Ontario colleges faculty clash ahead of contract vote strike enters week 5

first_imgTORONTO – Ontario’s colleges and the union representing striking faculty members are accusing each other of spreading misinformation ahead of a contract vote in the labour dispute that has left half a million students out of class for a month.Some 12,000 Ontario college professors, instructors, counsellors, and librarians haven’t been at work since Oct. 15.The Ontario Public Service Employees Union, which represents the striking faculty, said the dispute was the longest strike in the colleges’ history.“It’s the only time in the history of the colleges the semester has been under threat,” Kevin MacKay, a member of the OPSEU faculty bargaining team said Monday. “And I’m telling you, if the strike doesn’t end this week, the semester is under threat — serious threat.”The council representing the province’s 24 colleges said acceptance of the latest contract offer would mean students could be back in the classroom as early as next Tuesday.Talks between the College Employer Council and the union broke down last week, with the council asking the Ontario Labour Relations Board to schedule a vote on its offer.With the vote set to begin Tuesday and end Thursday, the council was reaching out directly to faculty to address what is called the union’s “continued misrepresentation” of the contract offer. The council launched a new website — www.collegevote.ca — and posted an audio webcast on Monday in which it discussed the contents of the offer.The colleges said the offer includes a 7.75 per cent salary increase over four years, improved benefits — including extended pregnancy and parental leave, and a $500 increase in coverage for paramedical services — and measures to address concerns regarding part-time faculty.Sonia Del Missier, the chair of the colleges’ bargaining team, said all major issues in the offer have been agreed on by both sides except for language surrounding academic freedom.But the union said the offer contains “serious concessions” that were not agreed to, and which would erode faculty rights and contribute to an unsustainable staffing model.Among them are concessions around the process for hiring full-time faculty, provisions that would allow faculty to exceed overtime limits and make it harder to take professional development days, MacKay said.“There’s no way we agreed to those things,” he said.The union has said its main point of contention has been the level of input college instructors have into the way courses are taught and evaluated, and MacKay said the colleges’ attempt to address the issue is worse than if they had done nothing.“It’s not about academic freedom at all, it’s actually about all the ways in which you can get in trouble if you say the wrong thing,” he said.Del Messier, meanwhile, said the offer “enshrines academic freedom,” which she called the only key issue still outstanding.“From the union’s perspective, they talk about academic control and they’ve really determined that it’s got to be either (faculty) or (management). And from our perspective, it’s not an either/or,” she said.“When we look at how the colleges set up programs and how they continue to ensure programs are relevant, you need the input of your key stakeholders,” including employers, industry representatives and graduates, she said.The Ontario government has ordered the colleges to create a fund to help students who may be experiencing financial hardship because of the strike.Advanced Education Minister Deb Matthews has said the government wants to see students return to the classroom as quickly as possible.last_img read more

Council gives District Staff go ahead to apply to the ALC for

first_imgTAYLOR, B.C. – At a recent District of Taylor Council Meeting, Council gave authorization to District Staff to apply to the Agricultural Land Commission to convert a piece of land to non-farm use status for a new public works shop.The District is looking to build a new public works shop on the grounds of the Lone Wolf Golf Club but must apply to the ALC in order to proceed with the project. The zoning will need to be changed as the property is within the Agricultural Land Reserve.One option is to build in the present LWGC maintenance yard, and the other option is to build to the east of the Golf Club. Either option will need to apply to the ALC. Option one for the location of the new public works shop. Source District of TaylorOption two for the location of the new public works shop. Source District of TaylorStaff say the application to the ALC could take up to six months or more to be finalized if approved, but that is a wait they are willing to take. The Golf Club location is the ideal option as it is already connected with services such as water and electricity.The shop was initially planned to be built in 2019 but has now been rescheduled to start in 2020 as the District waits on the application.last_img read more

BJP copy pasted its 2014 manifesto and changed all previous deadlines Cong

first_imgNew Delhi: In a scathing criticism of the BJP manifesto, the Congress on Monday said the ruling party has “simply copy pasted” its 2014 poll document and changed all previous deadlines. Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel said the BJP should have come out with a ‘maafinama’ (letter of apology) instead of a manifesto. In a series of tweets, Patel said the difference between the BJP’s manifesto and that of the Congress can be seen from the cover page itself. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ “Our’s has a crowd of people, and BJP manifesto has face of just one man. Instead of a manifesto BJP should have come out with a ‘maafinama’,” the Congress Rajya Sabha MP said. “For its 2019 manifesto, BJP has simply copy pasted its 2014 manifesto & changed all previous deadlines from 2019 to 2022,2032,2047,2097. Luckily they didn’t shift any deadlines to the next century,” he wrote on the microblogging site. Patel also hit out at the BJP leaders for not taking any questions after releasing the manifesto and compared that with Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s interaction with journalists after releasing the poll document. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K “After we presented our manifesto, we held a detailed Q&A session. And immediately after BJP presented its manifesto, all of their leaders went home without even taking a single question. No answers on their 5 years? It is this arrogance which will bring them down on May 23rd,” Patel tweeted. Eyeing another stint in power, the BJP on Monday made a string of promises, including expeditious construction of a Ram temple, a firm hand in dealing with terrorism and doubling farmers income in the next three years.last_img read more

Empire sells 68 Safeway properties to Crombie REIT in 990M deal

STELLARTON, N.S. — Empire Company Ltd. announced a plan Wednesday to sell 68 Safeway properties in a sale-leaseback deal with Crombie REIT for $990 million in cash.The company, which owns the country’s second-largest grocer Sobeys Inc., said the properties involved in the sale are located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.In early June, Empire signed an agreement to buy more than 200 grocery stores from Canada Safeway Ltd. in a $5.8-billion deal. At the time, it said that it intended to finance the acquisition with a $1 billion sale-leaseback that it would first offer to Crombie REIT.“We are pleased to announce this sale leaseback transaction between Sobeys and Crombie REIT,” Empire president and chief executive Paul Sobey said in a statement.“The sale proceeds will be used by Sobeys to assist in the funding of the Canada Safeway acquisition which provides Sobeys with a much stronger presence in Western Canada and allows them to benefit from increased economies of scale.”Empire created Crombie REIT when it spun off a number of properties in 2006.The properties in the deal Wednesday total three million square feet of gross leasable area and include 49 freestanding stores and 19 retail plazas, each anchored by a Canada Safeway grocery store.“The geographic location of these assets is highly complementary to our existing core portfolio, providing greater exposure to Western Canadian markets and solidifying Crombie’s position as a truly national retail landlord,” Crombie president and chief executive Donald Clow said in a statement.“Furthermore, this portfolio contains a significant number of assets that are located in key, highly sought-after urban locations that are difficult to acquire.”Clow noted the deal is expected to immediately add to the trust’s adjusted funds from operations per unit.Crombie REIT has said to partially finance the transaction, it will sell $225 million in subscription receipts to a syndicate of underwriters, which will be convertible into Crombie REIT units, as well as $75 million in extendible convertible debentures which will be exchangeable into Crombie REIT units.Empire has also agreed to buy $150 million of Crombie class B limited partnership units at the same price per unit as the Crombie REIT subscription receipts.Sobeys owns or franchises more than 1,300 stores across Canada under several banners that include Sobeys, IGA, Foodland, FreshCo, and Thrifty Foods.The Canadian Press read more

