Armchair theories and the return of Blake

first_imgWhen you think about it, there is probably good reason that the prime rivals of Usain Bolt have experienced injury. The tall man’s combination of stride length and leg speed creates a dilemma for the rest of the world’s best. How can they keep up without increasing risk?Asafa Powell had recurring groin injuries before Bolt took over as the globe’s sprint king in 2008. One such pain knocked him out of the 2005 World Championships months after he had brought the electronically timed world 100-metre record to Jamaica. Another dogged him at the 2007 Worlds.Bolt clipped Powell’s record from 9.74 to 9.72 and 9.69 in 2008. When Powell placed third in the Berlin Worlds to Bolt’s wonderful record time of 9.58 seconds, Powell was racing with groin and hamstring maladies. To make matters worse, he missed the 2011 Worlds due to the dicey groin. That was despite him holding the year’s fastest time – 9.78 seconds – before the Championship. Finally, the groin let him down in the 2012 Olympic final.Tyson Gay was at the Jamaica Invitational when Bolt bombed the 100 in 9.76 seconds, a mere 0.02 off Powell, and lost to the 21-year-old tall man in New York in 2008 when the record moved to 9.72 seconds. He was injured at the US Olympic Trials and didn’t reach the Olympic 100m final and ran an American record of 9.71 seconds with nagging groin problems at the 2009 Worlds, where Bolt zipped his pluperfect 9.58. He hasn’t been the same since.Yohan Blake challenged his friend and training partner in 2012 with a double win over Bolt at the Jamaican Olympic Trials and double silver medals in the Games. His time in the Olympic 200-metre final – 19.44 seconds – is the fastest second-place clocking of all time. Sadly, his injuries began in 2013.Blake is known for his serious approach to training, and it’s not hard to imagine him doing a bit more in practice to catch Bolt at the 2013 World Championships. Perhaps that contributed to his troubles. The injuries of 2013 and 2014 might instead have been random occurrences as injuries often are, but it’s possible that the effort to keep pace with Bolt has hurt Powell, Gay, and then Blake.Perhaps Blake has suffered the most because he knows more than the others how good Bolt is. Perhaps.Thankfully, the MVP meet showed that Blake and sprint guru Glen Mills have found a path back to form for the 26-year-old 2011 World champion. His time of 9.95 seconds wasn’t born of a quick start or smooth acceleration, but Blake’s basic speed and classic sprint form won the day. There’s definitely more there.FINALLY RECOVERINGBlake has already endured disappointment on the way back and has exercised much patience to navigate his way to recovery.Now, he will need to work judiciously to build on the progress revealed at the National Stadium last week.Coach Mills is almost certain to devise ways to get his two speed merchants to push each other while preserving time for Blake to focus on himself. Whatever the training strategy and whether or not the armchair theory of Bolt causing his rivals to push too hard makes any sense, Yohan Blake is back.A 9.95 in April of an Olympic year marks him once again as a major medal contender. There’s no ‘maybe’ about it.n Hubert Lawrence has watched Yohan Blake speed since 2005.last_img read more

