MPs have heard how disabled campaigners were abuse

first_imgMPs have heard how disabled campaigners were abused and threatened, while one was even reported to the police, after taking legal actions against service-providers for disability discrimination.Esther Leighton and Doug Paulley (pictured) were praised by MPs for their campaigning work, after giving evidence yesterday (Wednesday) as part of an inquiry by the Commons women and equalities committee into enforcement of the Equality Act 2010.The committee is particularly looking at the enforcement role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which was criticised by both Leighton and Paulley in their evidence.Leighton told the committee how the defendant in one case was so outraged by a legal letter she had sent him that he reported her to the police, which interviewed her under caution for alleged blackmail, which has a maximum prison term of 14 years.She was subsequently advised by a police officer “not to write upsetting letters to businesses”.Paulley told the MPs of the abuse and even death threats he had received after taking legal actions following discrimination, and he criticised the EHRC for failing to provide support after his high-profile Supreme Court victory over First Bus on access to the wheelchair space in buses.He said he had at times needed support from mental health crisis teams “as a result of the unpleasant treatment and threats” he had received after taking legal cases.Disability News Service reported last year how City of London Police was forced to launch a major review after refusing to treat online attacks against Paulley as disability hate crimes following the January 2017 First Bus ruling.Leighton, a wheelchair-user, said she had taken a series of disability discrimination cases against Caffé Nero over access failings in individual branches, but on each occasion the company settled the case without introducing changes across the chain.She told the committee that she was “outraged” that disabled people were still having to fight to secure access improvements, and told the MPs that she had visited a branch of Caffé Nero that morning that had still not bought a ramp she had asked them to provide two months ago.She said such examples of repeated discrimination were “upsetting cumulatively” and “horrible in the way that they pick away at your ability to be a full member of society”.But she said EHRC did not fund such individual cases, and there was no possibility of securing legal support from solicitors through a “no win no fee” arrangement, so they usually had to be taken on by individual disabled people as “litigants in person”.Leighton said she wanted there to be a way to negotiate binding agreements with service-providers like Caffé Nero so that “they don’t pay me off every time and we never end up in court” and instead “they do something about every Caffé Nero in the country and prove to me that they’ve done it and then I’ll go away.“I would like that to be public so other coffee chains can see that that was really important.”She said that was the sort of action the EHRC should be taking.Paulley said he believed there was a “very substantial difference” between the EHRC and the former Disability Rights Commission (DRC), which merged with other equality bodies to form the EHRC in 2007.He said: “I felt the DRC were much more proactive, approachable and useful than the EHRC has turned out to be.”Although EHRC funded and supported his First Bus case, he said they “lost their mojo” after the merger and “do not seem to be anywhere near as proactive” or supportive of disabled people.Both Paulley and Leighton called for more high street access legal cases to be taken.Paulley said: “You just have to walk down the high street to see instances of discrimination all the time.“There are so many places that I can’t get in.“It’s because there aren’t enough cases being taken that service-providers are either not aware of their obligations [or believe that there is not] any significant chance that they are going to be taken to task for them.“So what we need is a lot more cases being brought.”He added: “It doesn’t work as an enforcement system and the evidence of that is that so many providers ignore their obligations with impunity, or [do not even know] what their obligations are.”At the end of the evidence session, three members of the committee, the Tory chair Maria Miller – a former minister for disabled people – and the Labour members Jess Phillips and Sarah Champion, praised the duo, with Champion describing their campaigning work as “very impressive”, and Miller adding: “On behalf of the whole committee I’d like to thank you for all the work that you do… we are immensely grateful.” A note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS…last_img read more