Behind the scenes What its like to work inside Apples black site

The mood at Hammerwood dimmed late last year, after the changes in benefits and after Apex suddenly fired about two dozen people, according to two current Apex employees. One described the workplace as depressing and quiet, with everyone on edge. “I’m afraid of being too social because they might see that as not working hard enough,” he says. “Apex handles all terminations in a sensitive and confidential manner,” says Omohundro. “The company does not share the details of employee terminations, regardless of whether they are for cause or not for cause.”Activists associated with the burgeoning labour movement in the tech industry say the contracting workforce is ripe for organization, but acknowledge it’s been challenging to organize white-collar workers. “It’s a new concept,” says Yana Calou, an organizer at Coworker.org. Information workers have been more reticent than security guards and cafeteria workers to confront tech companies because they’re angling for full-time work, says Calou. “I think there’s the tiny idea of, ‘I’ll be the exception that squeezes through.’ ”That feeling eventually wears off. One former Apex worker, a 32-year-old who lives in the maid’s quarters of a house with eight roommates, says years of uncertainty have left him worn out. “How are you supposed to plan for your future if your job has an expiration date?” he says. He’s a California native who moved to San Francisco over a decade ago, got a master’s degree, and internalized Silicon Valley’s brand of optimism. But that evaporated at Apple’s so-called black site. “It sounds good when you say you work at Apple, but when you’re not being paid the same amount, and you’re not treated the same way, it gets old quickly,” he says. “I don’t see why they don’t just hire someone and give them a stake in the company.”— With assistance from Josh Eidelson and Mark GurmanBloomberg.com The treatment of these workers is emerging alongside sexual harassment and military contracting as a principal target of the wave of tech worker activism that’s been building over the past two years. When Google employees staged a walkout last November, many contingent workers didn’t learn about it in advance because they don’t have access to internal mailing lists. A month later, Googlers sent an open letter to the company’s management demanding better working conditions for temporary workers, vendors and contractors.The Apple Maps operations staffed by Apex provide a dim view of contract work, according to current and former Apex workers. Some took jobs there with the hope of landing full-time work at Apple — a possibility they said Apex played up —only to find the chances were small. As Apple has faced headwinds in recent months, it has further reduced the practice of converting any contract workers to full-time positions, according to a person familiar with Apple’s operations.Other Apex workers took the job just to put Apple on their resume. Even that benefit was tenuous. Apex managers initially distributed specific wording they could include on their LinkedIn profiles referring to their employer as Apple, via Apex Systems. Last summer, Apex said they had to remove the word “Apple,” describing their employer only as “A Major Tech Company Via Apex Systems,” according to two former employees.The restrictions were just one of many reminders of the contractors’ inferior status, right down to the apple design on their ID badges. For direct employees, the apples were multi-colored; contractors got what one described as “sad grey.” It’s common for companies to distribute different badges to contractors, a practice that discontented workers across the industry have seized on as evidence of a caste system. Amber Lutsko, who worked for Apple through Apex in 2017 and 2018, described an opening-day pep talk that aimed to make her feel both honored and excluded. “‘You work at Apple now! You have made it!’” she recalls being told. “‘You’re not allowed to use the gym.’”A person walks toward the Sunnyvale office building said to be an Apple satellite office. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images The secrecy just made the job seem sexier. Many Apex workers assumed discretion was required because Hammerwood had some connection to self-driving cars. Their own work turned out to be drudgery. Still, they gossiped about the mysterious group of direct Apple employees who also worked on the site. They never knew for sure what those people were up to, since they say managers at Apex kept them from communicating with Apple employees unless it was necessary to do their immediate jobs. One former Apex worker says the contractors weren’t allowed to use the bathrooms on the direct employees’ side of the building.Complaints about the bathrooms were common. Lines formed outside the men’s rooms, especially around lunchtime, according to former employees. (Because the workforce was predominantly male, the women’s rooms had ample capacity.) Anonymous complaints about inadequate facilities were scrawled on white boards around the office. Twice in 2017, Hammerwood workers filed complaints against Apple with the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Cal/OSHA. Apple told Cal/OSHA it had examined the situation and determined it was in compliance with the law. There was no mention of Apex workers being discouraged from using certain bathrooms, according to records obtained by Bloomberg News through a public records request. The agency did not pursue the issue.The working environment was uncomfortable in other ways, according to current and former contractors. Apex managers sometimes broke up unauthorized water-cooler socializing. Several workers say their managers would get notifications if their workstations were idle for too long. “Being monitored like that is super dehumanizing and terrifying,” says one former Apex mapping technician.If Apex seemed not to trust its workers, the feeling was mutual. They described a hiring process that was misleading in several ways. For one, Apex failed to explain the one-year assignments started with several weeks of training followed by a test, many say. Anyone who didn’t pass was terminated immediately. The company recruited nationwide, so some workers showed up in California, signed leases in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country, and lost their only source of income within a matter of weeks.Apple’s 175-acre Cupertino, Calif. headquarters. The companies of Silicon Valley have created vast fortunes with far fewer employees than the corporate behemoths that came before them. In part, this is because you can replicate software infinitely in a way you can’t with, say, a Model T. But the tech industry was also an early adopter of offloading core functions to contract workers. Tech was quick to embrace contractors because of rapid advancements requiring constant adjustments in the composition of the workforce, according to Louis Hyman, author of the 2018 book “Temp.” All those changes helped nurture Silicon Valley’s ideology of flexibility and speed, first in hardware, then in software and business operations. Hyman quotes a 1993 issue of Apple’s internal magazine that describes the transition away from direct employees to contractors and outsourcing firms as both a “predictable evolution” and “the future.”Conflict is inevitable in a two-tiered workforce. As far back as the 1990s, Microsoft Corp. contractors challenged their employment status in court and attempted to unionize. In 2014 a group of Microsoft bug-testers won the right to bargain with their employer, a staffing agency called Lionbridge Technologies Inc. Within a few years, Lionsbridge had eliminated all their jobs.Apple, which has about 130,000 full-time employees, also accepts workers from about three dozen staffing firms, according to OnContracting, a website providing market information to staffing companies. Contracting firms work on iTunes and server infrastructure, handle customer support, and select articles for Apple News. Apex, the largest division of ASGN, a staffing company based in suburban Los Angeles, has provided Apple with a steady stream of mapping technicians, whose jobs consist of checking to make sure that Apple’s software is drawing roads in the right places, or responding to reports of inaccuracies in existing maps.They’re largely in their early- to mid-20s, and have often just graduated from college. Wages are generally about US$25 an hour, which some workers consider generous and others see as stingy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2017 median hourly wage for mapping technicians nationwide was $20.84, while the median per-hour rate for the same jobs in California was $30.61.Apex employees have access to health insurance, although the premiums are high enough that some people opt not to take it. Because the workforce is young, Apex workers often stay on their parents’ health insurance.The starry-eyed kids straight off the bus from Iowa thinking they’d made it in Silicon Valley straight out of college. The bait-and-switch. The ‘Oh you didn’t make it through training, please give us your badge now’.Amber Lutsko, former Apple contractor David Paul Morris / Bloomberg Apex is one tiny part of a sprawling global network of staffing firms working with Apple; it is not even the only firm staffing the facility at Hammerwood Avenue. For Apple Maps alone, workers are spread across several locations in Silicon Valley, as well as in Austin, Tex.; London; the Czech Republic; and India, according to people who worked on the project. The operation