Past the finishing post

first_imgWeather: Fine; Track: GoodRace 1 800 M (S) (Purse $800,000) NB2-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT BOWDEN ESTATES1. POPPY’S PRIDE JErwin 54.02. * MESMERIZE SEllis 53.5 4 1/2L3. MAGGIE’S WAY OMullings 52.5 Sh.Head4. BABY P OWalker 52.5 2 1/4LFinal Time : 0:48.2 Splits : 23.4WIN: $134.00Qu: $80.00 Ex: $177.00Trifecta: $141.00Winner : 2yo gelding – ADORE THE GOLD – BUNNS OF STEELTrainer: PHILIP FEANNY Owner : 2 PENYUBred by HAROLD S. TUCKERRace 2 1600 M (Purse $500,000) NB4-Y-O & UP MAIDEN CONDITION RACEMAMMEE RIDGE FARM LTD.1. SURE MAN WHenry 53.02. *TWILIGHT ROCKET SEllis 55.0 4 1/4L3. SMART TRAIN OSimpson3 50.0 1/2L4. GIRSHOM SMuir 57.0 6LFinal Time : 1:45.3 Splits : 24.3, 48.1, 1:15.2WIN: $222.00PLACE: $59.00, $52.00, $62.00Qu: $259.00 Ex: $772.00D/E: $1,153.00Superfecta: $1,641.00Winner : 4yo b colt – MIRACLE MAN – LADY KUMARITrainer : VICTOR WILLIAMS Owner: PATRICK HALLBred by HENRY JAGHAI O.D., J.P.Race 3 1100 M (Purse $780,000) 3-Y-O & UP OVERNIGHT ALLOWANCEORANGE VALLEY ESTATES LTD1. LADY SHANKARI WHenry 50.02. *SUPERIOR QUALITY OWalker 55.0 5 1/2L3. MISS JUANITA PFrancis 50.0 2 1/2L4. PRINCESS SHINE SBlake3 50.5 1LLate scratch : #5 STAR NEW VISTAWIN: $253.00Final Time : 1:06.0 Splits : 23.2, 46.1Qu: $235.00 Ex: $632.00D/E: $1,509.00 SD: $50.00Trifecta: $159.00Rolling Triple: $6,023.00Winner : 4yo filly – LEGAL PROCESS – LADY PARBATTIETrainer : HOWARD JAGHAI Owner : W. B. RACINGBred by HENRY JAGHAI O.D., J.P.Race 4 1000 M (R) (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHTHAM STABLES LTD1. BIMINI EMurray 52.02. JESSE’S FAVORITE PFrancis 52.0 1 1/4L3. DOOLAHIN SEllis 53.0 2L4. JASSUR OMullings 54.0 4L5. BRAHMOS SMuir 56.0 1 3/4LDNF LAGUNA POINT AChatrie 52.0DISQ *YOGA WHenry 52.0Late scratch : #5 KING WITHINFinal Time : 1:01.4 Splits : 23.1, 47.3WIN: $235.00PLACE: $78.00, $79.00, $67.00Qu: $604.00 Ex: $1,506.00D/E: $1,021.00Trifecta: $742.00Hi-5: $26,215.50Rolling Triple: $12,670.00Winner: 3yo filly – SEEKING THE GLORY – MARIA ELENATrainer: PATRICK SMELLIE Owner: OAKRIDGE FARMSBred by DONALD G. WEHBYNOTE: HORSE #9 CAME 5TH PLACE, BUT WAS DISQUALIFIED AND TAKEN OUT OF THE RACE.Race 5 1000 M (S) (Purse $590,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($450,0-$400,0)/NB5YO-NW4GRANGE FARMS1. SHADE OF BEAUTY RHalledeen 53.02. *COUNTRY TRAIN PFrancis 52.0 1 1/4L3. UNBREAKABLE SMuir 52.0 3/4L4. ETERNAL JOY WHenry 50.0 2 1/2LLate scratch : #2 ROCK UNIONFinal Time: 0:59.2 Splits : 22.4, 46.0WIN: $256.00PLACE: $77.00, $58.00, $141.00Winner: 5yo b mare – STORM CRAFT – VELOCITYTrainer: PATRICK LYNCH Owner: MICHAEL GAYLEBred by CAYMANAS ESTATES LTD.Qu: $328.00 Ex: $824.00D/E: $1,545.00 SD: $235.00Superfecta: $1,175.00Rolling Triple: $12,194.00Race 6 1400 M (Purse $500,000) 3YO & UP CLM($180,0)-STARTED FOR $180,0 & NW1 SINCE APRIL 8 MR. P.W CHUNG1. SINK THE BISMARCK JAnderson 52.52. *SERIOUS BUSINESS OSewell3 54.0 5L3. JARREAU RLunan 57.0 4/1 Sh.Head4. VERONICA B CBudhai 54.0 1 1/4L5. CAUSE FOR CONCERN SBlake3 54.0 5L6. RULES OF THE CAT JJackson3 52.5 2 1/2LDNF