nstagram success greed is the product of the biggest taboo

1 billion U.S. dollars sold to Facebook, sounds like astronomical, even if the roll, Instagram is not worth the money. But it did. And if there’s one more thing to say, "Instagram is not greedy". Yes, you can understand even in the face of 1 billion dollars, Instagram feel is not what, they just think of it, "not" not overdo sth. "too greedy"


this is invented? NO! Look at Instagram from the beginning until now the logic you will find that it has been in combat and greed, always read more

World Wide Web Consortium Specification for HTML5 has been completed

World Wide Web Consortium: has completed the development of HTML5 specification

according to The Verge reported that the World Wide Web Consortium (Worldwide Web Consortium, referred to as W3C) announced that it has completed the HTML5 specification, the end of a three year effort to develop.

W3C declared to the world on its website: HTML5 is the cornerstone of the open Internet platform (Open Web Platform) building."

HTML5 is a set of open markup language, mainly responsible for the development of W3C and web Hypertext Application Technology Group (WHATWG). At present, the standard has more than 100 kinds of different specifications, the definition of the next generation of Web applications required technology. read more

Wang Zhan Baidu hopes to all customer surplus flow operation

April 26, 2010, Baidu held in Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou 2010 Baidu alliance summit. Baidu vice president Wang Zhan said here on the dialogue with the media, advertising management system of Baidu Alliance launched a few months ago has been widely recognized by customers, some large brand client application is also growing fast, and in return, Baidu hopes eventually to have these large customers of its surplus traffic to Baidu operating day.

theme of the summit is "heaven and Earth Alliance global wide box set", and since this is Baidu was the largest and highest summit. read more

Forum promotion – detonate your product

Forum promotion has been a very popular marketing mode, you can take him to do brand marketing, he can take a manufacturing event marketing, also you can use it to promote your products, so how to plan a good forum marketing? Ma Benelax since

has the experience

a, positioning

to do the forum to promote it, the most important is the positioning problem. You do slimming products, then you must to obese people Post Bar or BBS to promote, if you do health care products to paper gold Forum promotion effect has the potential users as can be imagined! Our every relevant forum, you see is how to promote the read more

Local portal network alternative promotion skills

  do stand to spread the difficult. Personal webmaster website operation have a common characteristic, is the lack of funds. Plenty of personal time. How to put personal time for high quality IP is our topic today.

China has so many city so many towns, we should make our website real into people’s life. Do you think the local network, is certain if the local promotion and business cooperation. This is right, can not be questioned. But with myself, I am a very love what people do every day before the computer has intensified the situation. That I run the business, I think the more difficult point. read more

An analysis of the current situation and main forms of network marketing in Dongsheng

general counsel of 586 network marketing Dongsheng believes that network promotion generally, the establishment of website is the product as the core content, then this website free of charge or by showing various channels for a promotion for consumers.

common free website promotion is post, exchange links, B2B platform station, micro-blog, WeChat blog and other new media marketing, pay promotion is the promotion of Baidu search, Google promotion, promotion, promotion 360, Sogou promotion (CPC, CPS, CPV, CPA) and so on; narrowly speaking, carrier network the promotion of the Internet, leaving the promotion on the Internet is not a network promotion; can be divided into two kinds: first, do the user experience, the reputation and the use of the Internet platform promotion tools. read more

Product knowledge sharing external links to WeChat logic

to share the products you need! If you just contact WeChat development but do not understand the technology, or never contact but want to know, then look at it!

first, if you do a good job of external links to WeChat?

your WeChat group is not everywhere is sharing links? Did you ever wonder why from the external app to share the WeChat article you can click directly see? And in red always grab takeout pop-up login authorization page, and then asks for your mobile phone number? You are not thinking about the logic? read more

The method of marketing money common sense is the secret (two)

in fact, a lot of ways to make money marketing is common sense, but a lot of people to complicate it. I posted on the station yesterday is the "common sense tips (a)", but also to illustrate this point, probably because we lose sense too long, when people put out the common sense, we often feel like these common sense tips like. According to the topic of "common sense is the secret", again with you deeply discuss, in order to facilitate the description, first simply I summed up the money framework: read more

A5 selection vertical electricity supplier encounter difficulties exactly where to go

from the rise and fall of vertical electric in the road, perhaps we can see the vertical electric providers are facing all sorts of difficulties, the difficulties they should decide on what path to follow below some selected cases? May help those in trouble makers, to see what is the

decide on what path to follow?