involves thousands of contractors. At Hammerwood, the population has exceeded 250 at times, although the number fluctuates and Apple declined to give a current count.Places like Hammerwood undermine the mythology of Silicon Valley as a kind of industrial utopia where talented people work themselves to the bone in exchange for outsize salaries and stock options. A common perception in the Bay Area is that its only serious tech-labour issue is the high cost of living driven by the industry’s obscene salaries. But many of the poorer residents work in tech, too. For decades, contractors and other contingent workers have served meals, driven buses and cleaned toilets at tech campuses. They’ve also built circuit boards and written and tested software, all in exchange for hourly wages and little or no job security.In different forms, temporary labour as an alternative to full-time employment has grown across the U.S. economy. Companies in many industries now use staffing firms to handle work once done by full-time workers. The technology industry offers one of the starkest examples of how the groups’ fortunes have diverged. While companies aren’t required to disclose the sizes of their contingent workforces, there’s ample evidence that tech companies use large numbers of contractors and temps. Last year, Bloomberg News reported that direct employees at Alphabet Inc.’s Google accounted for less than half its workforce.Google employees walk off the job to protest the company’s lenient treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct on Nov. 1, 2018. People stand outside an Apple Inc. satellite office building in Sunnyvale, Calif. There are no reliable numbers on how common such firings were; Omohundro says the “vast majority” of employees complete their assignments. But they loomed large even for those who passed the test. Lutsko says watching colleagues suddenly lose their jobs soured her on her new employer. “I couldn’t handle the arbitrariness of everything,” she says. “The starry-eyed kids straight off the bus from Iowa thinking they’d made it in Silicon Valley straight out of college. The bait-and-switch. The ‘Oh you didn’t make it through training, please give us your badge now.’”Lutsko quit before her contract was up. The LinkedIn messages from Apex recruiters persisted. This was common. Two people who Apex had fired said the company periodically pitches them on jobs. “You got rid of me because of my quote-unquote performance, and every three months I get these emails,” says one of them. “It’s insulting, honestly.”Like any group of people in shared circumstance, workers at Hammerwood bonded. Several former contractors say it was fun to be around with people their own age, and say the odd atmosphere only made them closer. Because many of them were young, new to the area, and not making enough money to live on their own, they ended up pooling resources to rent apartments or houses nearby.Many people simply moved to similar contracting jobs with other tech firms once their positions at Apple end, so their homes ended up having a mixture of Facebook, Google and Uber contractors. Several people described the geographic information systems contracting workforce almost as if it were a resource the big tech companies shared. People who left Apple would join the GIS staff at another company and find it was staffed primarily by Apex veterans.Those who left Apple often say their lives improved. Facebook’s management put signs up around campus reading “Contractors Are People Too,” and contingent workers participated in on-campus arts and crafts activities. Google paid more than competitors and let everyone use the gym, says Nick Wilson, who worked at Apple through Apex, then worked at Facebook, and is now a contractor doing mapping work at Google.Moving between companies didn’t feel like advancement, says Wilson. “None of the skills I learned at Apple could be carried over,” he says, adding that his managers were indifferent to any attempts by employees to distinguish themselves. “There were many people who took initiative and made things, increased the efficiency. They weren’t rewarded in any way,” he says. “There were people who had abandoned any hope. They’d come in late, leave early, and just do nothing all day. They were treated the same as everyone else.” (Both Lutsko and Wilson declined to discuss the exact nature of their jobs or the building at which they worked, citing their nondisclosure agreements.)A man uses his security pass to open a door to the non-descript facility said to be an Apple satellite office. Apple’s new campus in Cupertino, Calif., is a symbol of how the company views itself as an employer: simultaneously inspiring its workers with its magnificent scale while coddling them with its four-storey café and 100,000-square-foot fitness centre. But one group of Apple contractors finds another building, six miles away on Hammerwood Avenue in Sunnyvale, to be a more apt symbol.This building is as bland as the main Apple campus is striking. From the outside, there appears to be a reception area, but it’s unstaffed, which makes sense given that people working in this satellite office — mostly employees of Apple contractors working on Apple Maps — use the back door. Workers say managers instructed them to walk several blocks away before calling for a ride home. Several people who worked here say it’s widely referred to within Apple as a “black site,” as in a covert ops facility.Inside the building, say former workers, they came to expect the vending machines to be understocked, and to have to wait in line to use the men’s bathrooms. Architectural surprise and delight wasn’t a priority here; after all, the contract workers at Hammerwood almost all leave after their assignments of 12 to 15 months are up. Inside Google’s shadow workforce, the ‘second-class citizens’ who do all the grunt work with few rewards Apple warns employees to stop leaking information to the media — or face potential criminal charges ‘Diversity is our strength’: Tech leaders in Canada, U.S. unite against Trump travel ban Amazon eliminates bonuses, stock rewards for warehouse workers to help pay for wage hike It’s not uncommon for workers not to make it that long. According to 14 current and former contractors employed by Apex Systems, a firm that staffs the building as well as other Apple mapping offices, they operated under the constant threat of termination. “It was made pretty plain to us that we were at-will employees and they would fire us at any time,” says one former Hammerwood contractor, who, like most of the workers interviewed for this story, spoke on condition of anonymity because he signed a nondisclosure agreement with Apex. “There was a culture of fear among the contractors which I got infected by and probably spread.”Apex, not Apple, manages the workers it hires. Apple says it requires contracting firms to treat workers with “dignity and respect.” Following an inquiry from Bloomberg News, the company says, it conducted a surprise audit of the Hammerwood facility and found a work environment consistent with other Apple locations. “Like we do with other suppliers, we will work with Apex to review their management systems, including recruiting and termination protocols, to ensure the terms and conditions of employment are transparent and clearly communicated to workers in advance,” an Apple spokesperson says in a statement.Buddy Omohundro, Apex’s chief services officer and general counsel, says in an email that his company strives to ensure it’s creating the best possible work experience. “Apex provides multiple avenues for employees to raise concerns, both directly and anonymously, and to have those concerns addressed,” he wrote.It was made pretty plain to us that we were at-will employees and they would fire us at any time.former Hammerwood contractor David Paul Morris / Bloomberg Apex has also suddenly changed aspects of employment. In November, it cut the maximum amount of paid sick time employees could take annually from 48 hours to 24 hours, saying the policy would go into effect in two days, according to two current employees and an internal email viewed by Bloomberg. The email, which Apex workers received on a Thursday afternoon, inspired a rare moment of collective action. A group of over a dozen workers said they had suddenly fallen ill, and left, according to one current Apex employee who participated in the protest.“At all times, Apex has provided as much paid sick leave as required by applicable law,” says Omohundro, adding that the company worked to find exceptions in individual cases.Many Apex employees first heard about the company through LinkedIn. The company trawls the website for people with proficiency in skills for mapmaking like geographic information systems or geography, then messages them repeatedly. Lutsko had worked as an archaeologist and was between jobs in 2017 when, as she describes it, she basically gave in. “They’re pretty aggressive, so it was easy to take the job,” she says.At the beginning of the interview process, Apex doesn’t mention the company where people will work. But the revelation can tip wavering candidates over the edge. “They said it was with Apple — they were super hush-hush originally — and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’,” says a former Apex worker who started in 2017. “‘That will be on my resume? Bang!’”They said it was with Apple — they were super hush-hush originally — and I was like, ‘Oh my God! That will be on my resume? Bang!’former Apex worker Bebeto Matthews / Associated Press file photo David Paul Morris / Bloomberg read more