A note from the editor Please consider making a v

first_imgA note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS… The largest single archive of material detailing the birth, growth and impact of the disabled people’s movement in the UK over the last half-century will be launched in Manchester next week.The GMCDP Archive consists of about 160 boxes of documents, books, photographs, posters, badges, magazines, newspaper cuttings, postcards, reports and even tee-shirts, some dating back to the late 1960s.The project began 14 years ago when Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) conducted a feasibility study on setting up a national archive of documents and artefacts connected with the disabled people’s movement.This led to “spontaneous” donations of material, both by disabled people and disabled people’s organisations (DPOs), a flow of items which continues today.That material has now found a home in Archives+, a purpose-built centre for archives and family history set within Manchester Central Library.Most of it will gradually become open to the public, although permission from GMCDP will be needed to view some of the papers, while a few will remain confidential.An archive of material from the Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation (UPIAS) – which played a hugely-significant role in the birth of the movement – will also be deposited with Archives+, alongside the GMCDP archive.GMCDP said the UPIAS archive would be deposited due to the hard work and dedication of Tony Baldwinson, a long-time ally of the disabled people’s movement and husband of the late Lorraine Gradwell, a GMCDP co-founder.As well as offering a permanent home for the artefacts, Archives+ has provided support with cataloguing and preserving the archive, working alongside Linda Marsh, GMCDP’s archive development worker.But only a small part of the archive has been catalogued, and GMCDP is hoping to secure funding for further work.Archives+ has estimated it will take a full-time worker 18 months to catalogue the entire archive.Marsh said they had only “scratched the surface” of what was in the archive, with about 20 of 160 boxes of material summarised so far.She said: “Even if it’s with unpaid volunteers, it will continue. The commitment is within GMCDP and Archives+ to push this forward.”Part of the reason for the launch is to highlight the importance of archiving important material about the movement.Marsh said: “It’s just making people aware that we need to preserve this history.“It’s so important. Every time somebody dies, we lose what’s in their head.“And quite often we lose the artefacts that they had as well. It’s not just papers, it’s the badges, tee-shirts, postcards, books. Anything that shows our history is really important.”She added: “It’s important because, as disabled people, we have made such a significant impact on society in the last 30 years.“We recognise it ourselves in the movement, but it’s not as recognised in the mainstream as some other aspects of social change.“It’s just so important to preserve this for our own knowledge and our ability to see our own identity and where we have come from, particularly for disabled people in the future.”She said the documents she has been most excited to uncover were hand-written planning notes for a rally in Manchester of the Disability Benefits Consortium in 1991 (pictured), along with the parking permit for the van that was carrying the stage for the event.She said: “It’s all well and good having photographs and postcards, they look really good, but what the archive has is the background detail.”If there is one document she would like to find, it is something from a black disabled people’s organisation called Spectrum that she remembers from the 1990s.She said: “There is such a lack of DPOs now that are specifically for black and minority ethnic people, it would be a shame if the knowledge of what went before was to go.”Marsh is keen for disabled people and DPOs to donate or loan more material from the archive to GMCDP, or to identify an archive in their local area.And she issued a plea to DPOs to look after their archive material and not throw it away.She said: “Whatever your organisation is doing, whether it’s a protest or a letter to your MP or organising a lobby of MPs, don’t throw anything away.“If you’re storing it electronically, store it in at least two places, preferably three. Don’t think that things aren’t worth keeping.”The launch on Wednesday (19 June) will include speeches from Judy Hunt, wife of the late Paul Hunt, UPIAS co-founder in the early 1970s; Martin Pagel, a GMCDP co-founder and former deputy leader of Manchester City Council; and Deaf actor and activist Ali Briggs, best-known for playing Freda in Coronation Street.For more details of the launch, visit GMCDP’s website.last_img read more

How Will You Encourage SF Residents to Vote

first_img Tags: election 2016 Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% It is 43 weeks before the November elections, but already four people have declared as candidates for the District 9 supervisor’s race. Mission Local will be covering the race closely and as part of that effort we are starting 43 Questions, a once-a-week question for the candidates to answer in 100 words or less (they can link to longer proposals).We’re kicking it off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day because King was instrumental in passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, a right to vote that is once again being threatened in the south and elsewhere. Here in San Francisco, however, it is our laziness or apathy that translates into low turnout and engagement. We hope to help remedy that with this column, our coverage, and reminders to vote. If you have recently moved or have not yet registered to vote, here is the page you will need to update your registration or to register for the first time.If you have questions to ask the candidates, please send them to Subject line: One Question. Question 1 Democracy depends on engagement and voter turnout is notoriously low — in the last supervisor’s race, just 45 percent of the voters came out to the polls. What do you intend to do to encourage more residents to vote?Hillary RonenChief of Staff for incumbent District 9 Supervisor David CamposTuesday voting can be difficult for working families; vote-by-mail and early voting programs increase voter turnout and should be expanded. But more importantly, voters stay home on Election Day when they feel like their vote won’t matter. When they feel like candidates are part of the problem, give the same pat answers, and won’t take action to affect real change. With an affordability and homeless crisis that has been largely ignored by the current Mayoral administration, District 9 voters deserve candidates who have an actual plan to address these issues and the experience to carry out that plan in office.Joshua ArceCivil Rights Attorney, Laborers Local 261 Community LiaisonAs a longtime resident of District 9, I know many people feel alienated by the political process and have become skeptical of candidates. They hear the promises but often do not see the follow-through.However, I see voters get excited when they learn of my experience building hundreds of units of affordable housing in the Mission at this very moment. They engage because I have the track record our next Supervisor will need to build the thousands of units we need to bring us out of our affordability crisis.Reducing cynicism and increasing hope will increase turnout.Iswari EspañaTraining Officer with the City and County of San Francisco for Human Services AgencyWe are reaching out to people who are simply fed up with politics and poor representation by the local administration and City Hall. Therefore, our strategy is to provide a voice, an outlet and a choice. We will share that our campaign is not politically driven; we want to show that we are a break from traditional politics. We want folks to understand that apathy will result in having City Hall and other districts dictating local policy, and that voting is the best way to send a clear and direct message to politicians.Edwin Lindo Vice-president of external affairs at the Latino Democratic ClubNo answer by press time.Update: Read Lindo’s response here. center_img 0%last_img read more

