As Ebola continues to spread quickly throughout West Africa, including Liberia, Liberian Canadians are raising money and awareness to help their families back home.Key Action Network held a ‘Stop Ebola’ march in Hamilton on Saturday.About 75 people took part in the march to stop the spread of Ebola in Liberia.The group is working to raise awareness about the toll Ebola is taking on the country of Liberia.According to the World Health Organization more than 4,500 people in West Africa have died from Ebola, almost half of those are from Liberia.Canada has pledged millions in aid but the Canadian ambassador to Liberia says we could do more.At least one local company has stepped up to the plate.Some of those much needed medical supplies were just donated by Marchese Health Care in Hamilton.But even if Ebola can be contained in Liberia, its effects on the country’s infrastructure could last for years.The ambassador also says millions of kids aren’t going to school and don’t know when they will be going back.Canada announced it would be shipping 800 vials of an Ebola vaccine to the WHO beginning on Monday.

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Rabat – The FIFA Club World Cup Semi Final clash between Real Madrid and Cruz Azul in Marrakech was marked by the presence of thousands of Moroccan football fans who enthusiastically supported the Spanish giants.The game was attended by almost 34,862 football fans. They created a unique atmosphere, making the Los Blancos feel as if they were playing in the Santiago Bernabeu and not in the Grand stadium of Marrakech.In addition to supporting Real Madrid, the Moroccan fans seized the opportunity to attack Sports Minister Mohammed Ouzzine following the Rabat Stadium scandal, calling him a ‘thief’. The Moroccan fans also attacked the Royal Moroccan Football Federation and its members, including its president Faouzi Lakjaa, also calling them thieves.Due to heavy rain in Rabat, pools of water appeared on the field, which created significant problems for the players at Saturday’s game between Cruz Azul and the Western Sydney Wanderers.Due to the poor condition of Complexe Sportif Prince Moulay Abdellah in Rabat, FIFA announced that the Club World Cup Semifinal between Cruz Azul and Real Madrid, scheduled to take place in Rabat, has been moved to the Grand Stadium in Marrakech.

Rabat – A new collaboration between the American National Basketball Association (NBA) and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has resulted in the creation of the Basketball Africa League.The NBA announced the launching of the new Basketball Africa League on Saturday, February 16.The Basketball Africa League will start in January 2020, with teams competing from nine countries: Angola, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia. The countries will hold qualification tournaments later this year to determine the teams that will play in the African pro league.Pepsi and Nike’s Jordan brand have reportedly expressed their interest in being part of the Africa league.NBA commissioner Adam Silver highlighted the importance of basketball in Africa.“The Basketball Africa League is an important next step in our continued development of the game of basketball in Africa,” said Silver. “Combined with our other programs on the continent, we are committed to using basketball as an economic engine to create new opportunities in sports, media and technology across Africa,” added Silver. Several NBA players of African origin have welcomed the NBA’s expansion into Africa.However, the African pro league will only have 12 clubs competing that will be determined in the qualification matches later this year.

2 November 2009The head of the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) has pledged that his agency will help Somalia repress piracy off its coast and in the Gulf of Aden, including through assisting in the creation of a national coast guard. The head of the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) has pledged that his agency will help Somalia repress piracy off its coast and in the Gulf of Aden, including through assisting in the creation of a national coast guard.IMO Secretary-General Efthimios Mitropoulos discussed the issue with the Prime Minister of Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG), Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke, during their meeting last week in London, where the agency is based.The past year has witnessed an upsurge in piracy off the coast of the Horn of Africa nation, which has been riven by factional fighting and had not had a functioning central government since the overthrow of Siad Barre in 1991.In January, Indian Ocean and Red Sea countries pledged to cooperate in seizing, investigating and prosecuting pirates off the Somali coast in a stepped-up campaign to curb a scourge that has wrought havoc with international shipping, including UN delivery of emergency food aid.The code of conduct, signed in Djibouti, calls for shared operations, such as nominating law enforcement or other authorized officials to embark in the patrol ships or aircraft of another signatory. Mr. Mitropoulos emphasized the importance of putting the code of conduct – of which Somalia is a signatory – into effect.The Prime Minister said that piracy off his country’s coast needed to be tackled from the land side as well as from the sea, and requested help to halt attacks from the two main piracy networks (one in the central region of Somalia and one in Puntland) through the establishment of information-sharing centres.He also stated that the country is reviewing its national legislation to ensure that pirates are prosecuted within Somalia, and requested the IMO’s help in this regard.Mr. Mitropoulos said that the IMO, in cooperation with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), will provide the requested assistance. In addition, it will, through its technical cooperation programme and assistance from Member States, help Somalia to establish a national coast guard.

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