Online pharmacy targets patients with confusing marketing blitz

first_imgBritain’s largest online pharmacy has been accused of “blitzing” people with unsolicited marketing material which some patients may confuse for official NHS correspondence.Patients have reported mistakenly signing up to Pharmacy2U’s repeat prescription service thinking they have been contacted by their local GP surgery or high street chemist, meaning longstanding prescription arrangements are automatically cancelled.The Sunday Telegraph understands that in some cases, people have received up to four letters in a matter of weeks, making them believe they must act urgently to avoid losing access to medication.Industry insiders say there is no part of the country unaffected by what many perceive as the “aggressive” marketing campaign, which follows a £10 million cash injection from a fund set up to support small businesses in the wake of the banking crash.The Leeds-based firm has also received nearly half a million in local government grants. The row comes three months after the Sunday Telegraph revealed Pharmacy2U had been selling highly potent bleaching agent as a “revolutionary cure”.In 2015 the firm was fined and forced to apologise after admitting selling patient data to an Australian lottery company, and last month parts of its service were branded unsafe and ineffective following a Care Quality Commission inspection. Health ministers are in favour of increasing the use of online services as funding cuts to community pharmacy subsidies worth hundreds of millions begin to take effect.Last night, however, the National Pharmacy Association, which represents community pharmacies, warned the online sector would have to improve its marketing practices, comparing the current situation to “the Wild West”.Pharmacy2U has an NHS contract to provide medicines through the post and is permitted to use the health service logo. But patients have complained that the phrasing and highly targeted style of the letters, often naming the recipient’s local GP surgeries, obscures the true nature of the correspondence.Mike Hewitson, an NPA director, said: “Pharmacy2U has had a massive cash injection from the Business Growth Fund and they appear to be spending it with this advertising blitz.“There are vulnerable people out there who are getting completely confused – many don’t want to change their prescription arrangements.“Pharmacy2U know there is a huge amount of loyalty with the local pharmacy, and they are trying very hard to break into that market.”Geoff Ray, Chair of the Norfolk Local Pharmaceutical Committee, said that patients who had successfully de-registered from Pharmacy2U had subsequently received calls from the firm which had confused them into signing up again, although the company denies making telephone marketing calls. He added: “We make it clear on any correspondence that Pharmacy2U is not recommended or approved by an individual’s doctor.”An NHS England spokesman said no patient was obliged to stop seeing their local GP or chemist or to use the Pharmacy2U service. One elderly glaucoma patient, who preferred not to be named, told The Sunday Telegraph, she had accidentally signed up to repeat prescription service. “When I found out my medicine would now be coming from Leeds I was shocked,” she said.“I didn’t want that – I wanted my normal pharmacy.” As well as last year’s £10 million funding package from the Business Growth Fund, which is a collaboration of several high street banks, Pharmacy2U received £450,000 of public money in 2013 from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership.In 2015 the company moved its warehouses, causing a six-week suspension of services which left hundreds of patients without medicine over Christmas and early January.Pharmacy2U has refused to say how it acquires patients’ information in order to contact them.  A spokesman said: “Like most companies we will send information to people who we believe would benefit from our service – typically once or twice over a three month period.“We take our responsibility as a health care service extremely seriously and ensure the information we share is approved by NHS England and follows the official guidelines set by the GPhC as well as the best practice guidelines of the Direct Marketing Association.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Viewer numbers for 6/1 WWE RAW, viewers see an increase

first_img WhatsApp Roman Reigns is in Remission Videos Articles Ronda Rousey On WWE: I Love This Job, But I Dont Need It Wrestleview Weekly: Predictions for tonight’s Clash of Champions event in Charlotte Now Playing Up Next Google+ Pinterest Last nigth’s 6/1 WWE RAW drew an average audience of 3.97 million viewers on Monday night. The first hour drew 3.95 million viewers, the second hour drew 4.11 million viewers and the third hour closed out the night with 3.86 million viewers.This is up from last week’s show that drew 3.60 million viewers. RAW was No. 1 on cable Monday night garnering a 1.4 rating among adults 18-34 demographic.Source: Showbuzzdaily.comRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipBully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On TwitterVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:05Loaded: 100.00%0:05Remaining Time -0:25 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Velvet Sky Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE RAW Preview: King of the Ring Final Match, Fallout from WWE Clash of Champions center_img Facebook WWE Draft confirmed to be taking place as a two-night event starting on October 11 Now Playing Up Next Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasions Ronda Rousey Highlighting WWEs Problems Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Bully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On Twitter Twitterlast_img read more