Lawyers Wrangle Over Taser Evidence in Nieto Trial

first_img 0% Bryan Chiles, a technician with the stun gun company, testified that timestamps indicating when the taser was fired matched the time of the incident — once adjusted by four and a half minutes to account for “clock drift,” the tendency of clocks to speed up or slow down from “actual time.”The Nieto family’s attorney implied that Chiles manipulated time data on Nieto’s taser to protect a contentious $2.4 million deal between the city and Taser International, which is slated to provide body cameras to the police.“You do know that Taser is in line to make a multi-million dollar contract with the City and County of San Francisco, correct?” asked Adante Pointer, who is representing Nieto’s parents for the Law Offices of John Burris, a well-known civil rights firm. The suggestion drew murmurs and jeers from observers in the court.Margaret Baumgartner, a deputy city attorney representing the four officers involved, objected, saying the question was outside the scope of Chiles’s expertise. Pointer was forced to rephrase the question twice before Chiles said he knew nothing of the contract.The District Attorney’s Office announced in February 2015 that it would not bring criminal charges against the officers, in part because data from Taser International indicating Nieto had fired his device at the time of the incident.The normal drift for Nieto’s particular taser model was not known when Taser International began its analysis, Chiles testified. “It bothered me that I could not calculate clock drift [for this model],” he said. “I study clock drift every day and with the M26 [taser], I can’t.”After receiving Nieto’s taser, Chiles studied ten tasers similar to it and figured out the average drift time per day, he said. He then used that data to calculate the total drift on the day of the shooting: 4 minutes and 29 seconds. That correction matched the three trigger-pulls to within seconds of the shooting, according to police radio traffic from that day.Pointer attacked Chiles’s study, saying that it is unpublished, has not been peer-reviewed, and made use of a small sample size.Pointer also showed pictures of Nieto’s taser immediately after the shooting in which the safety switch of the stun gun is on — which would have stopped it from firing.Outside the courthouse Monday, Baumgartner admitted “we don’t actually know the specific reason” for the safety being on, but said it could have occurred when an officer kicked it out of Nieto’s hand, or that Nieto himself could have switched it after he was shot.“I’ll just tell you that the scene doesn’t appear to be consistent with what the officers have stated,” Pointer said outside the courtroom.Pointer introduced a witness last week who testified that Nieto had his hands pocketed when officers opened fire. Baumgartner attacked that witness’s credibility last Thursday, and the witness admitted to drinking heavily and having trouble with his memory. On Monday, Craig Fries, a three-dimensional modeling expert paid by the city to render recreations of the shooting, denied the possibility that Nieto’s hands were pocketed during the shooting.“The physical evidence would suggest that his hands were not in his pockets at the time,” Fries said. For Nieto to have sustained the wrist wound he did while his hands were in his pockets, Fries testified, the shooter would have had to have been right next to Nieto.“The preponderance of [the evidence] shows that the officers’ stated locations matches the location testified to by the officers” 30 yards away from Nieto, Fries added.Elvira Nieto, Alex Nieto’s mother, took the stand last. She was shown pictures of Nieto posing with politicians — like Bill Clinton and Tom Ammiano — from his days working on campaigns and said she was proud of her son for that work. She has trouble believing he is dead, she said through an interpreter.“Even now I cannot believe it, my heart is not accepting it, that he is not here with me anymore,” she said, before leaving the stand and embracing her husband.The trial is set to continue tomorrow with further examination of Nieto’s mother and testimony from expert witnesses for the defense. Closing arguments are likely to come Wednesday, after which the eight-person jury will have to reach a verdict. See Mission Local’s full coverage of the Alex Nieto shooting here.Attorneys for the parents of Alex Nieto fought hard on Monday to cast doubt on the testimony of an expert witness from Taser International who told the court that Nieto pulled the trigger on his taser three times around the moment he was shot and killed by four San Francisco police officers.Nieto carried a taser for his work as a security guard, and officers testified last week that they fired only after Nieto drew and aimed his taser at them on March 21, 2014 in Bernal Heights Park. Officers testified that they mistook the black taser for a pistol and fired in self-defense. The four officers involved are now facing a civil suit from Nieto’s family, who seek unspecified damages for the alleged wrongful death of their son and civil rights violations. center_img Tags: alex nieto Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

ST HELENS hooker Scott Moore has been suspended fo

first_imgST HELENS hooker Scott Moore has been suspended for one match after being found guilty of making dangerous contact on Leeds Rhinos player Kevin Sinfield in the 74 minute of the sides Engage Super League fixture on Saturday.Moore, who pleaded not guilty to the Grade B offence for placing undue pressure on the knee and ankle joint of his opponent, causing unacceptable risk of injury, was also fined £300 after the RFL Disciplinary Committee ruled he had behaved in a manner contrary to the spirit of the game.Saints will appeal the decision.last_img read more