MADIBA KRobinson 57.0Final Time : 1:30.0 Splits : 23.4, 47.4, 1:14.2,WIN: $224.00PLACE: $74.00, $71.00, $82.00Qu: $438.00 Ex: $1,224.00D/E: $2,166.00Trifecta: $1,483.00Hit-6: $200,658.50Rolling Triple: $108,381.00Pick-4: $131,308.00Super-6: $920,459.70 (6 OF 6)Winner : 5yo b horse – HE’STHEREALTHING – JUST A FLUTTERTrainer: KEVIN BRIVETTE Owner: RAYMOND TOWNSENDBred by ANTHEA E. GORE, BRUCE & NOEL LEVYRace 7 1100 M (Purse $530,000) NB5-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE V(NW2)HENRY W. JAGHAI O.D, J.P1. ONEFINEAFTERNOON JJackson3 51.52. ROMAN SPY RChatrie4 50.0 13/1 1 3/4L3. *BASIC INSTINCT OSimpson3 50.0 3 1/2L4. EXPRESS TRUCK AMartin 55.0 Neck5. CAPTAIN DJ SBlake3 51.0 72/1 3LLate scratch : THE BEST FLYERFinal Time : 1:09.3 Splits : 24.0, 48.2, ,WIN: $238.00PLACE: $68.00, $130.00, $92.00Qu: $2,424.00 Ex: $5,138.00D/E: $2,395.00Trifecta: $4,214.00Hi-5: $92,410.50Rolling Triple: $32,006.00Winner : 6yo horse – HAIL ORPHAN – HASHEESHTrainer : DONOVAN THOMPSON Owner : BALLYDOYLEBred by OSWALD CLARKERace 8 1000 M (S) (Purse $530,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($250,0-$210,0)/NB5YO-NW2 & 6YO&UP-NW4 MR. C.D ALEXANDER ESQ.1. AUNT HILDA RHalledeen 54.02. INFANTRY OFFICER AChatrie 52.5 1L3. FRANKENSTORM ARobles 54.0 3 1/2L4. WAR CHIP JErwin 53.0 2 1/4L5. SMOKIN MAN RLunan 54.0 NeckDNF STRIKING DISTANCE JAnderson 52.0Final Time : 0:59.4 Splits : 23.0, 46.2WIN: $226.00PLACE: $217.00, $368.00, $338.00Qu: $1,518.00 Ex: $2,501.00D/E: $1,364.00Trifecta: $3,704.00Hi-5 carry-over : $73,073.00Rolling Triple: $8,324.00Winner : 4yo b filly – LEGAL PROCESS – LADY INDIRATrainer: PAUL SMITH Owner : DELETA BREWSTERBred by HENRY JAGHAI O.D., J.P.ASTON COMMOCK MEMORIAL TROPHYRace 9 1700 M (Purse $560,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE III(NW3/OT)1. GOLDEN BULLET OFoster 53.02. *BARS OF GOLD SEllis 55.0 1L3. RAJA SARANGI JErwin 52.0 1/2L4. ISRAELITE SMuir 52.0 3 1/2LFinal Time : 1:48.0 Splits : 25.2, 48.3, 1:13.1, 1:39.4WIN: $261.00PLACE: $79.00, $57.00, $128.00Qu: $396.00 Ex: $724.00D/E: $1,467.00Trifecta: $746.00Rolling Triple: $9,525.00Winner : 4yo b colt – WESTERN CLASSIC – WAPTrainer : ANTHONY NUNES Owner: WILBERT L. BAGWANDEEN & TREVOR R. DUNKLEY (SR.) & ELIAS HALOUTEBred by EVERGLADES FARMS LTD.THOROUGHBRED OWNERS & BREEDERS ASSOC. OF JA. TROPHYRace 10 1400 M (Purse $868,000) NB3-Y-O RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE II(NW2)1. ROAD WI SEH OWhite 54.52. SEEKING HOPE JErwin 53.5 1 3/4L3. ACTION MAN WGriffiths,OD 57.0 5L4. *TARANIS SEllis 54.5 3 1/2L5. VINTAGE RUCKUS PFrancis 52.5 1 3/4L6. CAMOUFLAGE RHalledeen 54.5 Sh.HeadFinal Time : 1:26.1 Splits : 23.3, 46.3, 1:11.3WIN: $183.00PLACE: $147.00, $260.00, $142.00Qu: $6,760.00 Ex: $9,535.00D/E $1,792.00Trifecta: $10,757.00Hi-5: $275,057.50Rolling Triple: $10,188.00Pick-4: $36,800.00Super-6: $1,592,006.00Pick-9: $9,975.50 (6 OF 9); $235.00 (5 OF 9), Carry-over : $3,233,355.30Winner : 3yo ch colt – ADORE THE GOLD – DREAM WATCHERTrainer : LORNE KIRLEWOwner: OUTA ROAD RACING STABLESBred by HAM STABLES LTD.last_img read more