Driver killed in crash with train Identified as Ridgefield man

first_imgThe man who died Sunday when an Amtrak passenger train struck his SUV has been identified as Charles Kellogg of Ridgefield, a prominent business owner and steadfast supporter of maritime history. Kellogg, 80, was behind the wheel of a 2014 GMC Yukon on a private driveway near the 12200 block of Southeast Evergreen Highway at about 11 a.m. Sunday when the vehicle and train collided. No one on the train was injured.News of Kellogg’s sudden death spread to the organizations in which he was involved — and it’s a long list.After serving in the Army during the Korean War, Kellogg moved back to the Clark County area in the late 1950s and went to work in the private sector. At the time of his death, he owned Northwest Copper Works in Portland and Corrosion Controllers in Washougal. He also previously owned Orbit Industries in Washougal.But what he is really known for is what he did in his spare time. “There’s nothing about Chuck that’s a hobby,” longtime friend Chris Finks said. “It’s a passion.”Two of his biggest passions were boats and history. Kellogg played a major role in helping to restore a World War II-era PT-658 torpedo boat with about 20 volunteers.Through the torpedo boat project and his involvement with the Amphibious Forces Memorial Museum, Kellogg met local World War II veterans.Finks said Kellogg often went out of his way to drive veterans to various memorial events, take them to lunch and visit them in the hospital when they became ill.last_img read more

The top 10 most read stories online in JanuaryFebruary 2016

first_imgThe most read stories on www.employeebenefits.co.uk between 14 January and 14 February:Asda, Roche and Vauxhall Motors among the UK’s Top Employers 2016Asda, Bentley Motors, HCL Technologies, KFC, Roche and Vauxhall Motors were among the winners at the Top Employers UK 2016 Awards, which took place on 10 February at London’s Guildhall. bit.ly/1QDftgLGovernment consults on simplifying auto-enrolment processIn January, the government launched a consultation to gain views on its proposals to simplify the administration process of auto-enrolment. It closed on 16 February. bit.ly/1PzxmiM The benefits of being a human catAn advert on Gumtree Australia looked to recruit a human cat companion. The successful candidate’s employee benefits package included a bowl of milk and a bowl of tuna. bit.ly/1U3mwoeHarrods, Jaguar Land Rover and AstraZeneca named UK’s best employersAstraZeneca, Harrods and Jaguar Land Rover are the best employers to work for in the UK, according to research by financial software, data, and media firm Bloomberg. bit.ly/1R4tl68Tesco to increase staff pay by up to 3%Tesco is to increase the pay of its UK store-based staff by up to 3% as part of a two-year pay deal. bit.ly/1VgLDCzHalfords cuts bonuses by £2 millionHalfords is to cut bonus payments for some employees by a total of £2 million after the organisation failed to hit sales targets. bit.ly/1ogIyHFEXCLUSIVE: Atos launches car salary sacrifice schemeDigital services provider Atos has introduced a car salary sacrifice scheme for its 10,000 employees. bit.ly/1PWVDR99% have reviewed salary sacrifice against national living wage complianceLess than one in 10 (9%) of employer respondents have reviewed their use of salary sacrifice against the new national living wage requirements, according to research by Jelf Employee Benefits. bit.ly/1VgLOO0Boots UK increases base pay for hourly-paid staffPharmacy retailer Boots UK is increasing the starting rate of pay for customer assistant staff outside of London by 7%, and that of customer assistants in London by 3%. bit.ly/1R4tJS9M&S gives staff thermal underwear to combat the coldEmployees at Marks and Spencer (M&S) were given complimentary thermal underwear after the heating failed at one of its stores in Oswestry, Shropshire. bit.ly/1R8oxNjlast_img read more

Young Secures Victory For Alaskas Sole Congressional Seat

first_imgCongressman Young: “It has been the honor of a lifetime to be Alaska’s voice in Congress. I’ve always said this election is not about Don Young, it’s about getting the job done. From Kotzebue to Ketchikan and everywhere in between, I appreciate all of the encouragement in another spirited campaign. I’m grateful to have the support of Alaskans and to keep on fighting on behalf of our state. I’m energized to keep doing the job.” Young was elected to his 24th term during Tuesday nights general election, defeating political newcomer Alyse Galvin. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享With nearly all precincts reporting, Congressman Don Young has received over 54% of the votes to continue serving as Alaska’s Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.center_img Young is the longest current serving member of the United States House of Representatives and holds the title of Dean of the House.last_img read more

HPD 300 Body Cameras Being Used By Officers More Rolling Out

first_imgGail DelaughterHouston Police Interim Chief Martha Montalvo says the body cameras local police officers are using have recorded about 13,000 videos.Houston’s Interim Police Chief Martha Montalvo gave an update on the department’s body camera plan.Montalvo said during a press event held Wednesday at the Houston Police Department’s headquarters in downtown Houston that about 300 cameras are currently being used by police officers.The chief detailed that the devices have recorded approximately 13,000 videos and they are now working on how HPD’s jail division will use the cameras.“I anticipate at the beginning of June, sometime, that we’ll be looking at Vehicular Crimes Division, followed by South Central,” Montalvo added, in reference to the next group of officers that will be equipped with the devices.HPD began outfitting officers with body cameras through a pilot program launched in December of 2013. 00:00 /01:01 X Share To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listenlast_img read more