SAINTS secured third place in the Engage Super Lea

first_imgSAINTS secured third place in the Engage Super League with a relatively comfortable 31-6 win over Salford City Reds.An unexpectantly rough and tough first half saw Saints leading 13-6 thanks to tries from Sia Soliola and Tommy Makinson.James Graham had a blatant score ruled out – and was sinbinned for his protestations – and less than 60 seconds later Ray Cashmire went the same way after he floored James Roby.Salford were good value for their early lead as Danny Williams cut inside to send the Reds delirious. But Saints took hold of the match and deserved their slender advantage at the break.In the second half, Francis Meli and Matty Ashurst increased the advantage before Lee Gaskell’s kick return sealed it in the final stages.Saints welcomed back Tommy Makinson and James Graham but were missing Jon Wilkin through suspension. Scott Hale came off the bench for only his third appearance in the Red Vee.James Roby made his 30th appearance of the season – the Club’s only ever present.Salford began brightly and were rewarded when Danny Williams finished off a quick handling move to plunge over in the corner.Daniel Holdsworth capping a return to the Reds with a fantastic conversion off the touchline.Saints thought they’d hit back when Paul Wellens was held up then James Graham touched down – but were denied twice by Phil Bentham; Graham sinbinned for protesting.Moments later Ray Cashmire was given 10 for smashing James Roby – and Saints punished the indiscretion with Sia Soliola notching his fifth of the season.Francis Meli burst down the left after Paul Clough’s excellent offload – only for the ball to be knocked out of Saints’ possession moments later.But with another set of six the home side were always in control and as the ball went right, Tommy Makinson squeezed over in the corner with three on him.Saints threatened with a switch-kick on 35 minutes – forcing their second drop out of the first 40 – and almost profited again but Jamie Foster’s score was pulled back for obstruction.But right on the hooter – and a reward for Saints’ tenacity – Jonny Lomax cracked over a drop goal on an angle to give his side a 13-6 lead.Francis Meli extended Saints’ advantage in bizarre circumstances. On the last Saints kept the ball alive and put in what looked to be an innocuous kick to the corner.But Stefan Ratchford decided to let Sia Soliola pick up the ball when it was a foot in front of him and from there the ball went right, Meli picked it up and scored. What made the decision even harder to bear for Salford was that Scott Moore looked to have knocked on a couple of plays before!Anyway, it counted and Foster added the conversion.Seconds later, Matty Ashurst went through a massive gap to notch Saints fourth of the game and his fourth of the season.The try killed off any hopes Salford had of getting back into the match and Saints were always comfortable heading into the final stages; Lee Gaskell returning a Salford chip through in the final stages.That led to plenty of dropped ball and missed chances from both sides – but secured Saints third place in the league.Match Summary:Saints:Tries: Soliola, Makinson, Meli, Ashurst, GaskellGoals: Foster (5 from 5)Drop: LomaxSalford:Tries: WilliamsGoals: Holdsworth (1 from 1)Penalties:Saints: 15Salford: 6HT: 13-6FT: 31-6REF: Phil BenthamATT: 7377Teams:Saints:1. Paul Wellens; 28. Tom Makinson, 3. Michael Shenton, 5. Francis Meli, 22. Jamie Foster; 6. Leon Pryce, 20. Jonny Lomax; 10. James Graham, 9. James Roby, 15. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 4. Sia Soliola, 19. Andrew Dixon, 14. Scott Moore.Subs: 16. Paul Clough, 18. Matty Ashurst, 25. Lee Gaskell, 29. Scott Hale.Salford:1. Luke Patten; 2. Jodie Broughton, 5. Ashley Gibson, 20. Sean Gleeson, 30. Danny Williams; 6. Stefan Ratchford, 7. Daniel Holdsworth; 8. Ray Cashmere, 14. Matty Smith, 19. Ryan Boyle, 3. Mark Henry, 11. Vinnie Anderson, 13. Stephen Wild.Subs: 9. Wayne Godwin, 10. Lee Jewitt, 15. Luke Adamson, 17. Iafeta Paleaaesina.last_img read more

SAINTS U19s got back on the horse so to speak th

first_imgSAINTS U19s got back on the horse, so to speak, thanks in large to a dominant opening forty minutes, writes Graham Henthorne.Despite falling behind to a Wildcats try in the third minute the Saints took control scoring four of their own to open up an unassailable lead at the break and eventually win 34-10.The tide turned for the Saints when Alex Clare took a Wildcats kick through on the full racing 50 metres before being caught. Two tackles later and the ball was sailing into touch but the Saints were on the front foot.A big hit on the first tackle from the scrum saw possession in the hands of the Saints again allowing Dom Speakman to put Greg Richards in untouched for the opening Saints score.The second try came courtesy of make-shift full back Dan Abram who is beginning to look more assured in the position. Jack Ashworth took a wide pass but despite being caught almost immediately he managed to pass the ball around the tackler finding Abram in support. The little full back showed his half back skills as he dummied outside to his winger before diving over.The golden spell continued as straight from the kick off the forwards again marched imperiously down the middle to put the Saints on the attack. Tommy Holland, James Tilley and Richards all carried well allowing Speakman to jump down the short side. His pass found Abram whose pace took him clear to his opposite number before he put Ben Parry in at the corner. Lewis Charnock’s third goal from as many attempts gave the Saints a point a minute haul.The Wildcats took advantage of some ill discipline and reorganisation due to injury from the Saints to claw their way back into it meaning that it was after the half hour before the Saints put the game safe. The visitors knocked on in their own 10 metre area and the Saints exacted full retribution as Matty Fozard put the ever impressive Luke Thompson in for a try.True to form the Wildcats had a bit of a rollicking at the break and came out a different outfit again scoring first in the half courtesy of yet another missed tackle from the Saints.A great grubber on the last from standoff Speakman bounced beautifully for Mark Percival to pluck it out of the air to score close to the sticks to restore the lead.On the hour Abram again showed his class as he jinked through the line putting Percival in at the corner for his second.The game deteriorated into a scrappy affair punctuated by too many penalties against the Saints allowing the visitors to spend long periods on the attack.There was still time for Percival to show how to absolutely bomb a try as he came on the arc from a scrum on the Wildcats 30. With the line at his mercy and no-one within cooey he chipped over for his winger who, needless to say, was able to take the ball in.After the previous two weeks displays a wins a win but in reality this was a disjointed performance.Best for the Saints was again the barnstorming Luke Thompson, but he was ably supported by Richards, Holland and a blossoming Abram.Match Summary:Saints U19s:Tries: Danny Abram, Ben Parry, Mark Percival 2, Greg Richards, Luke Thompson.Goals: Lewis Charnock 3, Mark Percival 2.Wakefield U19s:Tries: Sam Doherty, Tom Rogers.Goals: Louis Nicholls.Half Time: 24-4Full Time: 34-10Teams:Saints1. Danny Abram; 5. Ben Parry, 3. Mark Percival, 4. Jack Ashworth, 2. Lewis Galbraith; 6. Lewis Charnock, 7. Dave Hewitt; 8. Greg Richards, 9. Dom Speakman, 10. Tommy Holland, 11. Luke Thompson, 12. Alex Clare, 13. James Tilley.Subs: 14.Matty Fozard, 15. Matt Wood, 17. Connor Dwyer, 21. Adam Hesketh.Wakefield:1. Curtis McDonald; 2. Tom Johnstone, 3. Sam Doherty, 4. Tom Rogers, 5. Jamahl Hunt; 6. Louis Nicholls, 7. Josh Kittrick; 17. Ben Shulver, 9. Josh Murphy, 10. Reece Trout, 11. Jack Walton, 12. Jack Anderson, 13. Corbyn Kilday.Subs: 8. James Healy, 14. Danny Maskill, 15. Jack Teanby, 16. Luke Metcalfe.last_img read more