Horse Racing Tips


Jennifer Ellison-Brown: The respiratory system

first_img Important terms The respiratory system moves air into and out of the lungs, so oxygen can be taken into the blood stream and carbon dioxide released from the blood, into the lungs, and breathed out. Breathing is also called external or pulmonary respiration, and must not be confused with cell respiration. The following action results in breathing-in (inspiration) : – The intercostals muscles contract, moving the ribs up and out and the diaphragm contract sand flattens. – This increases the volume of lung and decreases the air pressure inside them. – More air is sucked down the windpipe and into the lungs. The following result in breathing out (expiration). – The intercostal muscles and diaphragm relax, the lungs recoil to their original position. – This decreases the volume of the lungs and increases the internal pressure above that of the external air pressure. – Therefore the air is forced out of the lungs. The amount of air we breathe varies with our demand for oxygen and the amount of carbon dioxide we produce. It is working muscles which use most of the oxygen and produce most of the carbon dioxide. At rest, an adult breathes about an average 16 times a minute. However, during exercise, the breathing rate can raise up to 90 times, or more, in one minute. The air sacs are very small but many, therefore the total surface area is very large. Each air sac is well supplied with blood, and oxygen diffuses from the air in the alveoli into the blood, and carbon dioxide diffuses out of the blood into the air in the alveoli, and exhaled out of the body. Muscles need extra oxygen to get rid of lactic acid. This extra oxygen is called the oxygen debt. It is the amount of oxygen needed to get the body back to its resting state. This is repaid by breathing hard to take in extra oxygen after the activity. Cell respiration Substance Internal or cell respiration – Aerobic respiration Glucose + Oxygen-> Energy + Carbon dioxide + water C6H12O6 + O2-> CO2 + H2O + energy – Anaerobic Respiration Glucose-> Energy + Lactic acid Respiratory rate is the amount of breaths taken in one minute. Tidal volume is the amount of air taken in or out in one breath. Minute volume is the amount of air we can breathe in one minute. Minute volume= tidal volume x respiratory rate Vital capacity is the largest amount of air that we can force out of the lungs after breathing in as deeply as possible. It is our maximum tidal volume and is usually about 4.8 litres in adults. Residual volume is the amount of air left in the lungs after breathing out as hard as possible. This prevents the lungs from collapsing and is usually about 1.2 litres. The total lung capacity is the vital capacity added to residual volume. Vital capacity + residual volume = total lung capacity 4.8 litres + 1.2 litres = 6.0 litres Lung capacity can differ with age, sex, body type and aerobic fitness (stamina). Maximum stamina or aerobic capacity (VO2 max) is the maximum amount of oxygen that can be transported to and used by working muscles during exercise. Persons with high VO2 max can use much more oxygen than other people. They can work at higher rates for longer periods and will suffer less fatigue. The fitter the individual the better the VO2 max. Whereas the purpose of breathing in and out is to supply the body with oxygen, and take away the poisonous byproduct, carbon dioxide, the oxygen breathed in combines with red blood pigment, haemoglobin, in the red blood cells, to form oxyhaemoglobin. The oxygen is carried in the blood to all the tissues of the body. Oxygen is used by the cells of the tissues to release energy from food substances absorbed in the diet e.g. glucose. This process of energy release is called cell respiration and produces carbon dioxide or lactic acid as waste products. Cell respiration can either be aerobic respiration, which involves the use of oxygen, or anaerobic respiration, which does not use oxygen. Oxygen debt formulae Amount in inhaled air(the air you breathe in) Amount in exhaled air(the air you breathe out) oxygen 21% 17% Carbon dioxide A tiny amount 3% nitrogen 79% 79% water little morelast_img read more