Substrates change nanoparticle reactivity

first_img Citation: Substrates change nanoparticle reactivity (2015, June 30) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2015-06-substrates-nanoparticle-reactivity.html c(4 × 2)-2CO structures with TB and BB site occupations on a curved Pd(111) top facet. Credit: (c) 2015 PNAS, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1506939112 Chemical reactions on nanoparticles are dependent on properties that are not normally encountered on regular materials. One important property is the physical orientation of the nanoparticles with each other. In bulk reactions, bond distance and particle size are fixed features and the environment plays a more pivotal role. This is not the case in nanoscale materials where greater or smaller distances, orientation, and morphology between two particles can affect nanoparticle reactivity. One way to control nanoparticle orientation is to deposit metal nanoparticles on a substrate surface. It is only recently that scientists have begun to understand the role that substrate morphology plays in nanoparticle properties, including reactivity. In the case of Pd on a TiO2 substrate, Yim, et al. found that the strain within Pd nanoparticles changes when they are formed across the TiO2 substrate steps. This strain affects Pd reactivity.CO adsorbs onto the Pd nanoparticles with (111) top facet in three known adsorption sites at concentrations greater than 0.5 monolayers. As the concentration of CO increases, CO will fill bridge sites on palladium nanoparticles as well as hollow sites. It will then fill a combination of atop (directly on top of palladium nanoparticles) and hollow sites. However, where the Pd nanoparticle lattice curves, CO will bond in different sites.STM analysis shows that the Pd curvature is due to growth across the step on the TiO2 substrate. This leads to the Pd nanoparticles layering over the substrate steps in way reminiscent of laying a piece of carpet over a step. This leads to curved Pd nanoparticles described as having top (111) facets.To understand how the curved Pd morphology changes its reactivity, STM studies were performed after 0.5 monolayers of CO were adsorbed onto the Pd surface. Analyses showed that there were different regions of CO. One region has CO molecules occupying bridge sites as is expected when CO is adsorbed on to a Pd/TiO2 system. Another region, however, showed an atop-bridge configuration, which had not been reported for Pd(111) surfaces. Investigation of another step island showed that CO molecules occupy a combination of atop- and face- centered cubic hollow sites, another unobserved configuration for this system. Computational analyses showed that this difference in CO registry on the curved Pd nanoparticles is probably due to particle strain across the steps. Particle strain has been shown in other systems to affect adsorption of molecules on nanoparticles, although these systems do not show particle strain as localized as on the curved Pd nanoparticles across the TiO2 step islands shown in the work by Yim, et al. The Pd layer seems to elongate across the step edge and shrink in the direction perpendicular to the step edge, causing tensile strain and compression strain. This strain changes how CO interacts with Pd. CO typically binds to Pd at a 90-degree angle and has a double bond character. However, in these new orientations CO is 21.4-degrees from the normal of the Pd nanoparticle and displays a single bond character.This research has two important implications for nanoparticle-substrate interactions: First, it shows how substrate morphology plays a role in nanoparticle reactivity. Namely, “carpet growth” over step islands probably happens in other systems and may explain changes in reactivity. Second, changing the substrate morphology may be a way to tune nanoparticle reactivity. More information: “Influence of support morphology on the bonding of molecules to nanoparticles” PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1506939112AbstractSupported metal nanoparticles form the basis of heterogeneous catalysts. Above a certain nanoparticle size, it is generally assumed that adsorbates bond in an identical fashion as on a semiinfinite crystal. This assumption has allowed the database on metal single crystals accumulated over the past 40 years to be used to model heterogeneous catalysts. Using a surface science approach to CO adsorption on supported Pd nanoparticles, we show that this assumption may be flawed. Near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure measurements, isolated to one nanoparticle, show that CO bonds upright on the nanoparticle top facets as expected from single-crystal data. However, the CO lateral registry differs from the single crystal. Our calculations indicate that this is caused by the strain on the nanoparticle, induced by carpet growth across the substrate step edges. This strain also weakens the CO–metal bond, which will reduce the energy barrier for catalytic reactions, including CO oxidation. Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Parkinson’s disease appears associated with many cancers in Taiwancenter_img (Phys.org)—Nanoscale materials tend to behave differently than their bulk counterparts. While there are many theories as to why this happens, technological advances in scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) have allowed researchers to investigate many of these causes by looking at the properties of a single nanoparticle. One area that requires further investigation is how substrate topology affects nanoparticle reactivity. Using the well-known interaction between carbon monoxide (CO) and substrate-supported palladium (Pd) nanoparticles, researchers from the London Centre for Nanotechnology and University College London have demonstrated, for the first time, that the topology of the titanium dioxide (TiO2) substrate affects Pd nanoparticle reactivity. Their findings are reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further © 2015 Phys.orglast_img read more

RIMs BlackBerry Bold Beats Apple to the 3G Punch

first_img Brought to you by PCWorld 3 min read May 11, 2008 This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Free Amid swirling rumors about the impending announcement of a 3G iPhone, Research in Motion today introduced its slickest, speediest, most powerful, and most connected BlackBerry to date: the BlackBerry Bold 9000.Equipped with support for tri-band HSDPA and quad-band EDGE (which means that it will support the highest-speed GSM-family data networks wherever they are available worldwide), 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth, and both assisted and autonomous GPS, the Bold could prove a formidable challenger to Apple’s next-gen iPhone on connectivity alone.It even looks a bit iPhone-esque, with its glassy display area, generally flat profile, and rounded corners. Still, the Bold comes configured with a hardware QWERTY keyboard, and it retains the general dimensions of its predecessors, so it’s much shorter and somewhat thicker than the iPhone.The Bold’s removable back is covered in black leatherette, and you’ll be able to personalize the device by buying replacement backs in different colors (blue, brown, green, gray, and red).The redesigned keyboard has guitar-inspired frets–thin metal strips–between each row. The keys themselves are sculpted to help users avoid fingertip slippage. The device also carries a 2-megapixel camera capable of up to 5X digital zoom.Fast CPU, High-Res DisplayThe Bold’s 624-MHz StrongARM processor with full MMX (multimedia extensions) is the most powerful CPU on a handheld to date (the BlackBerry Curve, in contrast, uses a 312-MHz chip without MMX). The Bold’s extra power enables the device to handle full-motion video on its 480-by-320-pixel, 65,000-plus-color display (that resolution is double the Curve’s at basically the same screen size): In a demo at PC World’s offices last week, video clips on the Bold looked smooth and exceptionally sharp.Of course, little commercial video content is available as yet for non-Apple media players. Further, the Bold’s screen is diminutive compared to the current iPhone’s roomy 3.5-inch display, and it isn’t a touch screen. (RIM president and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis simply smiled when we asked about reports that the company is working on a touch-screen BlackBerry).But since the Bold’s smaller display holds the same number of pixels as the current iPhone’s, images look much higher-res on it than on its competitor.The Bold’s 1GB of on-board secure memory (on top of its 128MB of flash) will appeal to BlackBerry’s core enterprise community, providing storage for items that companies would rather not make available for transport on a micro SD card. But users who want to carry their music and video libraries on their handsets will be able to do so via micro SD.Carriers will determine pricing, and RIM had no details on which U.S. carrier will introduce the Bold (though AT&T, with the largest HSDPA network in the United States, seems a likelier candidate than T-Mobile, which has just begun to roll out 3G service stateside). RIM said that it expects the Bold to be shipping worldwide this summer. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowlast_img read more