As one of the busiest retail weekends of the year

first_imgAs one of the busiest retail weekends of the year begins, we have some fantastic offers for you in our Black Friday Online Sale!There’s up to 50% off, whilst stocks last!Click here to view our offers – and more will be added during today!We also have a Cyber Monday offer that begins Monday November 27 – with FREE DELIVERY on all online orders.Terms and conditions apply, discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.last_img

Club St Helens Women

first_img*Story updated 10/05/19The Second Round draw for the Coral Women’s Challenge Cup, which included the eight Women’s Super League clubs plus the eight winners of this weekend’s First-Round ties, was held at the clubhouse of the Featherstone Lions and Lionesses this evening [Sunday] and conducted by RFL Vice-President Pat Crawshaw and former RFL President Kath Hetherington – in a double header of draws which also included the Second Round of the new 1895 Cup for Championship and League One clubs.Leeds Rhinos will launch their defence of the Coral Women’s Challenge Cup with an away tie at Women’s Super League rivals York City Knights – while Wigan Warriors, have also been drawn away, in an intriguing tie against the British Army.The biggest cheers came when Featherstone Rovers were drawn away at Castleford Tigers in a classic local derby, while the women’s teams of Wakefield Trinity and Widnes Vikings will face each other in the Second Round of the Coral Women’s Challenge Cup two weeks after their men’s teams square off in this Friday’s Coral Challenge Cup Sixth-Round tie at Belle Vue.Both Forces teams were rewarded for First-Round wins with home ties, as the Royal Air Force will also face WSL opposition in the Bradford Bulls.In addition to its first-ever title sponsorship from Coral, the Women’s Challenge Cup will achieve another first this season with the final to be played in a triple header also including the semi-finals of the men’s Coral Challenge Cup, scheduled for the University of Bolton Stadium on Saturday July 27.Coral Women’s Challenge Cup, Second Round: Keighley Albion v Halifax, Barrow v Warrington Wolves, RAF v Bradford Bulls, British Army v Wigan Warriors, Castleford Tigers v Featherstone Rovers, Stanningley v St Helens, York City Knights v Leeds Rhinos, Wakefield Trinity v Widnes Vikings.Tickets for Saints first team Coral Challenge Cup Round Six clash with the Huddersfield Giants at the John Smith’s Stadium on Sunday are now on sale from just £10 for adults. Click here for more information.last_img read more

Local NWS office public react to Tsunami Warning false alarm

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It was a warning no one living along the coast ever wants to hear.Many Americans got an alert Tuesday morning, warning of a tsunami. Turns out, it was only a test.- Advertisement – “I was gonna run down to the beach and see if I saw a wave or something or the wave getting sucked out,” said Russ Mathie, who received the alert on his phone.A rude awakening Monday morning as many Americans along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts received a message on their phones, notifying them of a possible tsunami threat. But it was a false alarm.The confusion comes on the heels of another false alarm in Hawaii. But Mathie says he won’t look at the government as the boy who cried wolf.Related Article: March 28 marks anniversary of deadly 1984 NC tornado outbreak“People make mistakes. What happened in Hawaii was really unfortunate. I wouldn’t want to be ducking for cover with ballistic missiles falling on my head. Technology’s great when it works, but sometimes it doesn’t,” said Mathie.AccuWeather was one of the outlets that pushed an alert to subscribers. The company said in a statement the National Weather Service miscoded a test message as an actual warning, so AccuWeather’s automated system sent out the alert.National Weather Service Wilmington’s Steve Pfaff says it was a busy morning trying to get the right message out to the public.“We know the message needs to be unified with a hurricane, with a tornado. Media partners, emergency managers, the Weather Service, we all work hand in hand to make sure that message is clear, it’s accurate, and it’s timely,” said Pfaff, the office’s Warning Coordination Meteorologist.National Weather Service offices, including Wilmington’s, sent out tweets clarifying that there was no threat shortly after the initial alerts.“We want people to rely on not just the Weather Service and the federal government side of it, but also the many private meteorological services that are out there. We all work together for public safety,” said Pfaff.The National Weather Service is refuting AccuWeather’s claims that the message was coded incorrectly. A spokeswoman said the service is “working with private sector companies to determine why some systems did not recognize the coding.”The incorrect alert was not pushed out via the WWAY StormTrack3 weather app, which is available for iPhone and Android.last_img read more

