United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today rallied national leaders attending the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, with an urgent plea for action to preserve the global environment.Illustrating the pressing nature of the problems at hand, the Secretary-General pointed out that the very region where the meeting is being held faces the looming peril of widespread hunger. “Not far from this conference room, in Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe, 13 million people are threatened with famine,” he pointed out. “If any reminder were needed of what happens when we fail to plan for and protect the long-term future of our planet, it can be heard in the cries for help from those 13 million souls.”The Secretary-General called on his audience, which included numerous heads of State and government from across the world, to take responsibility for all people, “especially the poor, the vulnerable, and the oppressed, as fellow members of a single human family.” While pointing to the natural beauty, spiritual sustenance and material bounty provided by the environment, Mr. Annan cautioned against complacency. “Let us not be deceived, when looking at a clear blue sky, into thinking that all is well — all is not well,” he said, calling attention to such problems as climate change, desertification and pollution.Urging political courage, the Secretary-General said participants must face “an uncomfortable truth: the model of development we are accustomed to has been fruitful for the few, but flawed for the many.”Noting that governments could not meet environmental challenges alone, he said civil society groups have a critical role “as partners, advocates and watchdogs.” In addition, commercial enterprises must play their part in achieving sustainable development. “We are not asking corporations to do something different from their normal business; we are asking them to do their normal business differently,” he said.Sounding a theme he has been repeating since well before the Summit opened last week, Mr. Annan called for concrete action in five areas — water, energy, health, agriculture and biodiversity.”The world today needs to usher in a season of transformation, a season of stewardship,” he said. “Let it be a season in which we make a long overdue investment in the survival and security of future generations.”

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first_imgOTTAWA — Elections Canada says it will decide on a case-by-case basis whether discussing the legitimacy of climate change becomes a partisan issue for third parties during the federal campaign, and only if it receives complaints.Environment groups say they feel muzzled from speaking out about the urgency of climate change after the federal elections agency warned earlier this summer that doing so could be considered partisan.The Canada Elections Act could consider advertising partisan if it opposes or supports a policy positions of any party or candidate, even without naming them.If the advertising exceeds $500, third parties would have to register with Elections Canada, raising fears among some environmental charities that the Canada Revenue Agency could also decide they are partisan and put their tax status in jeopardy.In the case of climate change, People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier has taken a position that climate change is not an emergency nor caused by humans, which could potentially makes any argument saying differently a partisan statement under the law. Clean Energy Canada has already restricted some of its responses to party positions to avoid running afoul of the law, while Greenpeace Canada is planning to cease all advertising on climate change during the writ period.An Elections Canada spokeswoman says the rules around advertising for third parties are not new, but concedes the concerns about climate change may be coming up only now because the environment is poised to play a bigger role in the campaign, which is expected to get underway early next month.The Canadian Presslast_img

first_imgBob Evans Farms, Inc., is proud to announce its commitment to support America’s active duty, veterans, and their families with the launch of its “Our Farm Salutes” campaign.Bob Evans Farms Goes PurpleAs part of the program, Bob Evans Farms has painted its iconic barn purple, a color that represents every branch of service, and is donating $200,000 as well as thousands of meals to support the Gary Sinise Foundation’s (GSF) Serving Heroes program, an initiative that provides meals to active duty, veterans, and their families as a way of showing gratitude for their service and sacrifice.“Supporting the men and women that serve our country has always been a part of the culture at Bob Evans Farms, and we could not be more excited to further our commitment of showing gratitude by encouraging others to join us as we salute all of those that unselfishly serve us,” said Bob Evans Farms, Inc. President and CEO Saed Mohseni. “In painting the Bob Evans barn purple and partnering with the Gary Sinise Foundation in support of their Serving Heroes program, we are making it known that ‘Our Farm Salutes’ all of America’s active duty, veterans, and their families.”As part of the “Our Farms Salutes” campaign, Bob Evans Farms is urging all Americans to join them in going purple this summer to show gratitude to those that serve. By visiting OurFarmSalutes.com, the public can share a message of support or make a donation to help support the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Serving Heroes program.Throughout 2016, in partnership with the Gary Sinise Foundation and its Serving Heroes program, Bob Evans Farms, Inc. will serve over 6,000 meals to military heroes and their families at military bases, USO centers and VAs across the country at Serving Heroes events.In addition, Bob Evans will share a series of broadcast television and radio public service announcements featuring Gary Sinise in support of the Foundation’s Serving Heroes program.Designed by ‘The Barn Artist,’ Scott Hagan and Columbus artist David Browning, the newly painted Bob Evans barn features a mural honoring current and past members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and the Merchant Marines. The painting took a total of 11 days, 176 man-hours and 30 gallons of paint to complete and will remain on the building through Veteran’s Day.“A hearty meal and time spent with family around a dinner table is often the thing service members miss most during tours of duty,” said Gary Sinise, founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation. “The generous contribution made by Bob Evans Farms to our Serving Heroes program will help us to feed our nation’s service men and women and their families, in mind, body and soul; and the painted purple barn stands as a beacon of honor to those who protect our freedoms.”For more information on the “Our Farm Salutes” campaign, look for the purple packaging on Bob Evans packaged foods products in your local grocery store, or please visit www.OurFarmSalutes.com.last_img

OTTAWA — Canada’s national unemployment rate was 5.8 per cent in March. Here are the jobless rates last month by province (numbers from the previous month in brackets):— Newfoundland and Labrador 11.5 per cent (11.8)— Prince Edward Island 8.9 (10.3)— Nova Scotia 6.2 (6.4)— New Brunswick 7.9 (8.5)— Quebec 5.2 (5.3)— Ontario 5.9 (5.7)— Manitoba 5.0 (5.3)— Saskatchewan 4.9 (5.8)— Alberta 6.9 (7.3)— British Columbia 4.7 (4.5)The Canadian Press

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