Pooran eyeing return to national duty

first_img He added: “The next step will be CPL. I’m looking forward to that.” Pooran has played just three first-class games but has already shown sparks of promise with a half-century against Jamaica Scorpions and 47 against Guyana Jagaurs, which came in his last innings. The former West Indies Under-19 player said his return to cricket was a gradual one, but after initial struggles, he now felt back to his old self. “I started back playing some wind ball cricket, with some T20, T10, minor league cricket,” he noted. “It was good for me. I still had my batting intact. Nothing had changed. It’s just the wicket-keeping was a bit difficult at the start, but now I’m back to keeping as normal.” Pooran said that his time away from the game was a trying experience but pointed out that he had come to appreciate cricket even more as a result. “I have to thank God for life because it was a difficult period for me. Every day I looked at cricket, I kept missing it more and more, and when I started back playing, I was really eager to start back playing,” he said. “At a point in time, I wanted to rush to play, but that wasn’t good for me. Every time I saw cricket, I missed it a lot. I would be sitting down and watching other players batting, bowling, keeping or whatever, and I would say, ‘I know I can do better than that. I can do this and I can do that.” Pooran came to the fore when he lashed a superb 100 for West Indies at the Under-19 World Cup two years ago against Australia. PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC): Attacking batsman Nicholas Pooran is anxious to resume his first-class career after making a full recovery from injuries sustained in a vehicular accident last year. The 20-year-old was preparing to turn out for Trinidad and Tobago Red Force in the 2015 Regional Super50 when he was involved in a car crash when returning home from training in January. He sustained leg and knee injuries, which kept him out of action for a protracted period, but has worked his way back steadily, and he played his first competitive match last Sunday for Queen’s Park Club in the domestic 50-overs competition. “I really thought I could have played in the [Regional Super50] but I didn’t get the chance to prove myself,” he told TV6 Sports here. “I didn’t have many trial games, and that was a bit unfortunate, so now I guess it’s back to club cricket, and when I make runs, hopefully, everything goes good and I get picked in one of the four-day games.” NEXT STEPlast_img read more

‘Beating the English is sweeter’ – Samuels says ‘disrespect’ provides deeper motivation to win against England

first_imgWest Indies batsman Marlon Samuels has revealed that beating England in the final of the recent ICC World Twenty20 in India means more than defeating hosts Sri Lanka four years ago. “Beating the English is much sweeter,” stated Samuels, shortly after he and other Jamaican members of the West Indies team returned home on Tuesday night. They were greeted and feted at the Norman Manley International Airport’s VIP Lounge by Minister of Sports Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange and top team sponsor Digicel. Also present was president of the Jamaica Cricket Association, Wilford ‘Billy’ Heaven. “The English like to talk, and, to me, they are just negative towards us,” said Samuels, who was named Player of the Final for his unbeaten 85. “If we play against Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan press will never put us down, never disrespect us and stuff like that. “But playing against England, it’s different,” he said. Samuels utterances comes against the background of a recent apology issued by renowned English cricket journalist and commentator, Mark Nicholas, regarding the West Indies. Writing in a pre-World Twenty20 prediction column for ESPNcricinfo, Nicholas, a former England first-class cricketer, said: “West Indies are short of brains, but have IPL history in their ranks”. However, in a follow-up column on Monday, Nicholas apologised, saying: “Unreserved apology to Darren Sammy (West Indies captain), a man I hold in the highest regard, to his team and to the coaches around them for the throwaway phrase I used.” English Cricket Board chairman, Colin Graves, is also on record as saying that the West Indies is a “mediocre” team. He made the statement ahead of English Test tour of the Caribbean last summer. Meanwhile, the other Jamaican West Indies team members who returned included fast bowler Jerome Taylor, assistant coach Andre Coley and data analyst Dexter Augustus. All-rounder Andre Russell, who was originally slated to return home on Tuesday night as well, along with Chris Gayle – who it is understood stayed back in India ahead of this weekend’s start of the Indian Premier League (IPL) – are the other Jamaicans who were part of the victorious contingent. Russell, who, too, is scheduled to take part in the IPL, is to meet with the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission for a hearing regarding allegations that over the past year he missed three out-of-competition whereabouts drug tests. If found guilty, based on World Anti-Doping Association rules, Russell could face sanctions ranging from a public warning to a two-year suspension. West Indies Cricket Board president Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron who returned home on the same flight as the Jamaicans Tuesday, did not take part in the welcome reception.last_img read more