1 vertical pure electricity supplier is afraid of 90% will die!

wrote in "Eric Zhuanshuai? Exactly what’s wrong", these days people have been asking why I am black guest, is not take the competition advantage. A question I want to explain, as a business practitioners, I have no intention of attacking customer, where the customer creates clothing online marketing precedent, promote the traditional garment industry to extend the Internet process, that alone is worth all the electricity supplier practitioners respect. Today we encounter difficulties is one of the most difficult hurdle, all vertical growth or heaven, a wrong thought in passing, or hell, sincerely wish it can Nirvana rebirth. read more

WeChat began to hit the high cash back rebate essentially fraud


technology news (Han Yimin) in July 5th, WeChat announced today, announced by WeChat on the chain, through the WeChat public account, WeChat to pay high cash back rebate behavior implementation account title processing.


team said recently, platform that users use WeChat chain, through the WeChat public account, WeChat to pay high cash back rebate behavior.

this behavior is mainly to Consumer Commission cash back rebate, multi-level and multi cashback rebates, to a certain extent reflects Pyramid fraud, Ponzi scheme and other behavioral characteristics. Its essence is fraud, with high cash back rebates to attract users to participate in the rebate for new users to return the funds to pay for the original user, forming a laminated chain of funds. read more

Cloud disk jurisprudence remediation Sina micro disk, thunder fast pass and other penalties

yesterday, according to the national pornography Office official micro-blog news, as of May 16th, cloud jurisprudence remediation achieved remarkable success, all localities and departments dealt with a large number of cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information cases, of which 10 cases by the national pornography office to supervise the handling. In addition, some cloud disk service companies respond positively to the rectification, the main responsibility for the implementation of the relevant product features were adjusted. read more

Why is the promotion of soft paper must be master website promotion method

what is the soft? Surely owners are very clear, soft Wen said the simpler is containing advertising of the original article, of course not mechanically the ad is inserted into the article, but very clever advertising fusion in originality, moisturizes things in silence, people do not feel this is advertising, produced the greatest effect.

what is soft promotion? Is soft promotion containing the original advertisement published in several websites, forums, blogs and other media, to increase website traffic to increase the site outside the chain to improve website weight, promote product sales. read more

11 young as color clear when the moderator for the website

a young man, every day is always the first to the unit, the last one to leave, people think that work is very positive. I never thought that he is in order to avoid the eyes and ears of colleagues, but the unit on the computer to do the maintenance work for pornographic websites. Recently, the Nanjing Qinhuai Court concluded such dissemination of pornographic materials case, 11 young people from far apart from each other by the legal sanctions.

would like to see free color clear "as moderator read more

Taobao customer experience

in the face of the Internet boom, in the face of the intersection of the winter and spring of the Internet, the guest family are you ready? Hard for several months to make the website, we feel well after the procedure can make money on the site, but… But no, but if not to promote this program will keep waiting for the death in the face of this method, all kinds of Internet, what is the most effective way? Before we can group message, but now group news will heavily blocked, easier said than done? Even if you release hard up, but before you run out of it was deleted forum moderators, really have difficulty finding good ah! People say I’m not in the forum to release information, then you go to other places to release QQ? You can send? Can you send how much? How many people are reading text cloth?.. .. From the beginning of this year a certain time, the release of advertising messages have been banned. read more

nternet marketing surplus era attention usury

Reds too much attention is not enough, even friends are not enough

this month a brother who’s sister? Now, love with "brother" "sister" called the street is no longer a business of the younger sister, but the media, there are so few articles every month, to launch a similar format that the brother sister, brother / sister × "; net friends said go……"