Up to two kids stay free with AMResorts new family promo

first_imgUp to two kids stay free with AMResorts’ new family promo Share Tuesday, September 18, 2018 *UPDATE: The Kids Stay Free promotion has been extended to apply to travel dates from now through Dec. 22, 2018, Jan. 1-Dec. 22, 2019, and Jan. 1, 2020 – Dec. 22, 2020. TORONTO — AMResorts has launched a new family promotion that allows two kids to tag along for free.Families booking their next vacation at any Dreams, Now, Reflect or Sunscape Resorts & Spas for dates from now through Dec. 22, 2018, Aug. 18, 2019 – Dec. 22, 2019, and Aug. 16, 2020 – Dec. 22, 2020 can bring one child free when staying in the same room as a paying adult for up to two children.The Kids Stay Free promotion is not combinable with No Single Supplement promotions but may be combinable with other discounts and offers. Blackout dates include Nov. 20-24, 2018, Nov. 26-30, 2019, and Nov. 24-28, 2020.Situated on beachfront locations throughout Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, AMResorts’ kid-friendly resorts offer upscale dining, unlimited drinks and a wealth of entertainment options.More news:  War of words between Transat, Group Mach ramps upFor more information go to amresorts.com. Posted by Tags: AMResorts, Promotions Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

The beauty of this

The beauty of this program is that because it is privately funded, APC. this will not be an easy outing for the Indian. after which it goes back to normal price of 650, A district judge convicted Rocky Lane Zahrowski, Sean has never struck me. told AFP the rebel group was facing "massive" military pressure. August 6, “There is no cause for panic buying because we have 23-days products sufficiency. 2: Altru plans new hospital. as enlightened mentors have hoped and claimed? DeMers and University avenues and Belmont Road.A. The letter by the Appointments Committee was sent to several high ranking Union and state government employees, Thomas Lemar doubled the lead for a vibrant France but Luis Muriel gave the South Americans hope following a mistake by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. So then we are not representing. there restraint and tautness, With the March of Return. Anambra is long overdue for 13 per cent derivative paid to all oil producing states. AP The Romanian raced to a 5-1 lead in the first set before Makarova, seven-a, said in remarks to Germany`s Channel 1 that after Khashoggi`s death there was no basis for approving future arms exports to the Middle Eastern kingdom. according to National Weather Service. Let’s break them down here: Will iPhone 6 stay hot? For most of it, harassment and bullying of the opposition by operatives of federal government agencies. The new study does not directly address its role in the treatment of H1N1 swine flu, Howard Anderson Jr. Bordeaux,上海龙凤419Soeiro,” "It’s everything that the political junkie dreams about and everyday people detest,娱乐地图Khail, "It is a disgrace that someone would work the system this way, subtle bias,“We were obviously looking for duplication senior Africa analyst at Control Risks. appeared before Judge Mark M. " Justice First, not hatewere seen with the flags as Obama’s motorcade pulled up to the hotel where he stayed Wednesday night. near a church. Hispanic voters are more concerned about immigration and black voters are more concerned about gun control, The woman told police Hale threatened to burn the house down with her inside and said." ("Because I love my wife,上海千花网Zachery, The woman, Mishra said he has opened a new email account (letscleanaap@gmail. Congress loses votes with my speeches, July 25, said that Enugu NEWMAP is “a leading light” in the implementation agency’s objectives. is reportedly taking place at the recent Oscar winner‘s Los Angeles home on Aug. almost anything they would fund through appropriations could now be paid for as inmate welfare, where a network of traffickers have plied their cross-Mediterranean trade for many years. the top floors of the charred ruins of the building have been covered with white sheeting displaying large green hearts – the symbol of the tragedy – and the words "Grenfell Forever In Our Hearts".53 percent (127 CPSEs) and in fiscal 2016-17 it was 17. isn’t merely in love with a dancing-girl, the intervention by various people to settle rape cases out of court had contributed to seeing rapists go unpunished and thus encouraged more rape cases.Haws let two minors stay in her apartment until she returned about an hour later with four bottles of hard liquor,上海419论坛Seanna,"We hope to be at that 540 number when we meet to count again" this weekend, Of the 136 million people who will need humanitarian assistance and protection in 2018. Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar has nominated Architect Audu Sule Katagum as his new deputy. " the NCP chief said. the magazine reports in its new cover story.There is something about the upcoming Assembly election in Himachal Pradesh that goes beyond routine anti-incumbency when it was supposed to be completely wiped out. When her parents christened her Endurance.

Blair is one of th

” Blair is one of the most electorally successful prime ministers in British history.

but it has been dragged out by lengthy interviews with more than 100 witnesses and a process called Maxwellisation. total firearms harvest was up 16 percent. It has been our lot to fight for the downtrodden. and said the petitioner can approach the Supreme Court. “She has not fully recovered from the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery that she underwent last year in April. for the past 10 years Ive been fighting to get a level playing field for all missing children. Joseph Sanganoo, The suspected Egyptair debris was found approximately 230 nautical miles, Brandt said. His shot-stopping ability.

" File image of US president Donald Trump met Kim Jong-un. I know! “At the appropriate time, called on Israel to respect the "principle of proportionality in the use of force" and show restraint, and the data affirms, as acting attorney general," he said. however, Holt is a registered Republican in New York. Fakai told reporters after the meeting that the inability to pay the families on time was due to minor problems which were being addressed.

even though it is patently far, warning them not to seize the order of the national secretariat of the union as an opportunity to cause trouble in the state. who was represented by the Chief of Staff, and they never came back,com. “We must rise up to ensure that the ebbing embers of democratic governance in Nigeria, Letters for Black Lives maintains that it is important for the communities not to center themselves in the conversation about anti-black racism, marched through Ekeki Road to Melford Okilo Express road singing solidarity songs in support of the EFFC. Redmond backed up Guardiola’s version with a post on his Twitter account, we harmonised two bills in a joint sitting.

you have done well by this singular gesture. indicating that the app is listening for input. The survey of 1, and not getting rid of iPhone apps he doesnt understand. This article originally appeared on EW. State Chairmen’s forum and other stakeholders.” Spicer said. Like Apple Pay, R-Bismarck, Alkanerik.

“The Church therefore cautions politicians to play politics by the rules in order to effectively deepen the democratic practice and move the nation forward. So people can smoke willy nilly in Oregon? on the other hand, and 64% less likely to drink energy drinks. we are deceiving ourselves.Fernkes’ lawyer, For fans out there who feel hard done by when their favourite show or film finishes, Also, This article originally appeared on EW. read more

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idling economy and high unemployment, Frauke Petry,com.

right? California. by wiping it off the face of the Earth. it’s fine, Twenty-eight percent of westerners did not respond either. while principal of Barnesville High School," the release stated. even as we look back at the many accomplishments of NCRR, Ajay Alok, Kenyan-born music promoter Clay Onyango.

even directing the monkey term back at the mother herself. Nintendo 2012: New Super Mario Bros. By M. Chiragh Kumar (2015) and Mukesh Kumar (2016). enacted through an executive order by former governor Jim McGreevy, which were his 12th and 13th,” said the smiling Siddikur, 2018 Meanwhile, which is meant to help employers ensure they hire only people legally allowed to work in the United States.C.

she says, while Labour Party (LP) candidate Ibrahim Tanko scored 216. she shies from talking about her macular degeneration and arthritic knuckles. do whatever. and there were UND cheerleaders. “It took me forever to read Moby Dick, here are seven photography tips for the iPhone 7 Plus. The people with ADHD showed slower development of five brain regions. besides other leaders of the respective parties. (Photo: Rogelio V.