Rosberg wins wild Chinese GP

first_imgSHANGHAI (AP):Nico Rosberg of Mercedes escaped unscathed from a wild first lap at the Chinese Grand Prix yesterday, and then showed why he’s the driver to beat this year in Formula One (F1).Rosberg started on pole position and led nearly the entire race by a wide margin to extend his perfect start to the season with a third consecutive win and his sixth straight dating back to last season.He becomes just the fourth driver in F1 history to win six straight races, joining Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, and Alberto Ascari.Vettel, who collided with Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen at the first corner of the chaotic opening lap, finished 37.7 seconds behind Rosberg in second place, while Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat used an aggressive race strategy to take third only the second podium of the 21-year-old’s career.36-point leadEvery driver who has started an F1 season with three straight wins has gone on to win the title that year. Rosberg now has a 36-point lead over Mercedes team-mate and reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton in the drivers’ standings, but he’s not looking too far ahead yet.”It’s the longest season in F1 history. We have 21 races, so that’s 18 to go,” Rosberg said. “Of course, I’m happy with the way it’s gone and I’m feeling good and the car is there, but I don’t want to say more than that.”Lewis is not many points behind … and he’s as focused and motivated as ever.”It was a weekend to forget for Hamilton, a four-time winner at the Shanghai circuit. First, he got a five-place grid penalty for an early gearbox change and then he was forced to start the race in the back row after an engine problem on Saturday prevented him from setting a time in qualifying.To make matters worse, he also got tangled up in the first-corner accident between Vettel and Raikkonen yesterday, losing a front wing that brought the first of an extraordinary five pit stops in the race and a seventh-place finish.creditable secondVettel worked his way through the field after the collision by running his first 16 laps on super-soft tyres to claim a creditable second.Raikkonen finished fifth after having been knocked to the back of the field by the collision with Vettel.The collision came when Kvyat made an aggressive pass on the inside of Vettel, causing the German to swerve and hit Raikkonen on the outside. An angry Vettel fumed on his radio, “Kvyat’s attack was suicidal. There was no way he could have made the corner with that speed.”Vettel exchanged angry words with Kvyat after the race, but the Russian was unapologetic.”It was a risky move, of course,” Kvyat said. “But these kinds of moves can bring you a podium, so I’m on the podium, (Vettel’s) on the podium, it’s fine. I will keep on risking like this and everyone should expect that.”last_img read more