Reds too much attention is not enough, even users are not enough, so to make use of all kinds of false account. Once upon a time, one thing to hit track is that, in the network community work for a long time, by netizens crazy top post, before finally going, get the traditional media look on newspapers layout, officially became popular. read more

gnore micro-blog marketing The webmaster will suffer a great deal

with the rapid development of the media, people are stressed that this WeChat marketing, which is currently hype hype media relations, after all, people like this new attempt and experience. In fact, in my eyes, micro-blog marketing is still in the life of light and heat, but still very hot, micro-blog marketing market space is still very large, a lot of people stick to this piece of land in the harvest. Look back on the development of micro-blog marketing process, it has been a period of time before the people can not do without tea topic. After years of market development and change, it is still standing there, this platform micro-blog marketing advantage is experienced the test of time, for businesses and enterprises as well as people from the media, the value of space here is really great, dig the potential is enormous, numerous hidden treasures. read more

From the monthly income of three thousand yuan to talk about word-of-mouth marketing Station

after entering the University, the real contact with the network, but also officially began his career as a stand. These years, large and small sites do enough to have dozens, including news station, picture station, music station, novel station classification, form covers CNS, BUG, BBS and so on, but because of his lack of effort or because of various subjective and objective reasons no one standing persist, resulting in cast to waste your efforts.

during the Spring Festival this year, combing these years do stand bit by bit, summarizes their experience and lessons, taking into account their own understand some of the program source code on the market have a better understanding of the industry, and friends that he stood very profitable, so inspired me to do a download station idea. Think of what you want to do, I am not a person who wants to love, more is to use the action to prove the results, even if the failure. read more

My first intimate contact with Baidu

Baidu, a webmaster can love and hate upstart, once part of the webmaster to countless brought infinite hope, see the traffic statistics every day up, looked at the 90% traffic to Baidu, from the bottom of my heart to thank them for the benefit of the eyes of Lao Li station. Suddenly one day, everything is 0, the webmaster come to nothing between Baidu traces of the night, watching the flow statistics of the poor, anger, sadness, and even despair, who stole our cheese??

with the search engine business, especially similar to the Baidu search by stock market speculators, whip, with a bloody mouth, staring staring at each user’s pocket. Free meal into a search engine club in the flesh, so whether the engine guaizhao frequent: PPC, hot zone… . In fact, these to the webmaster, do not have much temptation, the owners of these are a cowboy’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, have a nocturnal owl at the end, the only thing they lack of money, any expensive website promotion behavior is the rich people can enjoy the feast. The poor can only pick up some engines have the odds and ends of a meal. Even so, the webmaster has to burp, still say thank God to bring the search engine so beautiful stunner to humans. Suddenly one day, search engines offer a banner for the benefit of mankind: optimize the network environment. The knife down, the survival of the odds and ends of a meal the webmaster complete website fell into the abyss, the search engine that would rather kill ten thousand. Let the webmaster into deep remorse, is not really become criminals, is not really cheating, after all the negative, the website or to survive to survive, since no odds and ends of a meal again, what can the search engine such as Xian class?

second days, a Baidu specialist serving me. In order to confirm the business staff said, I have to say about the purpose, the Commissioner said wrong, with bidding snapshot is different, not doing the bidding will be able to restore the snapshot. Kuangyun…. What’s the difference??? All of a company, how you own, such companies are telling the original personalized)
read more

Let your site ranked in the forefront of the search engine as long as four steps

Web site can bring you the key is to see your site has no flow, and for your site quickly bring traffic the most powerful and most effective way is to use the search engine. In all Internet users, 80% of Internet users use search engines, and the number of search continues to grow at an annual rate of 20%. Therefore, the pursuit of the goal is to search engine optimization (SEO). Here, I share with you is how to make your site in the search engine ranking method. Cheating or some tricks to cheat the search engine to enhance the ranking of the site is not in the scope of the discussion. It is not a permanent solution. read more

Personal Adsense new ideas to make money

      I do webmaster time is not very long, missed the SP SMS union to make money. But still rely on Adsense made a pot of gold, want to feel good, 06 years 05 per click 0.1$ah, every day 30 thousand flow station every day to have $more than and 50 in revenue, just make some garbage station every day there are $more than and 100; but for just a few months after the good times don’t last long, straight line revenue decline, revenue nearly chicken ribs. Adsense can not do it, the domestic garbage union really believe, but had to find his way. read more