

What is Blog

Blog Web Log is short for web logs, the interpreter for the blog, also transliterated as blog. Simply put, Blog is a personal diary written on the network, is a simple way to publish personal information on the Internet, to constantly update the personalized content to attract access. Blog writer is called Blogger, providing Blog space service called blog hosting BSP.

from the function, blog has on the monthly filing function, Trackback function, RSS function, reference subscription Tag tag function usually features.

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