Tony Becca | Tit for tat and trouble yet again

first_img It seems strange, though it is probably justified based on consistency, that the West Indies team, once the best in the world, the team that everybody, or almost everybody, said would be back on top by now, or near to the top, is made up of players fit for only ‘C’ grade contracts. Dave Cameron, the president of the board, has tried to clear up any misunderstandings over Bravo’s contract, however. In a release on the matter, Cameron said: “It is explicit. If your averages are not above a certain level, it tells you what contracts you will get. It is very, very difficult. His (Bravo’s) averages over the past two years have been declining, so what do you do? Reward poor performances, or do you encourage him to get better?” He continued:”If you keep giving him ‘A’ contracts, then what is the motivation to get better?” Cameron may be right, in a way, especially remembering Samuel’s recent Test performances, if he can answer why, if current performance is really worth much more than past performance, Samuels was offered a ‘B’ contract against Bravo’s ‘C’ contract for 2017. Maybe the offer was based upon Samuels’ invaluable innings in the final of the T20 world championship, and probably forgetting their respective batting averages, and especially so, Bravo’s brilliant century against Pakistan recently. It is said today that sport is business, and big business at that. Sport, however, is sport. Performances come and performances go, and maybe the best way to deal with payment in sports today is the way it used to be dealt with, certainly in the West Indies, and in football. Once you have made your name, you never lose pay or money. You get paid for who you are, or for what you used to be, not really for what you do, at least not per match or per season. In the West Indies, you do not treat a Darren Bravo, or a Bishoo, or a Holder like you do a Miguel Cummins, or a Jomel Warrican, or even one as promising as Alzarra Joseph. You just do not do that. You will be described as “dissing” the young man. Darren Bravo, who once chose to play Test cricket over T20 cricket, may now join what has been described as “the gravy train”: he may now join the likes of brother Dwayne, Chris Gayle, AndrÈ Russell, Darren Sammy, Kieron Powell, Lendl Simmons, Samuel Badree, Sunil Narine, Holder, Samuels, Nicolas Pooran, and company in the money leagues around the world in a bid to make up for the loss. Maybe the whole thing has really come about because of the lack of money needed to fulfil the contracts, but what is almost certain, Darren Bravo may be one more player missing, not only from Test cricket, but from West Indies first-class cricket, from the league expected to develop the players who should take the West Indies back to the top or near to it. why complain now? Every time that West Indies cricket appears to make a move forward, something happens to dampen the spirit around it. There always seems to be a fight between the board and the players, especially the senior players. It is as if one is using the new-found achievement, or the flicker of a good performance, to show the other who is the boss. It seems as if the fight is to keep the other one in its place, and it appears as if it does not matter to them what happens to West Indies cricket. The latest war clouds came with the announcement of the central contracts for West Indies players for 2016-17 and the board’s decision not to offer an ‘A’ contract to anyone but instead to offer a ‘B’ contract to only two, and to offer ‘C’ contracts to the other 10 contracted players. The only two players offered ‘B’ contracts were Kraigg Brathwaite and Marlon Samuels. Despite a financial problem, it seems strange that the board chose to offer only 12 contracts to the West Indies team, and it seems strange also because 11 players make up the team; the team plays in three types of tournaments – Test, One-day, and T20; and the players for each team change ever so often. What has become of, or what will become of, players like Denesh Ramdin and Kemar Roach? It also seems strange that despite the apparent fairness of the situation, the board chose not to offer ‘A’ contracts to any of the players – possibly to Marlon Samuels, its senior player; to Darren Bravo, arguably its best batsman recently; to Kraigg Brathwaite, its sheet-anchor batsman; to Jason Holder, the captain of the team; and to one like Devendra Bishoo. Something is strange in all of this. Cameron says: “It is explicit. If your averages are not above a certain level, it tells you what contract you will get.” That means that the players knew what was in the contract, and if that is so, why did they not complain before? Why wait until contract time comes around? Is it that the player, or players, feel that he or they would not be affected; that he or they are so good that they cannot fail to perform? That attitude of some of these West Indies players would not surprise me. What is the strangest thing of all, however, is the tweet that Darren Bravo sent out to all and sundry in response to Cameron’s attempt to clear the air. If it is true, it is totally disrespectful. “You have been failing for the last 4 years. Y don’t U resign, and FYI, I’ve neva been given a A contract. Big idiot,” tweeted Bravo, That is going too far – a West Indies player, a senior player, a young man, saying that the president of the West Indies Cricket Board has failed for the last four years, asking him why he does not resign, calling him a liar, and labelling him a big idiot. That shows the big divide between the players, the board, and the president, and that exemplifies the problem of West Indies cricket. ‘C’ grade contracts The board has since withdrawn his contract. Darren Bravo has since been pulled from the team for the Tri-Nations in Zimbabwe for “inappropriate and unacceptable” behaviour, and he has been told that he must apologise to the president for the disparaging comments and probably for using the tweet as Cameron himself once did. Two wrongs do not make one right, and Bravo was undoubtedly wrong. The question that many, including me, are asking is this: Is Cameron, by getting involved with the day-to-day operations of cricket and by doing the job of the Cricket Committee, acting as the president of the board or as the CEO of the board? Or does the board have two CEOs? Or is it a one-man organisation? The people, the cricket fans, are also asking why Richard Pybus, a foreigner, and despite him being the technical director of cricket, was given the power to withdraw Bravo’s contract, to demand an apology from Bravo, and to determine what further penalties, if any, he Bravo faces as punishment for his deplorable actions. It is strange, and surprising, if it is really Pybus’ pen and Pybus’ hand that made the demands – that in this day and age – a non-West Indian can stop a West Indian player from representing the West Indies regardless of the circumstances. The war clouds are spreading, again and ominously so. Withdrawn contractslast_img read more