What was that Loud boom causes commotion around Cape Fear

first_img We had a series of questions into our newsroom about the noise and want to assure everyone it is only training according to law enforcement.The sheriff’s office is conducting live explosive device disposal training at the Alvin J. Page Firing Range off of U.S. 421. They are doing this as a part of their Citizen’s Academy. New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office (Photo: NHSO) NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover and Brunswick County residents were startled this evening by a “loud boom” and now we know what caused it.You may have heard a loud noise between 7:45 and 8 p.m. and New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office tells WWAY it’s all for learning purposes.- Advertisement – last_img read more

LOTTERY FEVER Thousands hope to become the next millionaire

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Lottery fever is sweeping the nation with million dollar dreams. After both the Mega Millions and Powerball lottery produced no winners this week, Americans are still hoping for champagne wishes and caviar dreams.The Mega Millions Jackpot is up to more than $970 million. Gas stations and stores around town have been filled with people chancing their luck. Tickets are $2 each.- Advertisement – One woman bought five tickets and says that it is her lucky number. She says she already knows what she would spend her winnings on.“Paying off some bills, paying off things for my kids. Maybe giving them a little down payment for homes. You know, just good stuff. And giving to the needy,” says Kathy Grimaldi, who lives in Leland.Grimaldi says she has five people in her family, so she bought one ticket for each person.Related Article: Didn’t win Mega Millions? Powerball jackpot up to $620MOne employee says some people are spending more than $100 on tickets. Rick Tosches works at the Exxon in Leland and says tons of people have been lining up since this past weekend.“Ever since the weekend, we’ve been seeing a crazy amount of business. Usually we have a long line. Sometimes 10, 15, 20 people deep. And people aren’t just spending two our four dollars on the lottery. They’re spending $40 or $100,” said Tosches.The winner will be announced 11 p.m. Friday.last_img read more

Highway Patrol identifies 3yearold hit and killed at mobile home park

first_img The child was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center but did not survive.The accident happened just after 6:00 p.m. on Monday.Both the driver and the child lived at the Royal Palms Mobile Home Park on Carolina Beach Road.Related Article: Highway Patrol explains how car ended up in Rice CreekThe highway patrol said at this time no charges have been filed. Trooper A. M. Elson responded the the collision. It remains under investigation. 3 Year-Old hit and killed by car. (Photo: Jennifer Hewett) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The NC Highway Patrol has identified the driver and victim in a pedestrian accident that resulted in the death of a 3-year-old child at Royal Palms Mobile Home Park.According to a news release from First Sgt. Matthew King, Sulmy Arely Lopez was driving a 2014 Honda when she hit the child, Jessie Rubi Gomez Lopez, who had walked out from behind a parked vehicle at the mobile home park.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Watch Theft substance abuse and fights – Maltese youths most common crimes

first_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> The most common crimes committed by Maltese youths are theft, substance abuse and getting involved in fights, the Commissioner for Children Pauline Miceli said.Miceli was interviewed by Sylvana Debono for RTK 103FM, where they spoke about the dangers of crimes being committed by youths. This issue was raised after a series of knife crimes committed in different regions in England by teenagers.Miceli said that reports have shown that children of school age have already seen or experienced the use of drugs.‘Teachers often discuss the need for more security in schools’  The Commissioner for Children spoke as well about teachers discussing the need for more security in schools.Miceli said that she believes that peer pressure was a factor in the lack of respect being admitted towards teachers and educational staff. The same applies to foreign students, where some instances proved to show that some foreigners retaliate for being treated differently.The interview closed off with Miceli saying that there are methods on how to create a safer and more secure space in schools, emphasizing that the Malta Union for Teachers (MUT) and the government are working on solutions for this problem. Miceli also noted that the behaviour of adults towards students is highly effective and it should be the main tool on creating a more comfortable space for children to learn and study.WhatsApp SharePrintlast_img read more

Multiple car crash near Addolorata cemetery

first_img Luke Zerafa Luke Zerafa SharePrint <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> Luke Zerafa Luke Zerafacenter_img 1 of 5 WhatsApp Luke Zerafa Five cars were involved in a multi-car crash near the Addolorata cemetery. The police and ambulance services rushed to the place. The police told that no one was injured.The person who allegedly caused the car crash was very aggressive towards the journalists and photographers who were covering the accident.As result of the accident Vjal Santa Luċija was temporarily closed to traffic.Motorists have been advised to avoid the area until further notice.last_img read more

Pope to amateur athletes Have clear goals in life

first_img SharePrint Il-Papa jilqa’ l-atleti dilettanti tal-futbolIl-Papa jilqa’ l-atleti dilettanti tal-futbol The educational and formational work of the National Amateur League for Italian football “deserves to be appreciated and encouraged”, Pope Francis said to a group of representatives from Italy’s National Amateur League (Lega Nazionale Dilettanti), on the sixtieth anniversary of its foundation.The League counts over 12,000 amateur football clubs, with more than a million young members “united by a great passion for football”.No clear goalSpeaking to the group, Pope Francis noted that today’s world, “with its rapid changes and challenges” affects all of us, and especially young people. Although we are always running, it often seems like we have no clear goal. On the contrary, the Pope said, “We should always strive to clarify the goals that push us every day to lift ourselves up and to work hard, and to run always having a goal in sight”.To be successful in sport requires not only natural ability, the Pope said, but also “training and determination, great patience, the ability to accept defeat, team spirit and the ability to collaborate with others, as well as the capacity to be joyful and happy”.Pope Francis explained that the Italian word for amateur – “dilettante” – means “one who takes delight. “You amateurs must always remember, even if you one day become professionals, that joy is the soul of the game”, the Pope said.He warned that if the need to win, or contempt for their opponents makes them lose their joy, “it means you’ve stopped playing, and you’ve abandoned that healthy competitiveness” which is the most “authentic spirit” of sport.The joy of playing“So here is my exhortation for you”, Pope Francis said: “Preserve within you the joy of playing, and spread it to those who watch you or cheer for you”. He said how they play the game will be an example, either good or bad, for others.He encouraged them to embrace a spirit of solidarity, to reach out to those who have fallen or taken a foul; and not to look down at those who are not as good. This spirit of solidarity, the Pope said, means understanding that, in society, we can only win when we work together; and that if we allow those who are weak to stay on the sidelines, we all lose. This “mentality of solidarity”, Pope Francis said, will contribute to the “revolution of cultural change” for which we hope.Concluding with a word of encouragement for the young athletes, Pope Francis said, “Always be clear about your real goals in life. And may you always become better and better, more loyal, greater friends.”WhatsApp <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