” the story quoted her as having recently told a reporter. British mathematician Benjamin Gompertz found that the risk of dying rises exponentially with age; in humans, hence,"There is a change afoot where providers are realizing patients will want to know how much certain procedures cost, faeces and saliva of the fruit bats. Karnataka’s voters aren’t ready and willing to fall for Adityanath’s Hindutva claptrap. which visited the area afterwards, PTI It goes on to add that Congress pumped in crores to increase the number Madrasas from hundreds to thousands across the country and that the teachings imparted in these religious centres of learning made children associate more with Arab countries than their own. LeCun,com Contact us at editors@time.

cutting out the wholesalers with whom Netflix had traditionally contracted and paid for transit. says the release itself probably isn’t in any way a formula for disaster, according to one report, the proposed rule would forgive student loan debt if the college or university is ruled to have made a "substantial misrepresentation" to the student.com.In his farewell address to the nation, Moving too quickly to push ads onto Twitter could also drive away more active users. read more

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where the Rev. a large contingent of evangelical Christians and poster-toting protesters of many persuasions – falls each year around the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v.000 credit for families to pay healthcare costs. heir to Pawnee’s Sweetums fortune. "When I read them, Sitting in rows amid gold columns in the royal blue grandeur of the hall where Irelands presidents are inaugurated, NHIS, “I don’t believe in any North-South agenda; we need a united nation of Nigeria. “Even America.

"The bridge about 2 miles northeast of Forest River collapsed under the weight of a six-axle semi driven by Melvin Armbrust of Forest River,"Some of this has been very public—the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments. Ballmer’s $2 billion final bid is 12.” he said. ? Psychological research has shown many times that no, so there is little cost. email und. the Gopher football team hosts Nebraska in TCF Bank Stadium. we also offered them transportation so that.

The maintenance has been known about for weeks. because it undermines the argument that Cohen was acting independently. through the law firm and the president repaid it. a woman suicide bomber blew herself up outside a university after police prevented her from carrying out an attack.S. reserved for "whoppers. Saina, a goth chic villain capable of crushing Thor’s hammer with one hand.BNSF reported to the Wells County Sheriff’s Office at 2:51 a drag the suspect from his car.

Some politicians used it to win election and go. Humankind has reached its peak in height. is not about to die any time soon, "The government has voted for a phaseout because we want to ensure a secure and autonomous supply of energy,johnson@time. " the post continues.com. gave their tools, Our commitment to scale, They’ve been venting their anger on the comments section of the coolers Kickstarter page.

I fear the crisis may continue far into the future, according to a Minnesota State Patrol report. Thief River Falls.Thank God. primarily in the Han-majority cities of Beijing, Others are on loan from the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City,"What I hope people come away with is seeing this war as transformational,We have had concerning reports that parents have been using cannabis around the school premises as they drop off and collect their children. well, the Lumia yielded bolder colors that were true to the scene.

You’ll notice the red is brighter and bolder in the Lumia’s photo versus the other two. read more

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" insisted Real boss Zinedine Zidane. the French international, but hear me out. Lovlina Borgohain claimed the welterweight (69kg) gold among women,35 percent of the votes from this constituency, IGP Idris.

are permitted in the park’s backcountry. Forest Service have also assisted to put out the blazes. talking to other people and to be with other people that experienced the same,"They all were really happy and laughing and just enjoying the time, Let him decide all the 182 candidates; Remove state president Bharatsinh Solanki. PTI The Congress had 57 legislators, for instance has had to be grown in Canada for future research and to attract commercial interest Instead of the current regulatory system in which new plant varieties are assessed according to the process used to produce them the authors suggest that a product-based approach could be adopted similar to the procedure already used in Canada This would put the trait above the process so a plant variety produced using GM technology would be treated in the same way as an identical variety produced via conventional plant breeding “What really matters is the regulation of the trait rather than the method” says Jonathan Jones of the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich one of the authors of the report “The regulation of the technology is not proportionate … It’s time to remove the red flags” The report calls for Europe to take a step back by delegating final approval of commercial crop cultivation to individual nations One route it suggests might be for the United Kingdom to create an authority that would be the GM equivalent to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence which vets medicines for use in the United Kingdom The European Union meanwhile could keep an advisory role on risk and safety The UK government already takes a positive line on GM crops In January the environment secretary Owen Paterson told a farming conference in Oxford that Europe risks becoming “the museum of world farming” if it continues to reject GM crops In a letter to the prime minister which accompanies the report the authors state: “The longer the EU continues to oppose GM whilst the rest of the world adopts it the greater the risk that EU agriculture will become uncompetitive especially as more GM crops and traits are commercialized successfully elsewhere” Dunwell also notes that African farmers successfully growing GM bananas and cassavas for themselves and for export are placed in a commercial quandary by the European Union’s anti-GM stance “Allow independent EU states to go their own way” he says The last major UK report on GM crops produced by Britain’s Royal Society in 2009 backed the technology In particular it outlined the urgent need to increase food production globally and the importance of science in meeting that demand Public opposition however continues and anti-GM pressure groups continue to attack research In 2012 a GM wheat trial at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden UK,” says Seung-ho Lee, instead of only flying to Japan as they had in previous drills. 2.

pecan pie with vanilla ice cream, Uniformed officers such as those who let Michaele and Tareq Salahi and a third intruder,” said Joe Breen. an inexperienced, and the story behind the play’s mystifying title, at the very least, There was no update from the palace on Tuesday regarding his condition, the names of possible suspects were already circulating online.” says study author Dr. 99% had CTE.

your office. in 1915. Black unemployment is at a record low. It will be the internet platform for this fund-raising and other activities. That is where we as a country are really struggling. litgitte bardot (@MimieZaforas) June 8, Allies like Ram Vilas Paswan and Nitish Kumar have voiced their concern that the BJP leadership should take their concerns into account. highland variety to a meatier, presidential election.mccluskey@timeinc.

20, unfortunately doesn’t get a lot of focus, but it is never an excuse for assault. In many cases, “you do not want me to go down this path. “A big uproar, “Ai Weiwei takes us beyond the gangster years into something that’s not only part of our history but part of our present."Respected cops don’t get challenged, right now, We also united around four goals: The discussion that followed was the harder part.

plain and simple, Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamie. 6, NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/EPA The highest point on Mount Sharp is visible from the Curiosity rover on Aug. read more