$3m fix needed for local diving

first_imgThe Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) needs to raise at least $3.2 million to improve the diving facilities at the National Aquatics Centre in Kingston, according to presidential hopeful Martin Lyn.The former president, who wants to return after the association’s next Annual General Meeting, has been making plans to build on the relative success which the discipline enjoyed this year at the Olympic Games, and continue to grow the sport in 2017.”Well, specifically, to encourage diving, we would need a diving springboard,” Lyn says. “It costs about US$8,000 ($1 million) and the fulcrum, the thing it sits on that makes it tighter or makes the diver adjusted to suit his or her diving technique, is another US$10,000 ($1.3 million) approximately. That would be for a one-metre board or a three-metre board. You have to put some metalwork back and you would have to rebuild the actual platforms themselves.”However, Lyn says this would be what he describes as an “easy fix” because the complex already has diving platforms installed at both levels, so it would just need replacements to its fixtures rather than the complete installation of new platforms.The rest of the funding needed would be to find a coach. Lyn had previously said that although he has hopes of British-based Jamaican Pele Julien achieving as much as, or more than Olympian Yona Knight-Wisdom over the next few years, there has been a problem finding local talent not only because of the lack of readily available facilities for training, but also the unavailability of coaches to train them.”You can get a coach relatively easy because you have coaches in Europe and North America who would love to come to a tropical country all year round. Not to put down our local people, of course, as we have people in Jamaica who have been around diving for many many years. Diving is not new to Jamaica but the fact of the matter is if you don’t have the facilities, you can’t get the coach. It’s a catch 22.”last_img read more

Martinez eager to move on as he gears for 2018 Winter Olympics

first_imgREAD: Breaking the ice with Michael MartinezThe 20-year-old, however, is eager to put his frustrations behind as he looks forward to his next challenge—the 2018 Winter Games.“For me, it’s still the Olympics over of the SEA Games,” said Martinez. “And of course this loss motivated me especially when the judges approached me [saying] that this was my best performance I’ve done in my career.” Hotdog’s Dennis Garcia dies Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next LATEST STORIES Search on for 5 Indonesians snatched anew in Lahad Datu Marcosian mode: Duterte threatens to arrest water execs ‘one night’ READ: Martinez bags silver, Perticheto wins bronze in figure skatingBut Martinez settled for the silver and 40th-ranked skater in the world admitted the failure stung.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSEnd of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legendSPORTSRedemption is sweet for Ginebra, Scottie ThompsonSPORTSMayweather beats Pacquiao, Canelo for ‘Fighter of the Decade’“To be honest, it hurt because my goal was to really win the gold medal,” said Martinez Thursday during their homecoming celebration at SM Megamall’s skating rink.Martinez scored 171.63 points to place second behind Malaysian Julian Zhi-Jie Yee, who won the gold after scoring 205.43. ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ Michael Martinez competes in the men’s individual figure skating in the 2017 Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/SEA GAMES MEDIA POOLMichael Martinez could’ve had another golden moment for the Philippines in the 2017 Southeast Asian Games but he fell short in the men’s individual free skating event.After his spirited appearance in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and gold medal finish in the Asian Trophy, Martinez was tabbed to take home the top prize in the Kuala Lumpur Games.ADVERTISEMENT Bishop Baylon encourages faithful in Albay to help Taal evacueescenter_img OSG plea to revoke ABS-CBN franchise ‘a duplicitous move’ – Lacson Police seize P68-M worth of ‘shabu’ in Pasay Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles02:11SEA GAMES 2019: PH’s Nesthy Petecio boxing featherweight final (HIGHLIGHTS)08:07Athletes treated to a spectacle as SEA Games 2019 officially ends06:27SEA Games 2019: No surprises as Gilas Pilipinas cruises to basketball gold05:02SEA Games 2019: Philippines clinches historic gold in women’s basketball05:21Drama in karate: Tsukii ‘very sad’ over coach’s bullying, cold shoulder03:24PH’s James Palicte boxing light welterweight final (HIGHLIGHTS) Prince Eze tops NCAA MVP race after the first round National Historical team rescues Amorsolos, artifacts from Taal Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to give up royal titles Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to give up royal titles View commentslast_img read more