10 Google Docs remedies to Microsoft Word 2013 headaches

first_imgAdvertisement Microsoft Office 2013 was released with a number of changes. These changes did not go well with some people who were used to older versions of Office. A few days back, Microsoft took on Google by claiming that Google docs isn’t worth a gamble. In this Article, we present 10 Google docs remedies to some of Microsoft office 2013’s headaches.1. Live Layout Falls ShortWord 2013, like other versions, has problems with image formatting. While Google Docs is no expert here – you have two options – format ‘in line with text’ or ‘fixed position’ – the process of inserting an image is extremely robust. – Advertisement – To insert an image into a Google Doc, simply select ‘Insert’ from the top navigation, then choose ‘Image.’ From here you have several options. You can upload images from your desktop or insert images directly from Google Drive. Google even allows you to search for images (through Google image search, LIFE or stock images) and insert those directly into your document. This cuts down on several steps like searching for an image in a browser, saving it to your desktop and then inserting it into your Word document.2. Autocorrect is Considered ‘Clutter’Word 2013 eliminated autocorrect from the spelling error context menu, which means when you have a typo, you can no longer right click on the typo and hit autocorrect to remedy the error.Luckily, autocorrect is extremely simple to find and use in Google Docs. If you make an error, simply right click on the misspelled word and select “Always correct to…” This will edit the misspelled word every time you type it in your Doc. You can also correct the misspelling just once or add a word (like a company name or someone’s last name) to your dictionary. Last March Google introduced context spellcheck, powered by the web. Google will actually make spelling suggestions based on the text surrounding the word in question. So the next time you forget how to use “effect” and “affect,” try using a Google Doc.3. The Dictionary is DeadFor the first time ever, Microsoft released Word 2013 without a dictionary. Since Google Docs are web based, connecting your writing to a dictionary is extremely easy. Google even introduced a research tool last year to make the dictionary experience more robust.To look up a word’s meaning in Docs, simply right click the word and select ‘Research.’ Google will pop up mini web results on the right hand side of your document including dictionary results.4. It’s Too Easy to Embarrass YourselfTracked changes in Word 2013 appear very faintly. According to PCMag, this causes some users to forget the tracked changes are there and send out the document with edits. While Google Apps doesn’t have tracked changes (avoiding the whole visible edits issue altogether), Docs possesses a powerful editing feature known as ‘Revision History.’If you’re collaborating on a document with a colleague, you can see exactly when and where changes by another user were made using revision history. Simply select ‘File’ then ‘See revision history.’A window will appear on the right side of your document displaying recent changes. You can select ‘Show more detailed revisions’ to view the entire edit history. Changes within the writing will appear in a user’s assigned color. If you want to share a completely clean copy, simply add a collaborator as ‘view only’ or ‘Make a copy’ of the document from the ‘File’ dropdown menu and share that out.Using revision history, you can restore passed versions of your document. So if you don’t like a collaborator’s edits, no worries. Simply select ‘Restore this version’ and voila, you’ve reverted your document.5. Compatibility Mode is ComplicatedCompatibility? This is simply something Google Docs users never have to worry about. Unlike Microsoft Word, which is installed on individual computers, Google Docs is web based and updates are pushed out automatically, meaning everyone is operating on the same system at all times.6. PDFs Break in WordAlthough you can supposedly edit PDFs in the newest version of Word, the feature is finicky and doesn’t work well across devices. But for PDFs, we say “who needs ‘em.” With public Google Docs, there’s never a reason to create a PDF. For the same effect, without forcing would be readers to download yet another file, create a publicly shared Google Doc. Just be sure to set access to ‘Can View.’ This will prohibit viewers from making any changes. And if readers really want a local copy, they can download the doc as a PDF themselves.7. The Cursor Lags Behind Your TypingApparently the cursor in Word 2013 lags behind as a user types, which can create a dizzying effect. This is probably just a strange problem associated with slow software and slow machines and Docs just doesn’t encounter this issue. If for some reason your internet connection is so slow you can’t get your Google Doc to load, you can always use Google Docs Offline.To enable offline editing in Google Docs, install the Drive Chrome Web App through the Chrome Web Store and then enable Offline Docs from your Drive menu. You can now view and edit Docs offline.If you download the Drive mobile application and enable ‘Available Offline’ through the app, you can actually view and edit docs offline from your mobile device or tablet!8. Windows Litter the ScreenThis is true for all versions of Word. When you open a new document, an entirely new window appears – not just a simple tab. When you open or create a new Google Doc, that new Doc appears as a new tab in the same browser window. You can easily navigate between several documents and some BetterCloud team members are known to keep 20+ tabs open all at the same time.Google Docs even lets you declutter the actual document screen. You can remove menus, show compact controls only, or move to full screen to enable a wider viewing experience. To test out any of these settings, select the ‘View’ menu form the top navigation of your Google Doc.9. Collaborative Editing is QuirkyIt’s no surprise that collaborative editing in Microsoft Word 2013 is quirky, it’s simply not a native web application. But collaboration is Google Docs’ strongest suit. Collaborating with other users is extremely intuitive in Docs. Simply select the ‘Share’ button at the top of your document, enter email addresses of desired collaborators and watch them join the document.Unlike Word 2013, Google Docs allows users to make changes simultaneously without forcing users to actively save changes before showing them to collaborators. Docs also features in-doc chat to speak with collaborators and a recent feature of Gmail’s new compose allows Docs users to directly attached Google Drive items directly to emails, making the sharing process easier than ever.10. Stark Design is Hard on the EyesWhile design is subjective, some Word 2013 users find the new design extremely stark and “hard on the eyes.” Google is continually improving the look and feel of all of its products, including Google Docs. It might just be us, but we love working in Google Docs everyday!Source: Better Cloudlast_img read more

Google Registers Facial Recognition Patent To Enable Users Make A Face Instead

first_imgAdvertisement Tech companies are seeking out new ways to enable users to easily access their devices and accounts without having to remember a phrase or code. With Google’s facial recognition patent, it appears the corporation has devised its own alternative.Google’s facial recognition method would require users to make a predetermined facial gesture that would then be scanned and compared to a previously captured photo for authentication. Each time a device asks for identification, the user would have to make a face that includes movement of an eye, eyebrow, mouth area, forehead area or nose.Suggested gestures range from a “wink” or “eyebrow movement” to a “nose wrinkle” or “tongue protrusion.” – Advertisement – Google’s requirement for a user to make a unique gesture seems to be a new attempt to thwart unauthorized users from accessing devices that don’t belong to them. Google’s patent even notes how some of the techniques could prevent “prevent erroneous authentication caused by spoofing.”The idea here is that a hacker can fool a computer with a static image. But moving our faces in a very particular way is a unique marker that not even an impostor can fool.Source: Huffington postlast_img read more

Hummingbird Googles New Major Upgrade to its Search Algorithm

first_imgAmit SinghalSenior VP, Google Search Advertisement Amit SinghalSenior VP, Google SearchGoogle has unveiled an upgrade to the way it interprets users’ search requests.The new algorithm, codenamed Hummingbird, is the first major upgrade for three years.It has already been in use for about a month, and affects about 90% of Google searches. – Advertisement – At a presentation on Thursday, the search giant was short on specifics but said Hummingbird is especially useful for longer and more complex queries.Google stressed that a new algorithm is important as users expect more natural and conversational interactions with a search engine – for example, using their voice to speak requests into mobile phones, smart watches and other wearable technology.Hummingbird is focused more on ranking information based on a more intelligent understanding of search requests, unlike its predecessor, Caffeine, which was targeted at better indexing of websites.It is more capable of understanding concepts and the relationships between them rather than simply words, which leads to more fluid interactions. In that sense, it is an extension of Google’s “Knowledge Graph” concept introduced last year aimed at making interactions more human.In one example, shown at the presentation, a Google executive showed off a voice search through her mobile phone, asking for pictures of the Eiffel Tower. After the pictures appeared, she then asked how tall it was. After Google correctly spoke back the correct answer, she then asked “show me pictures of the construction” – at which point a list of images appeared.Credit: BBClast_img read more

Symantec Opens New Customer Management Centre to Deliver World Class Customer Experience

first_imgAdvertisement Symantec has today announced that it has established and opened a new Customer Management Centre (CMC) to provide a world-class experience for its customers across Europe, Middle East and Africa.Symantec will make it easier for customers and partners to interact with the company by bringing together a multi-function, centralized customer center for sales and support with a focus on helping small businesses, governments and enterprise organizations.“Symantec makes the world a safer place by helping people, businesses, and countries protect and manage their information, so they can focus on achieving their goals. The ground-breaking initiative is a strategic investment that will extend the company’s scale to reach more customers than we have ever done before,” said Jason Ellis, vice president for EMEA Customer Management Centre, Symantec. – Advertisement – “The launch of the CMC is another proof point to Symantec’s strategy of making it easier to do business with us, while also delivering a world-class customer experience solving more customer problems.”The hub of the CMC activity is centered out of Dublin, Ireland with other strategic satellite operations located in UK, Lebanon, France and Russia to extend its reach across the broader Europe, Middle East and Africa region.  The CMC currently supports multiple languages, including French, German, Spanish and Dutch among others.The new centre will provide a Europe-wide sales and support function to provide customers and partners with a single place to call, making it easier for them to reach Symantec and solve their important challenges.  The CMC is also responsible for delivering an enhanced partner support function, demonstrating Symantec’s continued commitment to developing improved collaboration with its channel.Through the establishment of the Customer Management Centre, Symantec created up to 200 new job opportunities in 2013 and will continue to fill the CMC with a highly skilled, multilingual team to play a central role in achieving Symantec’s mission of protecting and managing customers’ information.last_img read more